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To Rauna Kakehongo, 29, from Namibia, the news that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 bone marrow cancer came like a ton of heavy bricks. Not even in her ugliest dreams could she have pictured herself faced with such a dreadful scenario at such a young age. For the first time in her life, she could see her vision of a great future – dream career and happy family, melt before her own eyes like a sweet dream that suddenly turns into a horrible nightmare.

It all started when she was admitted to the ICU because her lungs had collapsed. She was

 Rauna Kakehongo, 29, from Namibia, the news that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 bone marrow cancer

Rauna Kakehongo, 29, from Namibia, the news that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 bone marrow cancer

placed on life support and her blood had thickened. Not long after she was discharged, she discovered dark brown spots sprouting all over her body. Before she knew it, she was admitted again and with her strength waning by the day, a wheelchair provided her only support and means of mobility. Numerous tests were employed and with each, the outcome was devastatingly no different. Doctors discovered that she had excessive fluid and blood. Her spleen had enlarged three times its normal size. In a haste to stabilize her fading state, blood transfusion was quickly conducted. As fate would have it, her blood platelets refused to return to their normal count. To find out the cause of this, they conducted a bone marrow biopsy on her. During the process, they were forced to stop due to the excessive loss of blood. The second biopsy was conducted while she was conscious, causing excruciating pain. Though braced for the news, the results were too sickening to the ear. She was diagnosed with blood cancer and stage 4 bone marrow cancer. She was given just six months to live.

Desperate to cling to a strand of hope, she opted to go for the incredibly unpleasant chemotherapy treatment. This caused her to lose all her hair and her stomach swelled up. As her condition deteriorated by the day, she resigned herself to her fate, tearfully contacting her insurance company for funeral arrangements; the date was fixed for April 9th, 2014.

It was in this pitiful and frail state that she found out about Emmanuel TV. Encouraged by the testimonies she watched, she grabbed onto faith even though she had run out of rope. Even though her tunnel was so dark, she could glimpse at a flicker of hope at the end of it. Determined to visit Prophet T.B. Joshua, she pulled out all stops and against all odds arrived at The SCOAN, Lagos, Nigeria. At this point, her left side was half-paralyzed and she could barely stand. Arranged at the prayer line, when Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, she felt something ejected out from her chest. That night, she slept peacefully for the first time since the onset of her sickness. The next day, to her surprise, her hair started to grow and her nails which had turned dark brown returned to a healthy pink – a confirmation of lifeblood flooding back to her strained form. As each day went past, she got stronger and felt better.

On her return to Namibia, she went back to the hospital for a test and the doctor confirmed that there is no cancer in her body. To prove beyond reasonable doubt, tests were conducted in four different hospitals, all confirming her healthy and cancer free. There is no amount of words and tears that can express her sincere gratitude to Jesus Christ, her Rescuer from death. Praise the Lord!

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WARNING Beware of any imposters claiming to be Prophet T.B. Joshua or claiming to represent The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, demanding for money in the name of either of the above in the promise of providing Anointing Water or other materials from the ministry. The Anointing Water is not for sale! Healing, salvation and all of God’s blessings are free gifts of God. Jesus Christ paid for our perfect and complete healing when He died on the cross. Watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation (Matt 26:40).


  1. forebearance

    I am delighted what the Messiah has done into your life for the salvation of your soul. Our Messiah is awesome he deserves to be honored he deserves to be worshiped because of his wonderful works which he is doing in the lives of his children.
    He reigns in heaven with wisdom and power, He lives he never said goodbye. I encourage our friend to make the Word of God standard for life so that your healing and all of Gods blessings will remain permanent in Jesus Christ name.


  2. lindoordelia@gmail.com

    Thank you for sll the emails but I didn’t received Sunday’s email yet. The sevice of Sunday.
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  3. lindoordelia@gmail.com

    Thank you prophet you are a inspiration to the world may GOD bless you.
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