Prophet T.B. Joshua drew people’s attention to a particular deliverance that happened in The SCOAN last year. Replaying the video, the congregants were shocked to discover that as a lady was delivered by Wise Man Christopher, a physical vapour or smoke was seen leaving her body, clearly caught on camera. In her testimony, Mrs Prudencia Ngwenyi explained that she was from a family stooped in idol worship. “I grew up with these demons. I didn’t know anything like God, prayer or worship. This kept tormenting me. I was passing through hell!” Getting married at the tender age of 16, her marital home was characterized by constant fighting and violence. However, it was in 2008 when Prudencia opened a Facebook account that demons within her became all the more evident.

“I went to the internet and opened a page on Facebook. I put my naked picture there. The next day, I saw a man who wanted to be a friend.” The ‘man’ said he would help her with $30,000 if only she purchased some items for him in Cameroon. She complied but before sending her account number to him, requested to see his picture. The image that arrived the following day was shocking! “I saw a picture of a demonic elephant. That night, in my dream, a giant man appeared to me, saying I would work for him and seduce men to his kingdom.” From that day, Prudencia became an agent of satan, bleaching her body and going out to look for men to seduce them. It was only after viewing Emmanuel TV and seeing a similar case that Prudencia realized she desperately needed deliverance.

When Wise Man Christopher prayed for her, Prudencia explained that she saw the demons within her actually leaving her body. “At the time of that deliverance, I saw an old lady, a lion and a big snake leaving my body. All of a sudden, I found myself on the floor. Something left me and another thing came in!” Ever since her deliverance, Prudencia testified that her life had totally transformed. Her marriage is now peaceful, her business prosperous and the terrible nightmares she once had a thing of the past. “I thank Jesus for saving my life, for putting the devil to shame.”



  1. Bekezela

    Emmanuel – GOD with us
    I thank the Wise Men who have accepted to be used by Lord Jesus Christ to set the people free from all the bondage in their lives.
    More grace, more power, more spiritual gifts more anointing and more strength from him only who commissioned you to do his wonderful works to set the people free from captive and for the salvation of their soul. May the good Lord prosper you in every area of your life.
    If there are people out there who are seeking the face of GOD. Visit SCOAN the arena of liberty and receive your healing and many other GOD’S blessings



    My faith is growing each and every day. Woe to those who don’t believe that T. B. Joshua is a real man of God.


  3. Abeba Hawaz

    I wish I will be there,if you see all this testimonies it will make you more close to Jesus because this world is nothing with out him and how power full he is our God amen. Thanks God for Christopher to be used by our God
    let God use you more and more we are praying for you we love you. God bless Emmanuel amen



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