South Sudan President sends to TB Joshua to pray for peace

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Like in a carnival, with thousands of people singing and dancing, and hundreds of flags from different countries flying across the fully packed auditorium, the President of Malawi, Joyce Banda and husband, on Sunday worshipped at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, in Ikotun area of Lagos, western Nigeria.

Going by her strong and long applause, Banda seemed to have been well entertained by a professional South African opera singer, Kimmy Skota, who rendered a moving song (Pie Jesu – Merciful Jesus) after telling the crowd that she was recently delivered by the Synagogue church in London.

Onazi Ogenyi, a professional soccer star with Lazio Football Club in Italy also entertained the huge and multi-racial worshippers with his keyboard. The dancing and singing were relayed live on Emmanuel Television and beamed on over 50 screens in the expensively built church.

Malawi’s first couple was formally welcomed into the church by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the founder of SCOAN. TB Joshua also announced the presence of a delegation from President Salva Kiir of crisis-ridden South Sudan, who to receive prayers for peace. The Malawi first couple arrived the church as early as 8.30 a.m. with their entourage of about ten persons, but it was not until 12.34 p.m. that T.B. Joshua made his first appearance in the church and promptly introduced the president and her husband. By that time, Banda had taken her first break at 11.43 a.m., having waited for over three hours.

President Salva Kiir
President Salva Kiir

While her husband appeared very fit and remained standing, even dancing during hours of praise and worship songs, Banda stood up and sat down several times and remained seated much of the time.

But the carnival like church service turned grim when T.B. Joshua began unveiling his prophecies for the year 2014. The man in the Synagogue, as T.B. Joshua is known said 2014 will be a hard year with many African banks and airlines closing shop. He said there will not be enough money to sustain many banks and many planes will get damaged and there will not be enough money to buy new ones. “There will be more demand than supply,” he said. He said the year 2014 will be like a bridge where many will fall off and some will cross it with ease.

He said it will be a very difficult year for the wicked but those who do good and serve Jesus will be fulfilled. “There will be a lot of challenges for the mighty and powerful next year,” he said, adding that “2014 is a year of bridge. It’s a year of destiny”. He said those involved in farming will have a great year even though money will be scarce and hardship will expand. By the time he was done with ministering to attend to about 3000 people who came for healing and miracles, Banda and her entourage took their second break 2.18 p.m.

For the next three hours, T.B. Joshua was performing healing and miracles on thousands of people on the prayer line. At 6.20pm, Banda returned to the auditorium, with two bodyguards. Banda and husband arrived Nigeria two days ago for prayers in the church of a man she describes as her “spiritual godfather”. The Malawi first couple will return home Monday.

Simon Ateba/Lagos


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Dr & Mrs Towindo Tichaona, a Finance Director from Mozambique came to The SCOAN to testify to the goodness of God in their lives. For the          past three years, he had been struggling in pursuing his doctoral degree. Two weeks before his graduation, he received a call from the director of the university where he was that one of the subjects must be re-done and as a result of that, he would not be able to graduate as scheduled before. Her wife visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker which he calls as ‘TBJ machine gun’. He prayed that God should help him to correct each mistake in his thesis and he placed the Anointing Sticker on his thesis, he also ministered the Anointing Water to each page of his thesis and to the glory of God, his thesis was instantly approved. Out of the 30 people who started the doctoral studies, 27 dropped and only three remained; he is one of the three people who was graduated and the graduation was not postponed. On his graduation day, the president of Zimbabwe handed over his documents. Two weeks ago, Dr Tichaona was also promoted with a salary twice as much as before.

His wife also testified that during her visit to The SCOAN, her prayer point was that God should open the door of breakthrough for his family. When she went back to Mozambique, she was scheduled for a job interview but instead of being interviewed, she was the one asking questions throughout the interview. She was then granted a job as an auditor. Indeed, Jesus can make a way, even when there seems to be no way.

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Mrs Florence Ucheanya was brought up accustomed to supernatural experiences. At a tender age, a ‘mermaid’ appeared to her physically, stating that it was her mother. When Florence questioned her biological mother, she said that when she was about to give birth to her, some strange beings came to her in the dream to attest that the baby in her womb belonged to them. Growing up, Florence began to receive instructions from these demonic forces who would appear to her physically on a regular basis, especially when close to a river. Upon reaching university, she decided to become a Christian and began preaching to young children. However, the deep spiritual entanglements were still very much intact and her involvement in the dark marine world seemed only to intensify. She would nightly attend spiritual meetings in the ‘red sea’ where devilish assignments were dished out, all for the purpose of destruction. After refusing to carry out their intentions, her disobedience backfired in the form of terrible afflictions. Eventually getting married, despite severe warnings from the dark entities that possessed her, a spiritualist she went to said the only solution was to be buried alive in a grave. Desperate and pushed to her limits, she acceded and was taken to a graveyard. As the sand was slowly heaped upon her body, Mrs Ucheanya found herself spiritually transported into the ocean in the midst of demons. They said she would return to earth on the condition that love was not a word permitted in her dictionary, she would never have a child and would leave the earth aged 30.

Florence said that her marriage had been characterized by extreme turmoil and distress. Peace was both elusive and evasive. A giant man would      sleep with her on a nightly basis, causing constant fights between her and her husband, to the extent that she even kicked her husband in his male organ so that they would not be able to meet as husband and wife. The nightmare continued as a voice began instructing her to masturbate and then to steal. Anytime she went to public places, a nauseating urge would overpower her to take items, only regaining her senses after concluding the dastardly act. It came to the stage where suicide seemed the best option as life appeared more hellish to her than hell itself.

It was at the lowest ebb of her existence that hope came in an extraordinary form. Her spiritual husband appeared to her physically to say that death was nigh as he was assigned to kill her that night. At this moment, her husband brought forth the Anointing Water he had received at The SCOAN and ministered it in the atmosphere, knowing that an intense spiritual combat was ensuing. Suddenly, Mrs Ucheanya saw Prophet T.B. Joshua appear in the room, stretching forth his hand towards her violent spiritual husband who was attempting to annihilate her. At that moment, she saw fire descend and consume the demonic being! At that moment, the family decided they must visit The SCOAN for total deliverance. The kingdom of darkness however had a sinister plan. The marine forces visited her to say that she was being sent to The SCOAN to fight and destroy Prophet T.B. Joshua.

At The SCOAN Prayer Line, a mighty spiritual battle was being waged. As Prophet T.B. Joshua approached her, anger welled within Florence and she attempted to attack. However, her effort to move towards the prophet was thwarted by a blinding light that erupted from where he was standing. At this point, Florence saw Heavenly angels surround The SCOAN environment, alongside a tall man in brilliant light whose name was written on his chest, ‘Son of David – Jesus Christ’. Light conquered darkness and Florence saw the demons that had manipulated and messed up her entire life leaving her body! Ever since her deliverance, Mrs Ucheanya said that she can say for the first time that she loves her husband. She no longer hears voices instructing her toward devilish vices nor is her sleep interrupted by hellish encounters. When she did see the marine forces appear to her in the dream to threaten that they would deal with her for exposing them, she subsequently saw Prophet T.B. Joshua appear to tell them to leave as she now was a daughter of Christ!

Mr Ucheanya, a professional football referee and lecturer, testified that his wife is a completely changed person after her deliverance. He exhorted people to know the value of the blessing God had given to this generation in the form of Prophet T.B. Joshua, stating that he knows the setbacks in his professional career are now a thing of the past since the forces behind his stagnancy have now been eradicated. He advised couples encountering marital challenges to not separate when such spiritual entanglements manifest but rather seek deliverance from Jesus Christ.