SA Lawyer Bally Chuene and NPF Speaks Truth On SCOAN Building

Editors Note: What we at TB Joshua Fans UK think about what happened and would like SCOAN to look into the visitors who lodged in that building that week. Possibly those that left that morning. We believes someone was used to place something in strategic spots in the building for the Jet to activate, thus making the building to collapse.  The Coroner  Oyetade Komolafe, CSP Haruna Alaba, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Ikotun Police Station and all bodies looking into the cause of the building collapse must NOT rule out the presence of the JET.

This clearly shows that the Jet was used to activate whatever they must have placed in the building.

The airport is located on the east of the Church and flights that take off flies over the Church from the east at a higher a altitude, but the Jet that flew over the Church gust house on the 12th September, 2014 flew from the west.

An eyewitness told me; the first time the Jet flew over the building “It was about 60 foot gap from the building, the second time it was about 40 foot gap between the building and the Jet, the third time it came lower about 20 foot from the building the fourth time it came lower about 10 foot from the building.


To prove our point see what the “NPF” had to say

The Police on Thursday said it was still investigating the recent collapse of a guest house within the Synagogue Church of All Nations to ascertain whether it was due to sabotage. CSP Haruna Alaba, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Ikotun Police Station, disclosed this while testifying before the Coroner’s Inquest into the cause of the collapse of the six-storey building.

Led in evidence by Mr Chukwu Agwu, the Police counsel, the DPO said that the circumstances surrounding the collapse of the building warranted the police to explore all possible angles. Alaba said after watching a video clip of controlled demolition of buildings shown on Emmanuel TV, he was of the opinion that the Synagogue incident could have been an act of sabotage.

According to him, with the low level of security awareness, it could have been possible for somebody to plant a bomb within the church’s premises.  He said: “We are looking at possible sabotage and we are investigating that.”

The witness said the investigation was being conducted by DSP Olusola Agboyi from the Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba, Lagos.

Alaba told the inquest presided over by Mr Oyetade Komolafe, that he could not remember whether the Bomb Disposal Unit visited the scene after the incident.

When cross examined by Mr Olalekan Ojo, the church’s counsel, the DPO said that on the day of the incident, the police got a distress call that an aircraft was flying low around the Ikotun area.

“My Lord, the aircraft was flying at a very low altitude. From Ikotun angle, we see aircrafts flying almost every day, but it is usually at a high altitude.

“However, this particular one was flying very low and that was why they called our control room,” the DPO added. 1

He said a few hours later, one of his officers assigned to the Synagogue Church called him that one of the buildings within the church had collapsed.

According to him, he immediately moved to the church with some officers and barricaded the two entrances to prevent hoodlums from taking advantage of the situation.

“On that day, people were confused. There was panic and that was why the police barricaded the entrances to the scene.

“The barricade was not to prevent or delay emergency response agencies from performing their duties,” he said.

CSP Haruna Alaba also debunked claims by the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) and National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) that their officials were assaulted.


He said both agencies came to the scene without an ambulance, adding that the church provided 11 ambulances while the Nigerian Red Cross Society and Life Savers provided one each.

He said both agencies came to the scene without an ambulance, adding that the SCOAN provided 11 ambulances while the Nigerian Red Cross Society and Life Savers provided one each.
He said both agencies came to the scene without an ambulance, adding that the SCOAN provided 11 ambulances while the Nigerian Red Cross Society and Life Savers provided one each.

Unlike the Nigeria media among TB Joshua enemies that publish so many lies on the internet, Lawyer Bally Chuene says there is no basis for the allegations that have been circulating saying Joshua was uncooperative He says soon after the collapse, the church contracted certain companies to come and assist with the rescue operations. “The mandate at this point was clear, let’s see how best to save more lives,” says Chuene. The Nigerian emergency operations soon also came on board. Chuene says when the Nigerian authorities arrived, the church fully cooperated with them. Chuene went to Nigeria last week. He was part of a committee that met daily to give information to the consul general and the high commissioner so they can feed back this information back to South Africa.

6 thoughts on “SA Lawyer Bally Chuene and NPF Speaks Truth On SCOAN Building

  1. God is the same yesterday today an forever.May the lord increase thee annointing in this Ministry and the Man of god and may he also provide the comfort to all the bereaved families, in Jesus name .EMMANUEL


  2. It is a statement of fact that the rescue team where I’ll prepared for the job. Rather than do job of rescuer the leader of the team prefared to play to the gallery on media camera by making two contradictory statements in less than 24 hour of the incidence. In the first statement the lasema team leader said ,” it was a two storey building converted to four storey” and during another instance the same officer said, ” it was four storey building converted to six” which of these statements do we believe. Why is the lasema too much in a hurry to establish cause of collapse in an instance completely out side his area of competence. A rescue team is not empowered technically to unravel cause of collapse rather it main job is to see that many lives are saved through use of knowledge and equipment. The lasema team is not adequately equipped for the exercise at collapsed site. The team had no crane. The small crane at the site was actually provided by the church. The escarvating equipment might probably have been provided by church. The team even found difficult to operate its small concrete cutter which was brought to the of the church member had to teach on how it should be operated. The team also had an electric steel reinforcement cutter. However to be a able to rescue more people alive and fast a heavy duty crane of not less than 100 tons is necessary to lift the slabs in quick succession within shortest possible time. The ill equipped rescue team used their machine to even cause dismemberment of some of the victims.


  3. God knows the true,I know papa tbjoshua is an innocent man,people can say what they are saying the true will come out,people who done it are out there,and people are not bothering about the jet hoovering on top of the building!!they are putting all the blame at tbjoshua,they joined together around the world to accuse one person,even those called so chretiens,but God is with him, it pain me to see how all are persecuted man of God tbjoshua, some even gone too fare asked to the authorities to hang tbjoshua without Marcy,some to sentence him for life in prison,wow people where is your Christianity? What I always said let us wait and see.I love papa tbjoshua for his humility,care and love he normally showed to people around the world.


  4. Keep up the good work mr Chuene and God is the judge not man. My the good Lord Strengtheng Our prophet. The man of God (TB Joshua) The Best is yet to come! To the relations we pray that God give you strength during this time even amongst all negative publicity!


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