Pastor Daniel Dogbe from Ghana was addicted to masturbation for 25 years. This problem had affected his business, marriage, ministry and pastor-daniel-dogbeeverything about him. As a minister of God, he had tried on his own to pray against it, but it just was not working. One day, a police officer introduced him to Emmanuel TV and advised him to always touch the screen of Emmanuel TV for prayer. He did and instantly, something came out of him and that was the end of the 25 years of battle with masturbation and lust that had wrecked his life. Since then, his life, business and everything about him has changed to the glory of God. He is now being invited to many countries to preach the gospel. It has been about a year after his deliverance through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. He has not had the urge to masturbate anymore. He advised other pastors who are fighting urges of the flesh not to be deceived by the devil with pride, but to look for other anointed men of God who can set them free. “Many pastors are ashamed to come here and this is what is responsible for their limitation. I am calling all of you to come here and receive your deliverance,” he said, joyfully praising the Lord!