South African residents Chief Maxwell and Mrs Linda Ejiogu, with their children, came to The SCOAN to confirm the prophetic message the man of God gave that the couple’s marriage was on the verge of collapsing. South African-born Linda Ejiogu had been married to her Nigerian husband for at least 17 years, but their matrimonial home in South Africa had never known peace in the true sense of the word. They had an off-and-on and stormy relationship to the extent that Mrs Linda Ejiogu finally resorted to filing divorce papers. Their daughter Ngozi was also caught in the midst of the domestic battle. Chief Maxwell had decided to keep Ngozi in Nigeria under the pretext of mastering the Nigerian culture. But Linda wanted her daughter back, and so she considered involving the authorities. As a result of such tom-and-jerry type of domestic affairs, the bench, therefore, became their only problem-solving premises.

Left jaw-dropped by the revelation, Linda accepted back all the divorce and other court papers that had been served her husband. On his part, Chief Maxwell expressed that upon shaking hands with the man of God, the then “unquenching” anger in him became extinguished at the instant. He told the congregation that when the man of God stated that their marriage was from Heaven, he felt calm. “I love my wife,” he said, and Linda lit up with a warm smile across her face.

Expressing her belief and trust in the man of God, Linda reckoned that her marriage could still work. For a couple who could not see eye-to-eye before, they started engaging each other in cordial and healthy conversations thanks to the deliverance they received at the prayer line. Having previously felt rejected, undesired, and the like, Linda expressed her gratitude for the existence of Emmanuel TV. She said that she would not have known about God’s existence if not for Emmanuel TV. She also put across her willingness and desire for the two of them to raise their children together as a family.

A formerly easy-to-anger Linda has now transformed into a calm person, and departed from the habits of smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages. In her testimony, she expressed how she now sleeps peacefully like a baby since her deliverance at The SCOAN. “All well with my family,” she added. She also said that upon her return to South Africa, she will meet with her attorney to withdraw the divorce papers.

Sharing the joy in the reunion of her parents, Ngozi said that when she first heard that her parents wanted to divorce, it made her sad and unhappy. But now, “I am so happy for what Jesus has done,” she said.

Based on their experiential insight, the couple advised married couples to always seek the face of God first. Thanking God for the assistance they received through Prophet T.B. Joshua, “It is important to have God as the foundation for marriage,” they agreed.


Caged by the spirit of smoking for 20 years, Uchenna Okonkwo admitted that he had done everything within his human powers to stop the habit but all to no avail. He used to smoke different brands of cigarette and up to 40 sticks a day. Mr Okonkwo subscribed to medical doctors’ collective recommendation that he should undergo therapy to alleviate the addiction. His attempt to get rehabilitated fell flat; he remained a chain-smoker. Throughout his one-man battle against an addiction he had wanted to kick out of his life, Uchenna did not have prior knowledge about the Emmanuel TV evangelical channel. However, when he later learned about Emmanuel TV and watched it one night, he saw how Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed, “Viewers all over the world, anything that connects you to a bad habit be broken in Jesus’ name.”

After watching Emmanuel TV, Mr Okonkwo fell asleep, and his heart’s desire to depart from the smoking habit culminated in an encounter he would have in his dream. He saw Prophet T.B. Joshua come to his dream wearing a white garment and shiny face and he prayed for him. When Uchenna woke up the next morning and tried to smoke a cigarette, his body resisted the habit. He has since quit smoking.
After his in-sleep deliverance from smoking, Mr. Okonkwo visited The SCOAN, where he received a prophetic message to his utmost surprise. Prior to receiving the prophecy, Mr Okonkwo had prayed, “Lord if the man of God is really a man of God, let him locate me.”

“This is foreign affair. I don’t know how it will happen. There is a certain document of yours in a foreign country. It has to do with immigration issue,” continued Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Mr Okonkwo confirmed that he had, indeed, brought in foreign investors to Nigeria. Convinced that his deliverance from the 20 years of smoking addiction through a dream after watching Emmanuel TV was not ordinary, and that the prophetic message he received in person demonstrated that Prophet T.B. Joshua is a true man of God, Mr Okonkwo said, “Distance is not a barrier to your healing and deliverance. Have faith that it will work for you. It is real”.


Twenty-two year old Gabriel Fain was in the prayer line when Prophet T.B. Joshua told him, during one of the previous Sunday services at The SCOAN, that he could have been in prison. Gabriel did not hesitate to confirm the prophetic message. Born in the US and brought up in a strict home, Gabriel constantly slipped out of the hands of his police officer mother and a mentoring pastor to become a drug addict. While attending a theology school, Gabriel stumbled upon drugs, tried it, got used to it and married it for a very long time in his youthful years. He would sneak away from home, the church and the theology school to satisfy his “undying” love for drugs of various types. Not only did his continued use of hard drugs compromise his mental faculty, speech and physical well-being but it also rendered him homeless. Apart from deriving joy in getting high after taking the drugs, Gabriel recalled that he always passed out on the smallest quantity he took. On several occasions, whenever he visited the restroom and took drugs, he would pass out and was always found half-naked. There was a time when the police cautioned a disoriented Gabriel for exposing himself in public. If he sat in his car and did drugs or smoked, he would pass out and wake up to find the car seats left in cigarette burnt holes.

In the midst of the myriad drug problems, Gabriel knew he was on the verge of killing himself by the day. Alarmed by the rate at which Gabriel’s health was deteriorating, the mentoring pastor sent off Gabriel to return to his mother. The pastor gave him an Anointing Sticker and a plane ticket to go back home. With his mobility ability leaving him, Gabriel had to be wheeled at the airport. Upon arrival, his mother did not recognise him; Gabriel had to wave to attract her attention.

At home, he started watching Emmanuel TV on the internet. During one of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayers that engaged the viewers, Gabriel touched the screen and prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua and all of a sudden, his speech returned to him. He started to sound intelligible from that point on. His relationship with God started to improve after his deliverance through Emmanuel TV. He decided to come to The SCOAN and received a word of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua, who told him to disconnect from three past friends who had a toxic relationship with him. Gabriel has since disconnected from his bad past.

Since his deliverance, he does not have the desire for drugs anymore. He knows that it is by the grace of God that he has been delivered. He advised the youth and all others to quit drugs and run to Jesus because, “The devil is out there to steal your soul”.


When Miss Elysia Straub visited The SCOAN and listed her problems for the prayer line, little did she know that what she had kept secret and off the placard to avoid public embarrassment would be revealed by Prophet T.B. Joshua. During the service, Elysia received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua that there was something that she did not want anyone to know. When the man of God asked as to whether he should mention her secret problem, Elysia shook her head no. The prophet told her that satan must be put to shame. Elysia repeated “no” to preserve her embarrassing problem. However, the prophet continued and stated that she had the problem of bedwetting. This astonished Elysia and she instantly confirmed by saying “yes”. Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for her in Jesus’ name and declared that her problem was over.

Elysia beamed and was surprised to know how Prophet T.B. Joshua could strike the root cause of her most kept secret problem because “I did not write it on the prayer list,” she said. She confirmed that she had been bedwetting from a young age and it caused a lot of embarrassment in her life. She felt isolated, rejected and guilty within. At night, it would feel as if someone was holding her down and any time she woke up after such an experience, the bed was wet under her. Her condition haunted her whenever the thought of getting married in future crossed her mind. She consulted many medical doctors and churches in search of solution. Alas! The problem persisted. She was not the only person in her family experiencing this embarrassment – her uncle and other family members had the same problem of bed-wetting.

When she heard about The SCOAN, she decided to come, believing that Jesus Christ would deliver her. After the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, she felt light and since that time, she does not experience anyone pressing her down at night and she no longer bedwets! She advised the world to never lose hope in situations like this. All things are possible with God!


Honourable Isaac Kwasi Kodobisah, the former mayor of Ho, Volta Region, Ghana suffered from degenerative disc disease and as a result, he could not sit or carry out his daily activities. He was unable to eat or sleep because at night, he could not lie down; he had to sit upright. He was unable to attend public gatherings in his capacity as a mayor. He could not sit in his office as a result of the air conditioning which triggered the pain to shoot down his back.

When he went to several hospitals in search of a solution, the doctors tried to treat him but it was to no avail. Finally, one doctor advised him to use a neck collar to support his back. The doctor said that he could end up being paralysed.

After exhausting all human efforts, Honourable Kodobisah came to The SCOAN and was arranged in the prayer line. Immediately after the prayer, he heard a noise in his back and all pain left him. For the first time in a very long time, he was able to sleep well at night lying down. He also received the Anointing Water and ministered it every day, in Jesus’ name. Within a short while after ministering the Anointing Water, he was restored back into the original position God had created him. He is now able to move around freely to the glory of God.

He advised that our faith in God should become stronger as we face life’s challenges.