Comprhensive SCOAN Collapsed Building Report

Dear Readers,
First, we at TB Joshua Fans UK are so sorry for the delay in providing you report on the the SCOAN tracgic inident that took place on the 12th Sept, 2014
Unlike other bloggers, news sites who reproduced what others have published without going there themselve, we have been at the SCOAN for the past 7 days and have some shorking revelations that who shock you to the bone. NIGERIANS YOU ARE WICKED!


9 thoughts on “Comprhensive SCOAN Collapsed Building Report

  1. I first of all thank the team behind this blog. My family and I have already sent condolences and words of consolation to our fellow departed Christians and the greatest prophet of our times Prophet TB Joshua.
    I was reminded of Sept 11 on the 12th of Sept 2014. Indeed the devil is a lair and our God will show them that He alone is God, the King of Glory, Mighty in battle. Comments from the world does not move me at all, i just ask Jesus to forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.
    I have discovered through the Man of God that the word of God is very friendly and simple but on the other hand, it is very complicated for religious people. For born again christian who reads it slowly, attentively, and repeatedly, the word is a cup that wont run dry.
    Prophet TB Joshua is a true man of God and I am convinced God will give him even more anointing after this incident. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 13:8. We are also advised not to judge but humble ourselves James 4:10-12. People of God, keep on strengthening yourselves through the word and Man of God TB Joshua.


    I am impressed by the rebuffing of all these false allegations levied against our man of God Prophet TB Joshua. They are purely agents of satan trying to stop others from being saved by the mighty hands of God at the SCOAN. Since they began this their tbjoshuawatch or what do they call it, do they know how many innocent souls that have followed their blind street and will go to hell and they will surely account for on the judgement day? Or do they not believe again in the God’s judgement which will surprise them? Have they torn off the passage from their Bible the story of Father Abraham, Lazarus and the fool rich? Time will tell. Their part they played in destroying the work of God, will surely follow them and expose them. We are SCOANERS, we are content with what God has given us in the person of Prophet TB Joshua. According to the book of Joshua the son of Nun, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord, we will remain with the God of TB Joshua here on earth and I believe that same is to you the fans, stay blessed and keep watching Emmanuel TV. They continue to fight loss battles with TB Joshua and time will tell.


    1. I thank God for the messages of good will flowing form the many of us who will not weaver in our faith by what the agents of satan have done at SCOAN, indeed a time will come when their misdeeds shall be revealed openly to their shame.

      They should not be thinking that our God has gone to sleep simply because He allowed them to carry out their mischief, in the end, He shall prove Himself faithful and mighty to His servant Prophet TB Joshua.


  3. It is really a very sad development and all of us who are true Christians share the sad moment with the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua. Man of God you are not alone, but God Almighty and all of us are with you for we know you are a true Man of God.

    Man of God please be encouraged that it is such events which should encourage you to do more for God. “It is said only a mangoe tree with ripe mangoes on it that people will throw stones at.” You are just like this and the enemies of God will continue to throw stones at you, but take heart, God is with you till the end of the world. Continue praying for your adversaries so that they may see God’s work in your life.

    God bless and be with you! Loving you Man of God.


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