Chris Okotie – Hatred, Criticism and Condemnation Pastor

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |



  Pastor T. B. Joshua Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Pastor Chris Okotie
Personality & Life style Simple & humble Moderate & humble Lousy, reckless & flamboyant
Doctrine Pentecostal Pentecostal Pentecostal
Teaching & Preaching Gospel, Salvation of soul, divine spiritual healing of the afflicted by the annointing power of the Holy Spirit. Gospel, Salvation of soul, divine spiritual healing of the afflicted by the annointing power of the Holy Spirit. Hatred, Criticism and Condemnation
Morality Upright Upright Moraly bankrupt & Adulterer
Background Poor family & Teacher Average family & Clergy home Funky Musician
Organisational Practice Charity Charity Materialism
Uprightness Disciplined Disciplined Arrogant & worldly
Family Blissful marriage & good family Blissful marriage & good family Broken home, desertion by wife because of Adulterous life
Divine & Spiritual annointing Deepest annointing by the Holy Spirit Deeper annointing by the Holy Spirit Questionable and unknown
Individual Future Plans More annointing More annointing to become politician & State Governor

14 thoughts on “Chris Okotie – Hatred, Criticism and Condemnation Pastor

  1. I don’t huv anything to say but to tell okotie that GOD says that shall not judge, am telling u this b/cos a pastor that married & remarried has to go back & read the HOLY BOOK very well I don’t say glance at it but read it so that it will be u that pass through it & not the HOLY BOOK that will pass you by. my man of GOD PROPHET TB JOSHUA, read it, eat it & pass through it & that is why every words that comes out him taste HONEY & NATURAL PURE WATER. AM a MUSILIM but his work & his wordings always sleep & relax in my HEART… EMMANUEL

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  2. First of all I have correction , Man of God Prophet TB Joshua is not a Pastor he is a Prophet of God, so you have to correct it please please…. secondly the pastor who is against of Man of God P.TB Joshua , please you don’t have other thing to do if not preaching of the Gospel please do some thing instead watching the SCOAN and get mad. And God said in the book of Rev.22 no 11,12,13 ” He who is unjust let him be unjust still {, I am afraid of this word Pastor } he who is filthy let him be filthy still, he who is righteous let him be righteous still, he who is holy let him be holy still. And behold I am coming quickly and My reward is with me according to his work I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End the First and the Last says God almighty. So Pastor what is your problem God is not asking you to evaluate his servant please read the above word in our Bible and find out who you are according to the word of God. Thank you God bless you





  3. I can strongly agreed with the Religious monitor.Fake pastor Okotie has always lost it all in all areas of his life.
    He can only make it in life if he repents and do his work to the cause of Jesus Christ the Master not to the cause of seeking money to feed his flesh desires.


  4. hello, I believe and understand that TBJoshua is a man of God.Here is my story I once used the anointing water after getting it from one Christian who got it from scoan, but it never worked any miracle whatsoever.was it because it was meant for that person or maybe is there something wrong with me,.my problem is that I fully believe in what the Prophet is doing to be truly from God for no one can do such things without Gods favour, but I never received anything out of what I believe in and it is about a year now.while it work for other immediately
    yours in Jesus Christ


    1. Hello Asie,It will work if you keep faith by waiting upon the Lord.God time is the best.
      I can tell you this from my experience.Faith pleases God than anything else.
      What is important is not what we get from God but what God sees in us when we keep faith in Him in time things are not the way we wish.
      Meanwhile,keep reading the Word of God and build a strong relationship with Jesus in prayers and wait your answer upon Him.
      Sometimes God want us to be closer to Him hence He has to let us to seek Him through our needs.God bless you.

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    2. Remember bro that you activate your faith before you minister the anointing water. It’ s your faith sets you free. Without faith it’s only water. But with faith the anointing flow from Holy Spirit like a fire to fix your problem. So it was for me. If you don’t receive your miracle check that you are right with Jesus who heals and set you free. Please bro don’t complain just have faith.


  5. Perfect comparative analysis on 3 men that took a hard decision to serve GOD,the result many years after speaks volumes, indeed time and time alone will tell.


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