The spiritualist told Mrs Mary Diejegwe that the concoction he was preparing would return love and faithfulness to her marital home. He proceeded to bring forth honey, instructing her to use it in her mouth and private parts. However, the opposite of what the spiritualist said would happen occurred. Two failed marriages later, confused and despondent, she decided to visit The SCOAN.

Seated on the gallery, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave her a word of prophecy, exposing how her actions in the past resulted in her current marital predicament and business setback. He further revealed that she was not called to be a prophetess. Mrs Mary confirmed the prophecy to be completely accurate and advised people to be careful of visiting spiritualists.


4 thoughts on “HONEY BRINGS HATRED:

  1. Christy Hangula

    With God we lack nothing,we don’t need human claimed fake power to take our problems away, as my mentor prophet TB JOSHUA says that don’t trust in the created trust in the creator. Look upon God for everything.



    Amen. T.B. Joshua is a real man of God. May the Amighty God continue blessing and protecting him, in Jesus’s name.


  3. Abeba Hawaz

    We are know in the last days that is why devil also working very fast but thanks God for his anointing to have man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua he reach for the lady before she get infection, it is really very bad incident but the problem is solved. Man of God long live for your ministry, God Bless Emmanuel amen



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