Things Falls Apart- SCOAN & TB Joshua Responses!

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Scholar November 26, 2013 at 3:37 pm Reply

The evidence is clear as God is showing HIMSELF Mightily in Scoan through our Major Prophet of the hour …TB Joshua. Let us look at it this way, the message of Salvation is very simply, yet people argue, criticize etc. One thing is sure, they cannot stop God for He is not a respecter of peoples ignorance. They did it to JESUS; yet in their very eyes, He accomplished all that the Father purposed for Him and said that EVEN GREATER THING we will do because HE LIVES. We Love you Prophet, the Wise Men and All who serve tirelessly under this Great Anointing. Emmanuel..

Florence November 26, 2013 at 5:54 pm Reply

These TB Joshua watch must look for something to say against the man of God. Now it has become a case because a person who was overwhelmed by the touch of God in her life has referred to man of God as the messiah. That does not mean the man of God acknowledged it or those that interview them. I have watched the Emmanuel TV and seen where the interviewers often correct the statements made by some when giving testimonies. I have watched Emmanuel TV for so long now that there’s nothing that is televised that I have not watched. The man of God has never mentioned he is messiah. God is watching you and He wants you to repent before it is too late. Prophet TB Joshua is the most humble man of God I know. His distracters cannot do what he does and if they could do what he is doing to this extent, they would have grown wings. The happenings in Emmanuel TV is watched all over the world, so there’s no way you can lie that viewers all over the world don’t know. We know all your tactics, and you’ll never win. You are losers any time any day.

Florence November 27, 2013 at 12:00 pm Reply

The culprits behind tbj watch what are going to teach your children if God gives you one? To speak against men of God as a hobby? Tracy Tina Kate, you women who are supposed to be humble and responsible, but you joined bad groups that are dragging you away from the will of God for your lives. Repent and change your ways before it is late. Iran, Jessie Giles and Eddie Amartey aka terrific, stop spreading rumours about the prophet of God!!! Why do you create a river from a pond? You watch Emmanuel TV because you want to criticize. Stop that attitude and let peace reign in your lives. Right now I bet you don’t have peace. Satan only gives us pain. Leave your evil ways and embrace Jesus Christ

Wow please do you have their photos, and are your sure they are the one? If so please send their photos for publication. Thanks

Good to see you still have no idea who we are…..

I may not know who you are but GOD does and he will expose you all soon.@ Florence knows who you are.

childofGod November 29, 2013 at 5:10 pm

I think Florence was referring to these Scoan hijackers that are already exposed
Even if Scoan still have many detractors, soon or later God will reveal and expose who there! Tbjoshuawatch sets ,your days are numbered!

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8 thoughts on “Things Falls Apart- SCOAN & TB Joshua Responses!

  1. Pastor Nkofela Simwanza - Zambia

    Prophet TB Joshua is a humble man who never responds to his ditractors. He knows what God has sent him to do, and he does just that please leave the Prophet from these games you are playing lest God punishes you


    1. childofGod

      Very true,the great wise servant of God TB Joshua does not respond to his detractors because He knows himself who called him to do His work.
      Prophet TB Joshua has much time to spend seeking the face of God than wasting his precious time with the no sense from the likes of tbjoshuawatch sect who are jobless.Shame on them!


  2. abeba hawaz

    P.TB Joshua is the most humble prophet I know, he knows he is appointed by God through the holy sprit how come he said he is Messiah you know how P.TB Joshua is very humble prophet, when the 16 year old Malawi king came to SCOAN he is like his son but he is a king he was the one taking him to his set he can ask his workers to take him to his set but you know because he is humble he was the one taking to his set P.TB Joshua knows the order if he respect the world king ( 16 years old boy )how much he can respect his master instead comparing him self Messiah. please don’t disturb him he is the Man of God of all season God Bless you amen.


  3. Alice Kalaba

    TB Joshual is a Man of God. if you find it hard to believe him please, do yourself a favour and stay away because he doest force any one to be his follower .Its annoying and painful to talk about someone like that


  4. alfredwillie

    Yes, o yes men of god.
    Take for example, how many prophets, pastors, revs and archs who are persecuted like this god minister ?
    But what I like, is that the bible did notified us before hand, and my problem they cannot draw the different between the false prophet although the bible did showed us the signs that we will see them with, but they are reading it daily but they don’t understand it .
    May be it is beacuse it has to come pass. It must happen as propheted by god himself in jesus christ flesh and blood.
    Thank you god to be with us.


  5. Patience Ntombela

    TB JOSHUA is aprophet appointed by God for this generation ,He has never exhalted himself ,even the interviewers on testimonies given in church always corrects people to acknowledge Him as such not the Messiah ,We just have to acknowldge that His relationship with God has gone deeper ,the measure in Him is deeper as He always say for one to love people one must first love God and the love will flow to people,LET LOVE LEAD NOT CRITICISM



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