Mrs Alice Lesole’s Promotion Testimony

Mrs Alice Lesole from South Africa had been looking for a promotion as a police officer. Since 2011, she had not been given a promotion. Each time she would request for a promotion, they would tell her ‘next time.’ Her daughter gave her the Anointing Water that she had received from a friend Captureshe prayed and ministered it believing for a breakthrough. When it was time for her promotion, she would place her credentials on the screen of Emmanuel TV and pray. She was then called for an interview. Right before the interview, she ministered the Anointing Water and went inside. After the interview, she received a promotion and not just any promotion, she was promoted four ranks at once, to Lieutenant Police Officer. Another testimony she shared was that she had ceased menstruation for many years. The doctors even wanted to operate and remove her womb. She ministered the Anointing Water and her menstruation returned miraculously.

One thought on “Mrs Alice Lesole’s Promotion Testimony

  1. FAITH- That is the key word,this is one in a million testimonies that are associated with SCOAN/TB JOSHUA.The anointing water healing miracles has shown itself in hospitals,homes, intensive wards of hospitals, near miss severe accidents etc.I salute the courage of Alice Lesole who flew into Nigeria from SOUTH /A to give her testimony.Many- particularly amongst nigerians colect the water get their various blessing and choose to render the testimony in other churches, the irony of this however is some of these churches fall under churches that still castigate members that go to SCOAN. Strange world !!!!!


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