Go and marry another wife, she tearfully pleaded with her husband. The shame and scorn were simply too much for her to bear. After 14 years of childlessness, Anthonia Udeh was at a point where hope seemed too distant to grasp.

The doctors had diagnosed tubal blockage, coupled with irregular menstruation. The Nigerians, who reside in the Democratic Republic of Congo, had exhausted all medical options without any sign of fruitfulness. Anthonia often cried herself to sleep, wondering if her pleas were even reaching God. However, even after urging her husband to marry another woman in order for the family name to continue, he refused, steadfastly urging her to trust in God and hold onto hope.

As the search for solution continued, Mr & Mrs Udeh encountered Emmanuel TV while browsing channels in DRC. Amazed that the miracles they saw unfolding before their eyes were happening in their homeland of Nigeria, Mrs Udeh resolved immediately to visit The SCOAN. The very month she visited The SCOAN and received Anointing Water was the very month she fell pregnant! One year down the line, she presented baby Marvellous Emmanuel Chidiebere to The SCOAN congregation, declaring him a child God had gifted the joyous couple from above. She advised barren women to never give up faith in God and seek alternatives but believe that God’s time is the best and at His perfect time, He would wipe their tears of barrenness away.



Dr Richard Urama was frustrated. His favourite foods had literally been banned by medical health professionals, who warned him he would have to watch his diet for the rest of his life due to a sudden onset of high cholesterol.

However, even after five years of regular tablet-taking to regulate his cholesterol, alongside a strict and challenging diet, the cholesterol level was still surprisingly high, concerning doctors who warned that this could result in a heart attack if he wasn’t careful.

The ailment further affected his government work, which was already strenuous enough. However, after being introduced to Emmanuel TV by a work colleague, Dr Urama’s was shocked to behold how God’s power was eradicating even far more serious ailments than his own in an instant. He decided to visit The SCOAN and was among those privileged that day to receive the Anointing Water.

The moment he ministered the Anointing Water, Dr Richard described a light sensation that rapidly encompassed his entire body. Convinced beyond all doubt that a miracle had taken place, Dr Urama immediately returned to his choice culinary dishes and resumed his normal diet. Several months later, after witnessing no side effects whatsoever, he decided to revisit the hospital that had diagnosed him. The levels of his cholesterol had completely normalized, reducing from 244 to 183!


The elderly Indian lady limped forward towards her television. She was thousands of kilometers away from Nigeria and couldn’t even speak English but faith saw beyond these barriers. Touching the tiny screen as Prophet T.B. Joshua was offering prayer, the supernatural power of God literally pulsated through her body!

Mrs Kovvada Jessica, a senior nurse by profession, was in India when she discovered Emmanuel TV on the internet. Her mother, who had fractured her hip in a horrific accident, was on the sickbed at the time for over one year. Strengthened in faith by the miraculous clips she watched on Emmanuel TV, she introduced her mother to the channel and encouraged her to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. As the prayer point, ‘Dry bones – rise again’ was being offered, she touched the screen and received instant healing, able to walk freely for the first time in one year.

As Jessica’s love for Emmanuel TV grew, so did the blessings of God. Seeing the Anointing Sticker and the testimonies people shared through it, she decided to take a picture of the Sticker from Emmanuel TV and print it as a point of contact. Placing the photocopied Anointing Sticker on her motorbike, she prayed to God for Divine protection. Previously, Mrs Kovvada had frequent accidents and injuries through using the motorbike. However, after placing the Anointing Sticker on it, she testified that she has had no more accidents and her health has been miraculously rejuvenated.

The testimonies through her interaction with Emmanuel TV are far too numerous to mention. Where previously there was hatred and jealousy in her workplace, love and promotion have taken their place. Scores of people have prayed with the Anointing Sticker she keeps as a constant companion in her pocket, including a work colleague who reconciled with her estranged husband and children after the prayer.

Just imagine – if a lady in faraway India could demonstrate such faith and receive so many blessings merely through watching Emmanuel TV, what is stopping you from stepping out in faith as you are watching right now and receiving your own testimony, in Jesus’ name!


Stacey woke up once again in a cold sweat. The intensity of the nightmares seemed to be increasing. Dark demonic beings had been a constant nocturnal companion for the young American ever since she was sexually molested at a tender age.

The tormenting, devilish creatures would abuse her at night, forcefully sleeping with her. The nightmare went beyond the night as growing up under such torment soon rippled into relationship challenges. A tumultuous first marriage ended in separation as the evil attacks destroyed all love and affection from the relationship. With a dwindling career and frustration meeting her every step, Mrs Ifezue started seeking for Divine intervention.

A random YouTube search remarkably led her to discover the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. As she watched clip after clip of deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ, realization dawned – this was what she needed. Resolving to make the trip from New York to Lagos, she visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. A spray of the Anointing Water proved to be a catalyst for an incredible change! The demons steadily started decreasing their visitations until they simply stopped coming! Thereafter, Stacey’s business started to boom and a new relationship was forged which resulted in a brand new marriage! Indeed, the evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed!



“If I was not brought up in a Christian home, I probably would have undergone a sex change,” Jorine Venhuizen, a visitor from Holland explained to The SCOAN congregation.

From a very young age, Jorine felt comfortable moving with males and preferred male-dominated activities and environments. Her continual boyish tendencies were also accompanied by heavy depression and terrible, tormenting nightmares where she was oftentimes stabbed or shot.

The negative thoughts venomously whispering in her heart were so severe that suicide seemed the best option as Jorine felt both confused and condemned. To make matters worse, aggressive acne covered almost the entirety of her face, pushing the young Dutch lady to literally loathe her appearance.

Even after managing to get married, there was no genuine affection or love as it felt more like two males fighting for dominance in the house. After being introduced to The SCOAN, Jorine decided to visit from Holland. Although she received prayer, she kept silent about her secret masculine desires, even after being counseled to confess ‘everything’ before God.

On a subsequent visit, she realised that total deliverance and complete confession went hand-in-hand and openly confessed the real nature of her challenges. After exposing the destructive demon, it had no hiding place and was forcefully revealed when Wise Man Harry prayed for her in the prayer line.

After receiving deliverance, everything about Jorine has changed. For the first time in 34 years, she saw herself as a female, began enjoying her marital relationship and saw the painful, itchy acne dry up and disappear within a short period. As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “Sin brings fear; confession brings freedom.” Thank You, Jesus Christ!


TB Joshua Church Nigeria | tbjfansuk.wordpress.com


When Deborah was nine years old, her mother, a diplomat in Togo, was granted a position in the United States of America. Once there, Deborah met a girl in school who introduced her to prostitution. At the age of eleven, she was sleeping with up to four men each day. When she was twelve, she was given a fake id by a friend of hers which said she was twenty one and allowed her to enter clubs. She also had a violent temper and would fight students and even teachers in school until she drew their blood. In her dreams, she would see herself wearing a crown. Men would appear to her in her dream and she would be told to go after them. The following day, she would see the same men approach her for prostitution. She slept with married men and destroyed their marriages. She slept with men with money and they lost their money. Because of her behaviour, the officials put her in foster care for two years but she continued with the prostitution. As a result, her mother lost her position and the family was sent back to Togo. As a last resort, her mother brought her to The SCOAN for deliverance. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her last week and the evil spirit tormenting her life was exposed and expelled by the light of Jesus Christ. Deborah testifies that since her deliverance, she no longer finds herself in the satanic kingdom in her dreams, she has no desire to sleep with men and regrets her former behaviour towards herself, her family and God.
Rejoicing in her daughter’s miraculous deliverance, her mother advised, “Put your faith in God. Nobody can help you – only God.”

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Miss Angela Tanko suffered from ceased menstruation for six good years. As a young woman who had not yet married, her future outlook was distressing, believing that she could never marry or have children. A visit to The SCOAN changed the course of her life forever. During

The SCOAN Live Sunday Service last week, she received a prophetic message from Prophet T.B. Joshua that she had ceased menstruation. He also revealed that there was a man she had not forgiven.

She confirmed the prophecy immediately and accepted the prophet’s instruction to offer forgiveness – being told that if she did not forgive, she could not move forward. Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for her and she began to feel a strange sensation. Rushing to the restroom, she discovered that her ceased menstruation had immediately begun to flow! Truly, forgiveness is the bridge to our future. Miss Tanko exclaimed that the moment she spoke the word of forgiveness, she felt peace in her heart and knew she was being renewed.

She advised all viewers to forgive as we also need to be forgiven. Thank You, Jesus for the power of Your forgiveness!


TB Joshua Church Nigeria | tbjfansuk.wordpress.com


Deaconess Akinmeji Comfort Odunayo was plagued by a terrible curse of persistent armed robbery. Anytime she left her house or her shop, they would be burgled and her valuable items stolen. This continued for 15 years. Frustrated, she was advised to consult a witchdoctor. Even though she was a deaconess in her church, she felt helpless and went to collect a charm for protection. After placing the charm in her house, however, the problem worsened severely. Armed robbers began coming when she was still present in the house; at one point, they even woke her up in her bedroom and threatened to rape her.
When all hope seemed lost and with the majority of her valuable and precious possessions in the hands of criminals, she was advised to visit The SCOAN and seek the face of God. She received the Anointing Sticker and with it, a great surge of hope. From the moment she ministered the Anointing Water and placed the Anointing Stickers in her house and shop, no armed robber entered her home or disturbed her peace. Testifying of the total transformation, she said that her neighbors even began to ask her permission before cutting any vegetables from her garden or trees!
Advising the viewers, she said, “God has a way of solving your problem. Trust Him – He will solve yours as He did mine”.

Ghanaian Radio Presenter, Actor and Movie Producer Awards

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Mr Frankie Taylor, Ghanaian radio presenter, actor and movie producer is back again to testify to what God continues to do in his life, reminding us that God honours those who honour Him. After 15 years of stagnation, he visited The SCOAN where he and his wife received a prophecy at the pray line and deliverance in the power of the Holy Ghost.

Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke directly to Mrs Princess Taylor about a dark time in her life when she attempted to take her life due to marriage problems. The prophet also spoke about the way and manner they met which she confirmed instantly. After the prophecy the marriage was transformed which positively affected every area of their lives and her husband’s media career took off in a big way after 15 years of no recognition.
Since then, awards kept pouring in as he was nominated and selected for so many different titles in his media career, bringing him the breakthrough he had been desiring for. Among others, ‘Best Media Promoter Of The Year, 2014, Best Radio Personality Of The Year, 2014’ were awarded to him. The awards were on a voting basis, for which his competitors did a lot of campaigning, but he did none at all. When asked why he would say, “The God of Prophet T.B. Joshua will campaign for me!

Holding his award proudly for the glory of God, he advised those listening to him: Christ dwells in our hearts through faith, faith is the channel through which the anointing flows. Speaking to those in his profession, especially to his fellow Ghanaians, he implored them to stop spreading lies about true men of God such as Prophet T.B. Joshua, stating that “Lies can never win over the truth.”

Coroner Being Bias Over TB Joshua Building Inquest


As article after article is published about Prophet T.B. Joshua in the wake of his tragic church building collapse, the prejudice and bias unashamedly displayed by the coroner and the media have finally compelled us to stay in a rented flat near the Ikeja High Court  to make sure that I don’t miss any of the hearings to complete our investigative journalism.

Members of the public and other interested parties attending the hearing of the “TB Joshua collapsed building” inquest have voiced out their reservations about the BIASED MANNER in

Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe
Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe

which the magistrate seems to be handling proceedings at the inquest. Some of them who spoke to the TB Joshua Fans UK on conditions of anonymity complainant of the magistrate’s partial disposition. They observed that he was always visibly ruthless on witnesses who gave evidence which seemed to shore up the controlled demolition theory. Stella Wood said his character was suggestive of a calculated attempt by the state to persecute a particular party. You’ll recollect what TB Joshua said during his 3rd Sunday Service after the incident that is a group of people behind the collapse of the building, which has given us a clue to those involved in the orchestration of the SCOAN incident on the 12th Sept, 2014 Please read our previous post to see what we wrote about the “coroner”

The Director in charge of the Inspectorate and Compliance at Standard Organisation of Nigeria, Engineer Bede Obayi. According to him, iron rod samples taken for test at different laboratories showed that they were good and met the standard requirement. Engineer Obayi also expressed surprise about the speed at which the building collapsed, fueling speculations that the controlled demolition theory was indeed plausible.

“Candidly, I am surprised at the rate and speed the building collapsed. It’s quite unusual and I believe it should be investigated. I also admit that the result of the test conducted on the debris is suspect. Due to the technicality involved, our investigation is inconclusive. I was not involved in the observation neither did I participate in the conduct of the test. I don’t even know any of the people saddled with the responsibility of conducting the test. We went to test in three labs and the final reports indicated that most of the materials used in the Synagogue building met our standard requirements. All the sources used were also approved SON sources.”

You should have seen the face of the Coroner at this stage, when the statement made! If looks could kill Engineer Bede Obayi would have died in the witness box from the way he was looked by the coroner.

Police investigator, Olushola Agboyi, deputy superintendent of police, Homicide Section, Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba, Lagos, disclosed this while testifying before the coroner’s inquest investigating the collapse. He said the saboteur who may have operated undetected could have used explosives or chemical substances to bring down the building.

The police officer said that his investigation revealed that the aircraft was on a circuit training mission and was flying very low. He, however noted that building collapse could have been an act of sabotage. Led in evidence by the Police counsel, Chukwu Agwu, the witness said he led the team that investigated the collapse and was also a member of the Federal Government’s panel.

At this juncture the following has been asked by a 90 year old resident of Ikotun Egbe and it requires answers.

  1. When did a residential area become an air force training area?
  2. I have lived here in Ikotun before the Lagos airport was built in 1969 and flight has flown over Ikotun from the East. Why did the jet come from the west?
  3. Why flying over that particular building

My concern is the prejudiced media reports circulating within the public domain, intolerant headlines such as ‘Is TB Joshua about to be arrested?’ incensing a barrage of spiteful comments online. Why is it that such positive aspects of Joshua’s ministry have been sneakily excluded in the majority of news?.

Yes, T.B. Joshua is controversial, unconventional and unpredictable, but that is no reason for the media to add needless sensationalism to a story that is already tragic enough. This is not a time to debate Joshua’s authenticity,but to mourn with our brothers and sisters whose lives were lost.



Prophet T.B JoshuaThe Sunday Service of November 16, 2014 was symbolic in many dimensions. The radiation of divine inspiration was so intense that the joyous congregation could not but key into the flowing presence of the hosts of Heaven. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua reiterated the church’s affectionate stance regarding the martyrs of faith who ascended in the tragic incident of September 12, 2014. In an emotion-laden tribute, composed by Prophet T.B. Joshua and featuring Kimmy Skota, the man of God celebrated the martyrs of faith for their transition to eternal glory. Wearing a white scarf with the inscription “IN HONOUR OF THE MARTYRS OF FAITH”, the man of God urged the congregation to remain steadfast in their display of love and concern for the victims and their families:TRIBUTERemember your duty to the martyrs of faith’s relations and victim’s relations; it will go a long way to bless our future. It is a revelation. Caring and loving the martyr’s of faith and victims’ relations is caring for ourselves. So, it is a blessing. Our caring and love towards the martyrs of faith and victims’ relations will go a long way to care for our future. The love and care towards them will reshape our destiny”.

facebook_button_follow_usExhorting the congregation to be wary of satan’s tricky antics, the man of God also admonished them to maintain an unmovable faith in God as that is the only guarantee to their intimacy with God. According to him, the more they think less of themselves, the more their lives are controlled by God: It is not about me, it is just about Jesus. If more of Jesus takes over your life, you will have no control of yourself – He will take control of you. Take more of me give me more of You. More of Him will help you to keep your purity. When you keep your purity, your faith increases. When you are able to keep your purity, your faith increases”. He highlighted the importance of the Faith Bracelet and the urgency as well as the enormity of the Christian’s dire need for Jesus: “What makes us Christian? We are Christian because we live, do and act the word. That is what makes us Christians. When you know how much you need Him indeed, your relationship will be strengthened”.

WM HARRYEarlier in a message titled, “Do Something New”, Wise Man Harry had taken the congregation on an intellectual as well as spiritual excursion into the Word. His teaching was multi-dimensionally edifying as it urged Christians to rethink their conservative and monotonous approach to living. According to him, only those who do things differently are guaranteed of different and great results. If you want to experience something that no one has ever experienced before, you need to do something that no one has ever done before. There is no way we can do something new in our lives without an independent mind. Ezekiel 36:26-27 – “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws”. Many of us today, are mere photocopies. For instance, when you want to dance, you look for the best dancer so that you can copy him. When you want to do business, you move around the market to know the products that are selling most. When you want to pray, you look for the best prayer book, so that you can read the prayer that fits you”. Wise Man Harry observed that most of the mess the world is faced with came as a result of a stereotypical lifestyle in which people just prefer to copy others rather than do things independently. He urged Christians to keep an independent mind if they want to achieve different results and make impact on their generation: “Everyone copies his neighbour. Anyone can be a president but it is God that chooses a president with a difference; I mean, one that becomes a torch bearer. There are many kings and queens today, but only God can raise a king or a queen with a difference. To make a difference in your world, you need an independent mind. An independent mind is a mind that thinks for itself, a mind that is determined to find out the truth from God”. Wise Man Harry concluded by encouraging Christians to rise up to the occasion by thinking independently and position themselves for unprecedented results.

Synagogue Tragedy – Another Coming Says Joshua Iginla!

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Popular Abuja-based televangelist and founder of Champions Royal Assembly, Kubwa

Prophet Joshua Iginla
Prophet Joshua Iginla

Abuja, Joshua Iginla, was reported to have released more shocking revelations during Sunday service at his church.

He told the congregation while praying that the September, the 12th Synagogue building collapse will soon repeat, itself, especially to key people in the ministry who are making mockery of T.B. Joshua, instead of offering him support in this hard time.

According to Encomium Weekly, Prophet Iginla was quoted saying:

“What happened at Synagogue that people are now pointing accusing fingers at T.B. Joshua should get ready because I see the same thing happening here and there, including so called people in the ministry who are supposed to stand by him. When it happens to them, they will now understand what really happened there. This is a prophetic word and I want you to write it down. I saw it and I was afraid. And that is why I have to say this now because what we don’t understand, let’s not understand it the hard way,” he stated.

Nigeria Christian body “CAN and PFN” are at loggerheads with TB Joshua over  membership,

The Christendom in Nigeria is in a state of tatters, with all manner of hypocrisy, bad and very ugly stories emanating from the religious circle.; Nigerian Christian and Islamic leaders must accept the responsibility to reshape the direction of the country. It is because they live very far from the people that they do not feel for the poor. How many of the privileged pastors live in Ajegunle, Orile-Iganmu, Nyanya, Mararaba. No! They stay in high brow areas with security, palatial homes with modern gadgets for comfort, a drive round town in multi million jeep cars while the members of their flock are sick, distressed, harassed, go hungry and lack nutrition. Except TB Joshua we see feeding the poor, giving scholarships, and live in Ikotun, a suburb of Lagos State and known as one of the poor areas in Lagos. Of course, all fingers are not equal, surely there handful of good people out the that help the poor in the little way they can.

The religious leaders cannot always push the blame to government when they hide in their cocoon to commit all manner of atrocities. If only 30 men of God in Nigeria would behave like TB Joshua, one representing each state in Nigeria.

TB Joshua Bodies Delayed By Nigerian Authority

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According to a government official who did not want to be named, the delays have been caused by the political haggling between South Africa and Nigeria.

The official said the Nigerian government has been refusing to have DNA analysis conducted in South Africa “even though they don’t have the expertise, facilities and skills”. Yet the Nigerian government would not allow the South African pathologists and forensic experts who travelled to Lagos to take DNA samples from the bodies, insisting on doing that itself. And it would not allow them to do the matching of the DNA samples with the DNA of the relatives of the dead.

This proves our point the those behind the tragedy played delay tactics, thinking that when the bodies decompose the chances of finding “explosive” on the bodies can’t be traced thus refusing to deploy bomb disposal unit to the scene; What a shame!

Because of the state of the bodies, just over 40 of the South African bodies could be identified by fingerprints.


TB Joshua Building Collapes – Over Eight Thousand Applied to Visit!

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It’s a known fact that Prophet TB Joshua is the most sought after by people all over the world visiting the Synagogue Church of all nation’s “SCOAN” All international airlines that has a direct flight to Lagos would attest to this as well as the Nigerian immigration and customs. It’s a known fact that Prophet TB Joshua is the most sought after by people within the vineyard.

We are all aware how Idahosa started his attacks on the person of TB Joshua, followed by his predecessors  Ayo Oritsejafor, and other members of their association like Matthew Ashimolowo and other big wing Nigerian men of God, who are now rejoicing over the incident that took place at the SCOAN on the 12th Sept, 2014


There were many contradictory statements made; that the Court has refused into which clearly tells me that the “Coroner” has already been briefed on how and in whose favor the case must be judged, just to soil the name of TB Joshua and his ministry “SCOAN” It is very clear because one of the witness during the inquest said:

On the collapse of the guesthouse, Ayinde said he had reviewed security camera footage released by SCOAN officials, which they claimed showed a low-flying aircraft above the building.

Joshua has suggested that the aircraft — and up to three others seen in the same position in the hour leading up to the tragedy — was linked to the collapse.

“It was within its flight corridor. It was moving on its directional path and an area of the airport,” he added.

“We also wrote and got a report from (the) Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority that the aircraft was flying 1,100 feet, which is 300 meters. So, the aircraft was not close to the building.”

The purpose of witnessing at the inquest is to speak the truth, the question is that was Mr. Ayinde at the scene at the time of the incident and  the  Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, he quoted ” that the aircraft was flying 1,100 feet, which is 300 meters. So, the aircraft was not close to the building.”? The answer is no.

It’s true that; that area is a flight path, of  which flight comes across from the EAST from Ejigbo, Cele area, but NEVER in History has flight flown from the WEST before, but that same flight flew over that particular building from the west 4 times at 60″ 40″ 20″ and  10″ to carry out their mission.

We have contacted the eyewitness we spoke with“GODSPOWER” to provide us the video he took of the Jet and would be published as soon as we receive it.

Head of the emergency services: As far as he is concerned, the problem is a structural failure and that a test in a so-called lab will determine if it was so. The same tune by the governor of Lagos and the same tune from the president; Both ignoring the presents of their Jet that flew over the SCOAN building from the west! Has anyone asked why the Nigerian authorities were so scared when they realized that South Africa was sending in investigators. They quickly, with the help of the Nigerian Tribune, came up with an article about President Zuma, his relationship with a presidential candidate, the sizable 9.3 million dollars trying to make it seem like there is a diplomatic row between the two countries even to the extent of comparing both economies and how bad South Africa was doing. Such writing is not done by unschooled journalists; such writing is done by crafty politicians who have an agenda in mind – to create confutation by putting pressure and/or bullying the South Africans into submission.

As soon as they realized that SCOAN had captured one of their planes on CCTV, they quickly came up with a destructive response. Note Nigeria’s Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu, has dismissed insinuations linking the missing Air Force Alpha jet to sabotage. Could it be that indeed Major General Chris knew nothing about the plan to use the said plane for the SCOAN operation, but only the privileged few or the coincidence was too much. Why did that not name the two missing pilots with their pictures if indeed they were really lost in action. Not what Marshal Adesola Amosu said that the Nigerian army was in full control of its air space yet no one has come forward to say anything about that plane and what it was doing over the building. Take a look at this. Please go to list of combat Aircraft owned by the Nigerian Military.

http://www.combataircraft.com/en/Military-Aircraft/Nigeria/  This is a list of combat Aircraft owned by the Nigerian Military. Note the Hercules C-130.


Ayo Oritsejafor
Ayo Oritsejafor

Once again its fact that the “PFN” Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria “CAN” Christian Association of Nigeria hate TB Joshua with passion.

The current saga and involvement of Ayo Oritsejafor and the 9.3 million dollar arms deal that went wrong in South Africa tells the shadiness of his dealings. Only God knows what these arms were intended for. The current assertion that it was to be used by the government or the army is just a cover up. What people don’t know is that through the ministry of interior CAN (Ayo Oritsejafor) controls the influx of religious Christian visitors coming into Nigeria which has seen most of T.B. Joshua’s visitors denied entry visa’s to Nigeria. If T.B. Joshua or The SCOAN is not a member of CAN why should CAN care who visits him? You are all aware of many write up on the internet against TB Joshua and his ministry even TB Joshua ex-followers who turned against the ministry, just like Judas turned against Jesus Christ.


Regular visitors to the TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) continue to

Johnny Klopper
Johnny Klopper

have faith in the organisation despite recent criticism. Since the tragic collapse over two months ago, of a building in Lagos in Nigeria housing visitors to the synagogue, the church has faced a great deal of criticism regarding their standards of safety.

Advocate Johnny Klopper and his wife Dorothy Klopper have visited SCOAN collectively more than 25 times in the past, and maintain that the church should not carry all the blame for the incident. Advocate Klopper believes everything done from the ministry’s side was done “in excellence” and is convinced that any future investigation will confirm this. Having travelled around the world with TB Joshua, he describes him as a humble man and says he has learned a great deal from him. His wife Dorothy Klopper also maintains that a third party may have been involved in the collapse of the building. She says TB Joshua loves all the guests visiting the synagogue, and says “he would never in any way take shortcut concerning their well-being”. See the full interview on Morning live  uploaded by us click here

Reasons – T B Joshua’s Absence From Hearings

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Prophet T B Joshua did not attend the hearings set out to investigate the cause of the collapse of a building at his church because he was not subpoenaed by authorities, said the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan).

“For someone to be able to appear in court there must be a subpoena served on that person. The prophet was not served with a subpoena, personally. Once the subpoena is served, the necessary process will follow and once we’re given a date the prophet will be there,” said Scoan spokesperson Bally Chuene.

A guesthouse at Joshua’s Lagos church collapsed September 12th, killing 116 people including 84 South Africans. Preliminary investigations are has been ignord by the authorities pointing to structural defects as the caused the collapse, but Scoan has maintained it was a controlled collapse: 

“They’ve shown exactly how it collapsed. We saying this particular building collapsed as a result of some controlled demolition of some sort. Yes we want the Nigerian Aviation Authorities to investigate the involvement of that particular plane which was flying overheard at 10 feet gap between the building and the JET shortly before the collapse,” said Chuene.

By John Howard