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Despite our persistent warnings about fraudsters on Facebook, we are shocked to discover that thousands of people are still being       deceived by fake Facebook accounts claiming to be or represent Prophet T.B. Joshua, The Wise Men or The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

We cannot continue to allow these deceptions to occur as innocent people are being duped with false promises of Anointing Water, Anointing Stickers and other spiritual items. We need your help to deal with these fraudsters so that they will not continue to deceive and defraud the general public.

Immediately you discover a fraudulent or fake account:
1. Report the account to the Facebook authorities:
• Click the button next to the ‘Message’ button at the right hand side underneath the main profile picture.
• Click ‘Report Page’
• Click the option ‘Spam or scam’
• Submit the report
If enough reports are submitted, Facebook authorities will be compelled to take action and delete these fake accounts.

2. Warn all the people who have become friends or fans of these pages that they are dealing with impostors and redirect them to the official TB Joshua Ministries Facebook page –

3. Submit comments or respond to posts on these fraudulent accounts warning people that they are dealing with fraudsters.

4. Invite all your friends to like the official TB Joshua Ministries Page so that they will not be misled.

5. Spread this information to as many people as possible!

Out of the thousands of fraudulent Facebook accounts, our attention has been drawn to some specific accounts that literally have thousands of people following them.

It is time for action! Please report the following pages to Facebook and warn the people following them:

As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “We cannot succeed alone. We need good, inspired and informed people to make it in our respective callings.”

• TB Joshua Ministries –


God bless you as you act, in Jesus’ name.


Jesus Christ is reachable; you are not far from God.
No state of being is as rewarding as living in tune with God! Everyone has a desire to experience God because He has set eternity in the hearts of men. Apostle Paul says in Philippians 3:7-11:
“But whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ—the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith. I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead.”
When you have a relationship with Jesus Christ you change and become a man/ woman who is directed by your heavenly Father and not by the influence from men or circumstances. If you want to experience God and be all God has called you to be, you have got to spend your time with Him and learn from Him at His feet.

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Everyone is exposed to trouble because trouble does not require any invitation before it comes. But as a Christian, your trouble is not like others; it is for the glory of God. Trouble comes not because we have taken any wrong step but because we are in a complex and contradictory world. This world is not our home, we are just passing through. That you choose to serve the Lord in truth and faith does not mean that you will not encounter troubles or trials but the Lord promises to see


you through. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, God’s children are passing through this troubled world to a place prepared for them – a place without sorrow; this is not Heaven. I mean that we are here for a short season, there will be thorns in our flesh, there will be things poking us, there will be things disappointing us. If you are seeking to have Heaven here on earth, then you are thinking and working against what the Bible says in John 16:33, that in this world, you will have trouble. Take heart – as Christians, we have a building from God. We have a firm and well grounded expectation of future felicity.

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Mr Chinedu a Nigerian resident in Ivory Coast was facing limitations in business and setbacks. Every time he did business, things          would not work. He was helpless and hopeless. He started to watch Emmanuel TV and realized his situation required divine intervention. Even during the war in the country, he could not come back to his home country because of poverty; he was so ashamed of his status that he could not see himself coming home and preferred to die in a foreign land other than face humiliation among his folks. He received the Anointing Water and had a dream in which he had won an election as President of Enugu State indigenes in Ivory Coast. Back in Ivory Coast he had another dream where a voice told him not to worry anymore because everything was over. He ministered the Anointing Water on all of his documents. Later, his dream came to pass and he was elected. As if that was not enough, Eagle Atlantic Airlines of Ghana appointed him to represent them as General Sales Agent in Ivory Coast. His advice: Do not doubt, only believe.


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Engineer Ben and Family came to testify how they got breakthrough through the Anointing Sticker and Anointing Water. Although he and his family were staying in town, they had been facing serious accommodation problems when they visited the village. They had been making frantic efforts to build a house to replace the one left by his grandfather. In 2007 they molded bricks to start construction but problems came from everywhere. He just could not do it and had to abandon the project. As engineer, he had constructed many houses for people but could not build his own. In 2009 they acquired two hectares of land but still it failed. It had become a huge embarrassment. In town, they had good accommodation but it was not the case in the village, no bathroom and kitchen facilities. In 2012 they received the Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker from The SCOAN. Together with his wife, they prayed with the sticker for a miracle. In August the same year, he had a dream in which he was reconstructing the old house. When he got to office he asked an architect to sketch it for him the way he had seen it in the dream. There still was no money for the house all this time. With faith, he put the Anointing Sticker on the door of the old house. He asked people to start clearing the ground around the old house and told them this was where God wanted them to start. In October he sprinkled the Anointing Water on the foundation of the new building and prayed in Jesus’ name. Since that time, they did not stop construction until the 10-room duplex building was completed. What they had failed to complete in years, was finished in just two and a half months. That is not all, while the construction was going on; God blessed him with a new SUV car. In December they all travelled to the village and no one could recognise the way to their house because it was a totally new building. In place of the old building was a magnificent house, fully furnished.


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Coulibaly Assetou from Ivory Coast came to give a testimony and also tell a chilling account of her encounter with a professional fraudster. She was experiencing problems in her business but after ministering the Anointing Water and praying in faith, she was able to open a company in France, Belgium and Italy – the first vehicle transit company in Ivory Coast. Since then, she has experienced breakthrough in every area of her life.

She further stated that she had found out about The SCOAN through Marie France Monnet, a lady who claimed to be T.B. Joshua’s representative in Ivory Coast. To express her appreciation to God and to support the worthy cause of Emmanuel TV, she decided to become a partner of the ministry. She gave a total sum of 45 million CFA to Marie France Monnet to present to The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV for tithe and partnership payments. This is equivalent to 100,000 US Dollars.

To her utmost shock, when she came to The SCOAN herself, she discovered that the money had never reached the SCOAN and that she had fallen into the hands of a fraudster. She was very disappointed that the money was not given to The SCOAN.
The same woman, Marie France Monnet told her that the man of God had given her a prophecy that she should give more money or else something bad would happen to her in 2014.

She warned everyone especially those in Ivory Coast to be careful not to be duped by the fraudster, Marie France. The fraudster had even claimed that she was going to bring a wise man to Ivory Coast. She declared that there is no Emmanuel TV Office in Ivory Coast. Viewers all over the world, be careful of those who are interested only in their personal gain!


Christianity is not a religion; it is all about a relationship with Jesus Christ. In our relationship with Jesus Christ, there are both good and hard times alike. That is why no matter what happens, Christians must always stay in faith in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ because a break in faith is a break in Christ Jesus. Faith cannot take a day off. Live a life of faith.
Mountain climbing is a picture of the life of faith. Throughout our lives, we are to continue moving upward. Faith grows stronger as we climb higher; learning more about God, growing in our relationship with Him, becoming stronger in our battle with temptation. Therefore, in your daily battle, stay in faith. Faith is the transformative power of the universe; power of change – a change from hardship to breakthrough, a change from poverty to prosperity, a change from sickness to good health, a change from who you are now to the real you. Don’t take a day off.
Luke 22:32 – Your faith shall not fail; let it be according to your faith, in Jesus’ name.


It is the will of God to answer prayer and God accepts the prayer of faith but does not always answer it to the letter. So, as you are praying for a solution to your problem, remember that asking God for a specific thing will amount to limiting God to a specific answer. Do not let your situation dictate the direction of your prayer. Pray as Jesus prayed in Luke 22:41-43, ‘Father, not My will but Your will be done’.“Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives, and his disciples followed him. On reaching the place, he said to them, ‘Pray that you will not fall into temptation.’ He withdrew about a stone’s throw beyond them, knelt down and prayed, ‘Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.’ An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him” (Luke 22:39-43).

Jesus Christ purchased our deliverance, healing and blessing at the price of great suffering. Look to the Cross by faith – faith in the finished works of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. In mercy, He call us and healed us. In mercy, He called us and delivered us. In mercy, He called us and blessed us. And most important of all, in mercy, He called us and saved us. In mercy, you are not excluded. Don’t limit God but let His will be done in your life. He knows the best and will always work out the best.

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In your challenges in life, faith is there for you. When you are sick, facing a financial crisis, marital problem or other hardship, faith is there for you. Every person is given a measure of faith. Faith is the Heavenly currency. You need faith to act with God. Faith is like a Heavenly coin. If you want to buy food on this earth, you need money to buy it. But for things celestial, things in Heaven like healing, deliverance and salvation, you cannot get them in the market with money like things you need on earth. Those things in Heaven, we use faith to purchase them.
How much money you have will determine how much goods you will buy. How much faith you have determines how much blessing you will receive. The amount of faith you have will determine how much blessing you will be able to accommodate. Faith releases healing, deliverance, blessing anointing. So, to receive these Heavenly things, you need faith. If you are without faith, you cannot purchase anything. Faith is Heavenly currency that we use to purchase Heavenly things. In your challenges in life, use your faith to put a demand because healing, deliverance, blessing anointing is available. I pray your faith will not fail.
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TB Joshua HIV Compilation Video Testimonies

Divine healing is the supernatural power of God bringing health to the human flesh. Thousands who come oppressed with sickness and disease receive their healing at The SCOAN as the very life of God changes their situations and moves their impossible mountains. Truly, there is never a sickness Jesus cannot heal.

Even when Jesus healed the ten men in Luke 17:11-19, only one of them came back to thank Him. As it was so it is, God has healed thousands with HIV all over the world, but is only few come back to thanks God and to give their testimony.

Below is the playlist of those that came back to the SCOAN to give their testimony.


Pastor Daniel Dogbe from Ghana was addicted to masturbation for 25 years. This problem had affected his business, marriage, ministry and pastor-daniel-dogbeeverything about him. As a minister of God, he had tried on his own to pray against it, but it just was not working. One day, a police officer introduced him to Emmanuel TV and advised him to always touch the screen of Emmanuel TV for prayer. He did and instantly, something came out of him and that was the end of the 25 years of battle with masturbation and lust that had wrecked his life. Since then, his life, business and everything about him has changed to the glory of God. He is now being invited to many countries to preach the gospel. It has been about a year after his deliverance through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. He has not had the urge to masturbate anymore. He advised other pastors who are fighting urges of the flesh not to be deceived by the devil with pride, but to look for other anointed men of God who can set them free. “Many pastors are ashamed to come here and this is what is responsible for their limitation. I am calling all of you to come here and receive your deliverance,” he said, joyfully praising the Lord!

What God Showed TB Joshua shocking 2014

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

Dear Editor,

Renowned Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has declared 2014 as a year of ‘crossing the bridge’, prophesying it to be a year of destiny where corruption would be corrected in Nigeria as corrupt leaders would go down.

It was an electric atmosphere in The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) where large crowds thronged to usher in the New Year 2014. T.B. Joshua came out around 11pm to deliver his much anticipated prophetic message in a broadcast beamed live via the churches popular television station Emmanuel TV.

He first counseled believers to stay steadfast in faith despite the challenges that would arise in the coming year. “We are tempted so that we may pray the more. Afflictions are meant for our spiritual benefit,” he encouraged the congregants and television viewers.

Moving on, he spoke about what was to be expected in the New Year, attendees listening with rapt attention and scribbling notes as he spoke. “This New Year 2014 is not like any other year in the past. It is a year of crossing bridge. To cross the bridge, you need to grab onto faith,” he began. “This is not going to be easy for the mighty. Many of the mighty will fall. Pray for them. The rich, famous and popular people – many will fall this 2014 because crossing the bridge is not going to be easy; they need God. Many of them believe it is their own making to be great in their own area of expertise.”

He went on to decry the effect this ‘fall’ would have on the business world as, according to him, “98% of businesses and companies are owned by these people.” Specifying a field of business that would especially be affected, he said the airline industry would face multiple challenges, leading to an unprecedented rise in ticket prices, particularly noting that African airlines would be most affected. Joshua further declared 2014 to be a year of destiny for those would ‘follow the ways of the Lord’. “Many people that are not known will be rise by destiny,” he prophesied.

Talking about the current Nigerian political situation, Joshua said, “There will be a leadership tussle on who will lead and who will be presidential candidate in APC which will affect them as a political party. They should be vigilant. Many are with them in flesh but not with them in spirit.” Talking about the current crisis Nigeria’s ruling party PDP are embroiled in, the prophet stated that they would ‘pay any price to unite’ but that the issue of who would be the presidential candidate would cause challenges.

“Many of the key leaders in political parties will go down in 2014,” Joshua then announced to the somber audience. “If many key leaders go down with 2014, what will now happen in 2015? Pray for 2015 to be fulfilled. The beginner is not the owner but the finisher.”

He then stated to thunderous applause that 2014 would see a positive improvement for the nation in the area of corruption. “What will happen in 2014 will result in the correction of the corruption in Nigeria because many corrupt leaders will go down in 2014.”

Joshua then prayed for the congregants who all lit candles to symbolize the dawn of the New Year. “God has promised that 2014 is the year of destiny. Your destiny cannot be changed. This New Year, your destiny cannot be tampered with. I command your dream to come true, your dream to come to fulfillment, in Jesus’ name.”

Ihechukwu Njoku – freelance Nigerian journalist based in London, UK


2014 is the Year of CROSSING BRIDGE Prophet TB Joshua Unveils PROPHECY VIDEO

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

In his brief sermon, TB Joshua said 2014 “is a very sensitive and delicate year. It is the year that belongs to who truly live by their destiny. Many leaders will be overtaken by those they have been trying to oppress.”

“2014 is the year of bridge, the mighty will fall, big people who robbed you will have no chance, big nations will be small and small nations will become big, bridge means a place where many people will collapse.”


We are celebrating today because focus was not broken. In other words, we are here because Jesus kept His eyes on His goal. He kept His purpose in the forefront of His mind. Even as a young child, Jesus knew who He was and what He was all about.
Luke 2:49, “ ‘Why were you searching for me?’ He asked. ‘Didn’t you know I had to be in My Father’s house?’ ”
His God-given purpose was what He was born for, lived for and died for. That is why Jesus was able to say as He hung on the Cross, ‘It is finished’.
Are you focusing on your goal? If you decide on your direction, God will give you the energy for the distance but you have to be focused on your goal. Your focus is your personal decision.
Why do many people start off so well but soon derail? Broken focus is the main reason men fail. Make sure to include God in decision making if you don’t want to end up in failure by following the instruction given to Joshua, “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful” (Joshua 1:8).
tb j