Mrs Obla Victoria Ojeka, a Nigerian diplomat working in Botswana told of how the devil had toyed with her life by giving her addiction to alcohol until God freed her from satan’s clutches. Mrs Ojeka’s traced her drinking habit to growing up in a household where drinking alcohol is regarded as normal. As she grew up and went to university, she began drinking every day.

“I would sip even while the lecturer was in class,” she said.MRS VICTORIA When she graduated and started earning a living, she said she had to drink in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening every day for 35 years. If anyone challenged her, she would tell them, “It’s my money!” She would carry garlic and mints to cover the smell of alcohol. Even her children were embarrassed because people would tease them about their mother’s drinking habits. During meetings, she would write down what she wanted to say for others to say it so that people would not smell the alcohol on her breath. Her drinking had become a burden and she wanted to stop.“I tried to fast for four days but on the final day, I would break with alcohol,” she said. She came to The SCOAN albeit for a different reason. When she got home, one night, she had a strange dream in which people were pouring drinks into her cup. When she woke up, the 54 year-old became annoyed with her situation and tuned in to Emmanuel TV. She placed her hand on the screen and prayed with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua for God to set her free from the addiction after which she vomited. The next morning she was called to an emergency meeting and forgot to take her ‘morning wine’. Till the end of the day, she did not take a sip of alcohol and for a whole week, she did not drink any alcohol. She opened a bottle of wine in her house but could not stand the smell. “I threw it away. And for the first time I discovered that my kitchen stunk like a beer”.  Nine months on, she is alcohol free from an addiction of 35 years. There are really no better words to sum this wonderful testimony but to say: Thank You, Jesus!




  1. Chris Odamtten

    I am happy for you. I know how it feels like to live with an alcoholic because my wife is one. she has been in this condition for over 30years and nothing I do including sprinkling anointing water and touching the screen on Emmanuel tv. don’t know what to do now because she is dying slowly and has been sacked several times from her job as a headmistress. please help me



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