TB Joshua HIV Compilation Video Testimonies

Divine healing is the supernatural power of God bringing health to the human flesh. Thousands who come oppressed with sickness and disease receive their healing at The SCOAN as the very life of God changes their situations and moves their impossible mountains. Truly, there is never a sickness Jesus cannot heal.

Even when Jesus healed the ten men in Luke 17:11-19, only one of them came back to thank Him. As it was so it is, God has healed thousands with HIV all over the world, but is only few come back to thanks God and to give their testimony.

Below is the playlist of those that came back to the SCOAN to give their testimony.

5 thoughts on “TB Joshua HIV Compilation Video Testimonies

  1. Very gratefully and thankfull to known tv Joshua the miracle happening have strengthened my faith.am so sorry for the event that took place this is a temptation from Satan. Take courage , Jesus will take control of every situation.


  2. Am HIV positive n am waiting for my new born baby results but my heart believe that am not positive,I believe that Jesus is the only 1 who knows the truth,how can I get anointing water,am in jhb.


  3. I wish i was one of them,because i need healing my self.if i had the chance in my life to give a testimony ,i will jump in a plane from Austria to nigeria to give my testimony ,i hope this day will come in jesus name.


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