Survivor Of Boko Haram Gwoza Police Training College Attack Testifies In T.B. Joshua’s Church

Survivor Of Boko Haram Gwoza Police Training College Attack Testifies In T.B. Joshua’s Church

The widely reported Boko Haram insurgency attack on Wednesday 20th August 2014 at a Nigerian Police training college in Gwoza, Borno State left few survivors. Omereji Friday, a Rivers State indigene who was present at the scene of the bloody onslaught, attributes his own survival to Divine protection.  

Speaking at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday 31stAugust 2014, the mobile police officer explained that he was stationed in Nasarawa State when informed that a training exercise was to be conducted in Gwoza, Borno State.

Before embarking on the journey, Friday, who spoke in pidgin English during his testimony, called his wife to inform her. “My wife nearly fell down,” he explained, stating she insisted he visit her before going on the exercise.

Omereji’s wife warned him of the dangers of the area in light of the recent activities of Boko Haram insurgents but the policeman seemed unperturbed by the dangers.

“We quarrelled in the house and she told me if I did not go to Synagogue Church first, there would be trouble,” he explained to the congregation.

Reluctantly agreeing with his wife and not by means of any personal conviction, Friday decided to visit T.B. Joshua’s renowned church in Lagos, Nigeria before his journey to Gwoza

Arriving in Lagos late on Sunday 17th August 2014, church activities at The SCOAN were about to cease. “I met one young man from South Sudan and introduced myself as a Nigerian police officer,” Omereji continued.

Although the service had finished, Friday pleaded with his newly made foreign acquaintance to give him something from the church he could take with him for the journey.

“He gave me the ‘Anointing Sticker’ which he was with and I put it in my pocket,” he continued. Arriving back home, Friday’s wife told him to promise her that he would keep the ‘sticker’ which bore the message ‘Let love lead’ around his neck next to his ID card at all times during the journey as she didn’t want to end up a widow.

Arriving at the military camp in Gwoza on Monday heavily armed, two days of training exercises were conducted hitch-free. On Wednesday, our ‘oga’ told us to go and drop our arms and ammunition at a certain place before the exercise.”

According to Omereji, the policemen saw a helicopter hovering over their area on an apparent surveillance mission later on that day. They reported to their seniors but were told not to be alarmed.

It was when the training exercise of that day was concluded and the policemen were back in their lodging that Boko Haram militants struck.

Friday recalled the hellish incident: “Suddenly, they called us to grab our guns. If you see how rain used to fall, that was how the bullets were falling. The person next to me was hit by a bullet and died in my presence. I fell down and began crawling. Our dormitory caught fire. Five armoured tanks were approaching with sophisticated weapons.”

He quickly remembered his wife’s words and clutched the anointing sticker he kept around his neck. “I began to shout, ‘God of T.B. Joshua, where are you? Come and save me.’ ” Bullets were raining around him but surprisingly none hit.

“I crawled to the high wall of the camp. I saw an officer attempting to climb over hit by a bullet and die instantly.” The wall was higher than an ordinary jump could reach by human capacity. “As I prayed, I jumped and don’t know what pushed me up over the wall.”

However, the danger was far from over. As Friday began to run, he heard the sound of yet more heavy artillery. People to his left and right were collapsing but the policeman kept running. Miraculously, he escaped to safety.

“It was a warfront. I was the only person I know of who survived this Boko Haram attack,” he soberly concluded. “This Anointing Sticker is powerful!”

In his comments, T.B. Joshua reiterated his previous assertion that Boko Haram was the challenge of Nigeria and not Ebola.  He further warned that infiltration from foreign militants had already occurred within Boko Haram, hence their sophisticated weaponry.

The prophet further released some alarming prophetic messages related to events to come around the world. He warned airlines not to fly over the volatile Russian and Ukrainian region, stating that he saw the crash of another commercial plane.

He specified the European nation of Poland needed prayer, stating that calamitous events would soon unfold there.

Joshua further stated that US President Barack Obama would soon be rushed to hospital over a health concern and should not undergo an operation. He warned United Kingdom to secure their country in the middle and ending of September in light of the recent security warning issued because of the threat of ISIS militants.

Ihechukwu Njoku – a freelance Nigerian journalist

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3 thoughts on “Survivor Of Boko Haram Gwoza Police Training College Attack Testifies In T.B. Joshua’s Church

  1. david

    Arise man of God greater is the God we save the battle is not yours raise the flag of Christ higher keep the fire burning let the world know and see there is God who is he that can stand against our God daddy man of God our role model God will fight for you be filled with more power to do greater things as Jesus promised your enemies will faint you shall be strengthened arise and shine our prophet daddy TB Joshua by david Mashaba



    God of T. B. Joshua is ready to fight against those who are against His servant. The God, who brought out the Israelites from Egypt, the one who made the way on the read river for the them to cross over, will make it again. The way the Egyptians army died covered by the read river, that’s how these so called boko haram will perish. They have really provoked the Lord’s wrath, God will deal with them and that will be the end of there story. Enough is enough, these evil people have gone to far, persecuting the man of God like this; it’s time for God now to show himself. And this will happen. God is still alive and the same. Let us just allow Him to make His justice. These people should know that Prophet T. B. Joshua serves a living God. It a pity, human beings killing fellow brothers like that. God rescue your people my Lord, in the name of Jesus, amen.



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