“I Was Not Even Interviewed!” Breakthrough Testimony

Mr Winter Mupetas financial situation seemed to worsen with each passing day. His career was fraught with stagnation and frustration. The future seemed bleak. He and his family were seemingly imprisoned in an endless cycle of disappointment, failure and setback, which they couldn’t seem to come out of. Concluding that his case required spiritual intervention and believing that with a touch from Jesus Christ, the history of their lives would be rewritten, Winter’s wife travelled to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria to receive the Anointing Water. Just a few weeks later, testimonies began pouring in…

“Emmanuel! I want to testify to what God has done in my life through the Anointing Water. Before I came into contact with Emmanuel TV, I was facing serious crises in my work and career. I was well qualified but couldn’t seem to get a breakthrough in the area of employment. I kept applying for jobs, being invited for interviews but never getting the post. I was just going from one setback to another.

“After viewing Emmanuel TV and seeing how God had been healing, blessing and delivering people, my wife decided to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations for prayers. She came back to Zambia with the Anointing Water, full of faith that God would use it to bless our entire family. We came together in prayer and she ministered the Anointing Water to me and the family.

“Just a few weeks later, I was surprised to receive a message on my phone to go for a medical check-up required for a new job I had been applying for. I didn’t hesitate to call back because I already had a valid medical certificate. I informed the lady who had sent the message, whom I didn’t even know, and she told me to wait for a while.

“After two hours, another message came in, giving me a date the following week to go for an interview. On the same day, just five hours later, I received another message, saying that on the same date, I should go with my banking details and original papers of relevant documents. I was amazed at the way things began moving! I went there and to my greatest surprise I was not even interviewed! Instead I was given a contract to sign and started working immediately.

Thank You

A million thanks are not enough!

“The testimonies do not end there! Apart from being employed, God then blessed me with a promotion in my new work place. Since then, I have been rising from one position to another!

“The blessing did not just end with me; the Lord also blessed my wife. Her business grew and flourished to such an extent that she even travelled to China for it. Disappointment and setbacks are now a thing of the past!

“I continue to pray to God to always bless Emmanuel TV and the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua for all that you have done for my family and indeed for people worldwide. Dont forget us in your prayers. May Jehovah God richly and graciously bless you, Man of God!

Mr Winter Mupeta, Zambia

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3 thoughts on ““I Was Not Even Interviewed!” Breakthrough Testimony

  1. During the old testimony time the people of God when they have difficulties
    they are searching Man of God to solve their problems, and when they go always they have some thing in their hand to bless the Man of God, because the servants of God they don’t have salary like other people their job is to serve God and waiting upon him. It is really great for Mr. winter to gate solution for his problem , not only him many are there like him they are gating solution through Emmanuel ( Man of God Prophet TB Joshua) but I don’t know how many are faithful to think that Emmanuel needs much money for their expenses. I am not saying those who don’t have money I am saying those who have, people of Nigeria and others it is good to invest for such mission I am telling you it is a God soil. it is a kingdom of God. amen thank you God Bless you. God bless Emmanuel


  2. Emmanuel – GOD with us

    Glory to GOD in the Highest

    I thank the good Lord for the breakthrough, which he has given you. The Lord has done it into your life. You are now a living testimony to him and to many people around the world. It is wonderful to have faith in the Lord because he is faithful to us and he never said goodbye. It is wonderful thing to be near GOD and worship him, praise him and testify his wonderful works. Remember to owner him and do not depart from his ways and word. Hold on to GOD’S word and make it standard for life. So that your breakthrough will remain permanent.


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