RESPONSE – SCOAN Critics on Building Tragedy is Controlled Demolition

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I have said it on Prime Time Discuss that for anybody to limit the cause of collapse of the building to foundation failure without addressing the mission of the aircraft at the premises amount intellectual laziness. Both Government and Nigeria media have been emotional in some ways in the manner they responded to the tragedy.

  1. The government official who spoke on channels and other media houses has concluded that the building collapsed as a result of structural defects even when no professional evaluation has been done, as for me that wasn’t good enough. A rescuer cannot do the work of professional.
  2. He made two contradictory statements in a spate of 24 hours. He initially said the building was originally two story converted to four storeys. The same person later on another TV interview said the building was originally 4 storey converted to six storey which of this statement do we believe?
  3. The government is laying too much emphasis on design and approval and nobody is seemed to be saying anything about the unusual presence of the plane. Even the Nigeria media down played the abnormal and suspicious manoeuvre of the aircraft. All they were after is to crucify T.B Joshua without waiting for outcome of the investigation.
  4. The size of the columns and beams I saw at the Church can hold even an 8 storey building. Possibly some over design just to make sure it was adequate to with stand likely induced stress.
  5. The Nigeria press rather than conduct investigative journalism continued to pour the venom on T.B Joshua as they have always done. Pertinent questions needs to be answered by NCAA and other agencies saddled with air traffic management. Salient questions needs answers; a) did the aircraft land at the airport? b). what was its mission? c) What did the people in the neighbourhood say about seen the Aircraft? d) What is the eyewitness account both at the mountain which is some ten kilometres away and at the Church?
  6. Those who gave account of the Aircraft said it was a Jet, not a commercial plane, it was moving slowly, at low noise, flew and manoeuvred above the building frontally across to the back as seen from clips to side of building where no one would see any dropping. The four times manoeuvre was possibly to ascertain a good location to drop any device. The ground columns at the back were systematically knocked off by what could possibly be explosives owning to enormous dust which could also be from nano destructive effect. When you knock off about 15% of columns in a building the building could be subjected to sudden failure as seen on the clips. The manner the entire floor slabs collapsed together is not possible in a building that was originally 2 or 4 storey and later changed to 6 as claimed by the government. We expect some of the columns to stand and retain the floor slabs. In the synagogue case only two possibilities
  7.  Controlled demolition by improvised means the kind of manoeuvre and presence of aircraft seriously suggest the aircraft dropped something. It is also important for us to know that a device can be triggered even at a distance of 100km away irrespective of interference.

Ref: 9/11 attack on world trade centre alternative view controlled demolition of high rise building


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WARNING Beware of any imposters claiming to be Prophet T.B. Joshua or claiming to represent The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, demanding for money in the name of either of the above in the promise of providing Anointing Water or other materials from the ministry. The Anointing Water is not for sale! Healing, salvation and all of God’s blessings are free gifts of God. Jesus Christ paid for our perfect and complete healing when He died on the cross. Watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation (Matt 26:40).

15 thoughts on “RESPONSE – SCOAN Critics on Building Tragedy is Controlled Demolition

  1. Dennis

    Nigeria, Nigeria, Oh Nigeria
    How long will you crucify your only son who feeds you, care for your daily need and renders to you all humanitarian cares at your old age?
    Are you better than South Africa in this continent who throng after your only son for advise, care, intercession and Spiritual support?
    You have done so much to kill this vision, to massacre this lamb, to quench this light……….. Why, why and why?
    You have been given many chances to repent of your ill doings, it is in you that human beings are sold for money rituals, man created by God, just to get rich and say am a chief. But when this your son came and began to manifest, many evil doers have come to repentance this makes you vex and you begin to look for a way out to break the shield
    But alas, you cannot do anything to kill this lamb nor quench the light. The lamp is lighted by the Creator of the universe, your creator, your maker who knows your beginning and your end, Jehovah God, the Father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Why have you allowed yourself to be used by satan to do this evil? You have provoked the wrath of God by what you did on Sept 12, 2014. That light will shine even without you and in your absence.
    All of your sons and daughters have been brainwashed by satan to kick against the rock of their salvation, and you are complacent, why. What do you expect to be done to TBJ by the South Africans whose citizens you cut short their lives in your silent bomb blast? Do you think God was not going to expose you? He did by placing and activating the cameras around The SCOAN at that time of your vicious passover on our building housing our visitors (God’s elects). You and your connivers have touched the wrong button and ignited the fake switch, you are exposed to danger of mankind and God. As stated by the outcome of the findings of the SCOANFANSUK, the foundation that you blew up was meant for a 10 storey building so you have many questions to answer even if you commit suicide, God will get at you. My heart is bleeding as am writing this piece to you. It is not late for you to come out of your shelves and confess openly before your nakedness is exposed disgracefully. I will read this piece always to hear from you and your culprit.


  2. Rabby mus mmukonta

    Please people of God debating supernatural is classic blasphemy,let them talk negatively , God is still sending more discovery with scientific proof . 1) the aircraft is a sent one ,not a friendly user ,it’s time we arrest. The space (the coming of the aircraft was that demonic but, 2) an alert system should be installed to signal violation of space ,that might not be. A real physical plane may be a masqueraded one. 3). True to it an object was launched from afar anything dropping as paper, plastics powder , nail Dropped at interval. 4) chemical reaction of these residues mix with carbon- dioxid C2+CO2 check that fact may lead to good result. 5) among the well wishes some were agents of the massacres ,intensify security Our God is not sleeping the children of Israel encounter it ,Joshua 16:1-5 .why should people want an inheritance so early from the innocent servant of God let God wrought be onto them (withheld my name)


  3. Fredrieka

    My comment is that the people since the start of prophet Tb Joshua ministry the people lie too much and they were saying that he is not the man of God till they come physically to confessed, even to the son of man in the time bible they didnt believe him til the day He die and saw wonders there they start believing Him, I really will say that leaf the Judgement for God alone and He will judge the man of God if He is really not true man of God.


      1. Fredrieka Tsanes

        My advise is that, we should read John 16:33,and if we as human understand what it said than we should really know that we are living in the world full of supprises, I will say to my fellow people that let us leave the judgement for God if we think that man of God is not really called by God. Why should we really torture the man who help us so much,not only physical help through prayers whether you are near of far it doesn’t matter. God cares for His son. In Jesus’s time, He was doing miracles but still He was crucify but for prophet Tb Joshua, am telling you leave him alone if you don’t want to be punish by God.



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