Does SCOAN Pointless Anointing Water Work?


Mr Nkosi from South Africa came to The SCOAN in 2011. He was joblessness and struggling with life. His life was very terrible; he could not afford to pay rent. When he came to The SCOAN, he received a prophecy from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and had the opportunity to receive the Anointing Water. Few months later he saw an advert in the news paper for a manager position. He applied and was invited for an interview. Before his interview he ministered Anointing Water and the interview went on as a discussion. After he went home he a dream where the man of God, showed him a place that he wanted him to manage. After the dream he received a call from the general manager asking him when he could start the job, being unemployed for so long he replied, “Tomorrow”. Mr Nkosi now has a big 3 bedroom house, with many benefits from his work place. To God be the glory! God has given him a breakthrough that made him to forget the pain and the affliction of his past.


Mr Sibusiso Kunene was living in the United States without immigration documents. For long he was living in fear because he had no documents to prove his residency. He was browsing on the internet and found out about the Anointing Water meeting in the USA where he was prayed for. After that he went back to the lawyer to apply for his green card. He was invited for interviews and to his surprise the interview that usually takes hours only took 5 minutes. They even filed his papers right in front of him, which is something that they don’t usually do. Two weeks later he received his green card and all the necessary documents to become a permanent residence in the United States. Hallelujah! When he shares his testimony with others they are astonished at how fast he received his documents.


Mrs Patience explained how she had dropped her children at school on her way to the village to visit her father. Shortly after dropping them off, she received a phone call from the school saying that she should rush back to see her son as he had swallowed a coin and could hardly breathe. They rushed him to the hospital and the doctor said that the coin was stuck in thethroat of her son and therefore he could not breathe. The doctors wanted to use a medical machine to force the coin out of his throat. When they took another x-ray, the coin had descended from his throat to his chest. The doctor said that they should give it a few days and see whether her son would defecate out the coin.

After a few days, the coin did not come out as they hoped it would and she took her son back to the doctor to take another x-ray. To her horror, the coin had moved into her abdomen and was stuck. The doctors said that they had to operate the boy because the coin was stuck and would not move anymore. She refused the operation believing that God would work a miracle in her son’s life. They watched Emmanuel TV and when Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers, she instructed her son to place his tummy on the screen of the television and pray along with the man of God.

Immediately after the prayer, her son complained that there was an unusual movement in his stomach and within no time, he needed to go to the toilet and had the sensation to defecate. To their surprise, her son defecated out the coin that he had swallowed and required an operation to remove. They showed his x-rays of how the coin was stuck in his system as well as the same coin that was defecated. Glory be to God!


Mr Izuchukwu testified how one of his trucks filled with goods to the value of 47 million naira had been stolen. He also lost contact with the driver and was panic stricken as the goods were being transported to a client. He remembered that he had the Anointing Water and prayed and ministered it, in Jesus’ name. That night when he went to sleep, he had a dream in which he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua telling him that he should not worry and that he would testify. When he woke up, he saw that he had five missed calls on his phone and when he returned the call, it was from the authorities who told him that they had found his vehicle and the goods in a bush. When he went to inspect his truck in the bush where they had found it, he saw that the thieves had changed the colour of the container from blue to white in an attempt to ensure that the stolen container was not recognized but regardless of this his truck and the container was found. Glory be to Jesus Christ!


Mr Gnekpie Julien had a problem of smoking for 30 years. This affected his health which made him weak and skinny. He tried for so long to quit smoking but he just couldn’t. During the birthday of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, he prayed along with him on the Emmanuel TV. Two days later, his addiction to smoking was completely gone and he has maintained his deliverance for more than a year. He advised the world to seek the face of God because only Jesus Christ can set you free.


Mrs De Goeiji came all the way from Holland to The SCOAN with the problem of severe loss of hearing. She could not hear anything without the use of hearing aids. She was placed at the prayer line where Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in the power of the Holy Spirit and instantly, she could hear everything loud and clear without using her hearing aids. Mrs De Goeiji testified with her brother live in today’s service of her miraculous healing last Sunday and how she can now even hear people’s footsteps. She told the congregation, “If Jesus can do this for me, He can do it for you”.


Mr Nicodemus Obuya, a Kenyan living in the United States for 19 years, was having many problems in his life. He was facing the reality of having to file for bankruptcy and was in danger of losing his home and everything he owned. Things were so bad, that he even began blaming his wife. He was browsing on the internet one day and saw some videos on YouTube where Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for people and his hope was rekindled.

One night, he had a dream and saw that The SCOAN was a big pool where many filthy people came to be cleansed in the water of the pool. He also saw himself being cleansed by the water in the pool. He decided to leave everything in the United States and travel to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.

He received the Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker and returned to the United States. He prayed and ministered the Anointing Water all over his documents and stuck the Anointing Sticker on the main entrance of his house, in the name of Jesus Christ. His life completely changed, his business took off and the threat of bankruptcy became a thing of the past.

He also testified of how his wife had a hole in her heart and had to be rushed to the hospital many times without a lasting solution. Together, they prayed and ministered the Anointing Water on her, in Jesus’ name and within a short period of time, she gained her strength and her heart problem was cured. Mr Nicodemus testified how they are now so blessed that they have started a ministry to take care of the widows and orphans in Kenya to appreciate what God has done for them. Thank You, Jesus Christ