Healed Of Heart Disease: A Touch From Heaven!

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Here is a testimony of a Cameroonian lady who was diagnosed with a debilitating heart disease but upon coming to The SCOAN, received her total and complete healing! 


“Emmanuel! My name is Solange Gham and I am from Cameroon. I want to testify about how God healed me from a serious heart disease after coming to The SCOAN. I was diagnosed with a heart disease in Cameroon on 29th January and was booked for a heart surgery. I was devastated when I heard the news as I am just 26 years old and knew the seriousness of the situation. Physically I found myself getting easily tired and weak, even after just moving for small distances. I also had shortness of breath and concurrent chest pains. The prognosis was not good.


“Having watched Emmanuel TV, I came to The SCOAN on 2nd November and was registered for the prayer line. I was in The SCOAN auditorium on 6th and 7th of November. It was wonderful! During the Prayer Line and Sunday Service, I received a touch from the Wise Men and I also joined in for a time of powerful prayer with Prophet T.B Joshua. I flew back to Cameroon on the 11th of November and went for a checkup, full of faith that heaven had touched me. To the greatest surprise of my doctors, all traces of the disease disappeared! My heart is now fine and I have the medical report to confirm it! I am now fit and healthy and all the symptoms of the heart disease have totally disappeared. Glory be to God! Thank You, Jesus, for giving me another chance.”


Solange Gham – Cameroon

3 thoughts on “Healed Of Heart Disease: A Touch From Heaven!

  1. Emmanuel – GOD with us

    What a wonderful Savior Jesus Christ he is always there for his children who seek his face. When you call him in faith. He will answer you.
    I am glad what the Lord has done in the life his child in the arena of liberty. How wonderful it is to seek Lord Jesus Christ intervention into your life and protection from demonic attacks, sicknesses and many other afflictions. Remember that your faith does not rest on human wisdom but on GOD’S power. There is no invisible or visible thing which can overpower the power of GOD. Do not come to Jesus Christ for healing, deliverance, breakthrough and blessing only. You must owner him and do not depart from his word. Hold on to GOD’S word and make it standard for life. So that your breakthrough will remain permanent.
    Visit SCOAN and see the resurrection power of Lord Jesus Christ being demonstrated in the arena of liberty


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