Mrs Obla Victoria Ojeka, a Nigerian diplomat working in Botswana told of how the devil had toyed with her life by giving her addiction to alcohol until God freed her from satan’s clutches. Mrs Ojeka’s traced her drinking habit to growing up in a household where drinking alcohol is regarded as normal. As she grew up and went to university, she began drinking every day.

“I would sip even while the lecturer was in class,” she said.MRS VICTORIA When she graduated and started earning a living, she said she had to drink in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening every day for 35 years. If anyone challenged her, she would tell them, “It’s my money!” She would carry garlic and mints to cover the smell of alcohol. Even her children were embarrassed because people would tease them about their mother’s drinking habits. During meetings, she would write down what she wanted to say for others to say it so that people would not smell the alcohol on her breath. Her drinking had become a burden and she wanted to stop.“I tried to fast for four days but on the final day, I would break with alcohol,” she said. She came to The SCOAN albeit for a different reason. When she got home, one night, she had a strange dream in which people were pouring drinks into her cup. When she woke up, the 54 year-old became annoyed with her situation and tuned in to Emmanuel TV. She placed her hand on the screen and prayed with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua for God to set her free from the addiction after which she vomited. The next morning she was called to an emergency meeting and forgot to take her ‘morning wine’. Till the end of the day, she did not take a sip of alcohol and for a whole week, she did not drink any alcohol. She opened a bottle of wine in her house but could not stand the smell. “I threw it away. And for the first time I discovered that my kitchen stunk like a beer”.  Nine months on, she is alcohol free from an addiction of 35 years. There are really no better words to sum this wonderful testimony but to say: Thank You, Jesus!



When we are tired and sick of our worldly business and frustrated in our worldly affairs, we are welcome to Christ. Jesus Christ is a democrat; He does not impose Himself or His will on anyone. He allows us to exhaust whatever worldly advantages we feel we have so that when we have learnt our lessons, we would value Him. The case of Peter is a good example. That he had laboured and toiled without anything to show for his many years of self-determination, self-confidence, human diligence and professional experience was evident in the way he sat frustrated at the seaside after the fruitless night of fishing. From Peter’s complaints, we could feel the level of bitterness and pain in his heart, even as he confesses his helpless and hopeless state, saying, “Master, we have toiled all the night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net” (Luke 5:5).


Here, Peter had demonstrated that, in spite of all the odds, there was still need to maintain self-control and submit to the One whose will was superior. He simply said, ‘…if You say so, I will let down the net’. In other words, he was saying to Jesus, “Who am I that I should disobey Your instruction? I know that if I assume the character of a fisherman under any authority that does not proceed from You, I am bound to catch nothing. But if I labour by Your order and under Your direction, I am sure I cannot labour in vain. So, I will let down the net”. It was not by mere chance that Jesus chose Peter’s boat at the seaside; it was by providential arrangement. When God is executing His plans in our lives, He also designs and arranges events which continue to unfold until His purpose is revealed. Remember, our only duty is to obey God’s commands; His duty is to keep His promises, and these two duties never conflict. Obeying God at first seems hard, until we come to see that all He asks is for our good and makes life full and free. The way of obedience is the way of blessing.

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South Sudan President sends to TB Joshua to pray for peace

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Like in a carnival, with thousands of people singing and dancing, and hundreds of flags from different countries flying across the fully packed auditorium, the President of Malawi, Joyce Banda and husband, on Sunday worshipped at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, in Ikotun area of Lagos, western Nigeria.

Going by her strong and long applause, Banda seemed to have been well entertained by a professional South African opera singer, Kimmy Skota, who rendered a moving song (Pie Jesu – Merciful Jesus) after telling the crowd that she was recently delivered by the Synagogue church in London.

Onazi Ogenyi, a professional soccer star with Lazio Football Club in Italy also entertained the huge and multi-racial worshippers with his keyboard. The dancing and singing were relayed live on Emmanuel Television and beamed on over 50 screens in the expensively built church.

Malawi’s first couple was formally welcomed into the church by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the founder of SCOAN. TB Joshua also announced the presence of a delegation from President Salva Kiir of crisis-ridden South Sudan, who to receive prayers for peace. The Malawi first couple arrived the church as early as 8.30 a.m. with their entourage of about ten persons, but it was not until 12.34 p.m. that T.B. Joshua made his first appearance in the church and promptly introduced the president and her husband. By that time, Banda had taken her first break at 11.43 a.m., having waited for over three hours.

President Salva Kiir
President Salva Kiir

While her husband appeared very fit and remained standing, even dancing during hours of praise and worship songs, Banda stood up and sat down several times and remained seated much of the time.

But the carnival like church service turned grim when T.B. Joshua began unveiling his prophecies for the year 2014. The man in the Synagogue, as T.B. Joshua is known said 2014 will be a hard year with many African banks and airlines closing shop. He said there will not be enough money to sustain many banks and many planes will get damaged and there will not be enough money to buy new ones. “There will be more demand than supply,” he said. He said the year 2014 will be like a bridge where many will fall off and some will cross it with ease.

He said it will be a very difficult year for the wicked but those who do good and serve Jesus will be fulfilled. “There will be a lot of challenges for the mighty and powerful next year,” he said, adding that “2014 is a year of bridge. It’s a year of destiny”. He said those involved in farming will have a great year even though money will be scarce and hardship will expand. By the time he was done with ministering to attend to about 3000 people who came for healing and miracles, Banda and her entourage took their second break 2.18 p.m.

For the next three hours, T.B. Joshua was performing healing and miracles on thousands of people on the prayer line. At 6.20pm, Banda returned to the auditorium, with two bodyguards. Banda and husband arrived Nigeria two days ago for prayers in the church of a man she describes as her “spiritual godfather”. The Malawi first couple will return home Monday.

Simon Ateba/Lagos


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Dr & Mrs Towindo Tichaona, a Finance Director from Mozambique came to The SCOAN to testify to the goodness of God in their lives. For the          past three years, he had been struggling in pursuing his doctoral degree. Two weeks before his graduation, he received a call from the director of the university where he was that one of the subjects must be re-done and as a result of that, he would not be able to graduate as scheduled before. Her wife visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker which he calls as ‘TBJ machine gun’. He prayed that God should help him to correct each mistake in his thesis and he placed the Anointing Sticker on his thesis, he also ministered the Anointing Water to each page of his thesis and to the glory of God, his thesis was instantly approved. Out of the 30 people who started the doctoral studies, 27 dropped and only three remained; he is one of the three people who was graduated and the graduation was not postponed. On his graduation day, the president of Zimbabwe handed over his documents. Two weeks ago, Dr Tichaona was also promoted with a salary twice as much as before.

His wife also testified that during her visit to The SCOAN, her prayer point was that God should open the door of breakthrough for his family. When she went back to Mozambique, she was scheduled for a job interview but instead of being interviewed, she was the one asking questions throughout the interview. She was then granted a job as an auditor. Indeed, Jesus can make a way, even when there seems to be no way.

Log on to www.emmanuel.tv to listen to more faith building testimonies, broadcast live from The SCOAN, Lagos, Nigeria.


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Mrs Florence Ucheanya was brought up accustomed to supernatural experiences. At a tender age, a ‘mermaid’ appeared to her physically, stating that it was her mother. When Florence questioned her biological mother, she said that when she was about to give birth to her, some strange beings came to her in the dream to attest that the baby in her womb belonged to them. Growing up, Florence began to receive instructions from these demonic forces who would appear to her physically on a regular basis, especially when close to a river. Upon reaching university, she decided to become a Christian and began preaching to young children. However, the deep spiritual entanglements were still very much intact and her involvement in the dark marine world seemed only to intensify. She would nightly attend spiritual meetings in the ‘red sea’ where devilish assignments were dished out, all for the purpose of destruction. After refusing to carry out their intentions, her disobedience backfired in the form of terrible afflictions. Eventually getting married, despite severe warnings from the dark entities that possessed her, a spiritualist she went to said the only solution was to be buried alive in a grave. Desperate and pushed to her limits, she acceded and was taken to a graveyard. As the sand was slowly heaped upon her body, Mrs Ucheanya found herself spiritually transported into the ocean in the midst of demons. They said she would return to earth on the condition that love was not a word permitted in her dictionary, she would never have a child and would leave the earth aged 30.

Florence said that her marriage had been characterized by extreme turmoil and distress. Peace was both elusive and evasive. A giant man would      sleep with her on a nightly basis, causing constant fights between her and her husband, to the extent that she even kicked her husband in his male organ so that they would not be able to meet as husband and wife. The nightmare continued as a voice began instructing her to masturbate and then to steal. Anytime she went to public places, a nauseating urge would overpower her to take items, only regaining her senses after concluding the dastardly act. It came to the stage where suicide seemed the best option as life appeared more hellish to her than hell itself.

It was at the lowest ebb of her existence that hope came in an extraordinary form. Her spiritual husband appeared to her physically to say that death was nigh as he was assigned to kill her that night. At this moment, her husband brought forth the Anointing Water he had received at The SCOAN and ministered it in the atmosphere, knowing that an intense spiritual combat was ensuing. Suddenly, Mrs Ucheanya saw Prophet T.B. Joshua appear in the room, stretching forth his hand towards her violent spiritual husband who was attempting to annihilate her. At that moment, she saw fire descend and consume the demonic being! At that moment, the family decided they must visit The SCOAN for total deliverance. The kingdom of darkness however had a sinister plan. The marine forces visited her to say that she was being sent to The SCOAN to fight and destroy Prophet T.B. Joshua.

At The SCOAN Prayer Line, a mighty spiritual battle was being waged. As Prophet T.B. Joshua approached her, anger welled within Florence and she attempted to attack. However, her effort to move towards the prophet was thwarted by a blinding light that erupted from where he was standing. At this point, Florence saw Heavenly angels surround The SCOAN environment, alongside a tall man in brilliant light whose name was written on his chest, ‘Son of David – Jesus Christ’. Light conquered darkness and Florence saw the demons that had manipulated and messed up her entire life leaving her body! Ever since her deliverance, Mrs Ucheanya said that she can say for the first time that she loves her husband. She no longer hears voices instructing her toward devilish vices nor is her sleep interrupted by hellish encounters. When she did see the marine forces appear to her in the dream to threaten that they would deal with her for exposing them, she subsequently saw Prophet T.B. Joshua appear to tell them to leave as she now was a daughter of Christ!

Mr Ucheanya, a professional football referee and lecturer, testified that his wife is a completely changed person after her deliverance. He exhorted people to know the value of the blessing God had given to this generation in the form of Prophet T.B. Joshua, stating that he knows the setbacks in his professional career are now a thing of the past since the forces behind his stagnancy have now been eradicated. He advised couples encountering marital challenges to not separate when such spiritual entanglements manifest but rather seek deliverance from Jesus Christ.


As a Christian, the battle for survival is not a personal challenge but one against God. It is an opportunity to honour God before men. Upon our


own strength we cannot rely. It is only upon God’s strength that we can go forth and go on. Our natural strength is as perfect weakness. Our natural courage is as perfect cowardice. All our sufficiency is of God. When you read the Bible, you will notice that God always seemed to chose the weak to put to shame the strong; He choose the foolish to put to shame the wise.
In the book of 2 Corinthians 12:8-9, we read that God’s strength became perfect in Paul’s weakness. All Biblical characters if they did not make God their strength would have ended up living their lives unnoticed, uncelebrated and in obscurity. This explains why the young, rustic and seemingly inexperienced and tactless David could defeat Goliath, the giant, in battle. This explains why Moses, the son of a Hebrew slave could stand before Pharaoh and make known the will of God concerning his people.
After reading the book of Ephesians 2:8-9, makes us understand that no one is too good or too bad to qualify for God’s grace. If the weak come to God, He is ready to help them just as He is ready to help the strong.

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Mrs Alice Lesole’s Promotion Testimony

Mrs Alice Lesole from South Africa had been looking for a promotion as a police officer. Since 2011, she had not been given a promotion. Each time she would request for a promotion, they would tell her ‘next time.’ Her daughter gave her the Anointing Water that she had received from a friend Captureshe prayed and ministered it believing for a breakthrough. When it was time for her promotion, she would place her credentials on the screen of Emmanuel TV and pray. She was then called for an interview. Right before the interview, she ministered the Anointing Water and went inside. After the interview, she received a promotion and not just any promotion, she was promoted four ranks at once, to Lieutenant Police Officer. Another testimony she shared was that she had ceased menstruation for many years. The doctors even wanted to operate and remove her womb. She ministered the Anointing Water and her menstruation returned miraculously.


 Standing elegantly in their immaculate black suits worn over starched white shirts, the seven young men and one young woman had an air of importance about them. When they introduced themselves as barristers, no one had any reason to doubt their credentials. The eight had come to say, “Thank You, Lord”. They represented a group of 21 students from the Nigerian Law School who came to The SCOAN in August to seek the face of God over spiritual warfares they were helplessly battling with. They had all been experiencing setbacks in their studies and decided to meet the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. One of the graduates, Paul Negedu – now a fully accredited lawyer, explained that they had all been facing evil attacks and that one student at the university had collapsed one day and died. Many were falling sick from unexplainable illnesses. In his own case, he had nightmares and would hear a voice tell him he would not make it. “It was like all the demons from my village had been mobilised to attack me,” said the 28-year old.

They represented a group of 21 students from the Nigerian Law School who came to The SCOAN
They represented a group of 21 students from the Nigerian Law School who came to The SCOAN

When they came to The SCOAN, they had the opportunity to meet with the man of God who gave them the Anointing Water. They all ministered it, in Jesus’ name and all 21 students passed their examinations. Two weeks ago, they were called to the bar! To prove that God was now fighting their battles, Barrister Negedu said that one night before he wrote his exam, he saw one of the wise men rescue him from a lion. A day before his examination, he said, he was in serious pain the source he could not explain. He ministered the Anointing Water and went to sleep. That night in his dream, he saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua tell him that he was free. Barrister Okou Sunny, another of the graduates, testified that he is now an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, while barrister Erhiga Ibru testified that she has become the only graduate in her family of 11 children. “Believe in God; He will see you through,” she said.



“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:38-39).
Apostle Paul was able to make this bold declaration of faith because he was wired to God, the Creator of Heaven and earth in a unique way. When you are wired to God in a unique way, nothing can separate you from the love of God. Today, our trials can separate us from Jesus because we are not wired to Him. Today’s language is only heard with the ears but the language God uses in the Bible must be heard with our hearts. When you become wired to God, the Holy Spirit affects your words and you begin to speak the language God used in the Bible to create and save us, to heal and bless us, to judge and rule over us.
When you hear God’s Word in your heart, you begin to get God’s ideas, work with His projects, know His opinion about yourself and others and see life the way God sees it. Then, you will dream differently, think differently, have a sensitivity you never had before and enjoy the privilege of letting the Creator of Heaven and earth assist you in whatever you do. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour and get ready to be wired to God in a unique way. If you are wired to God in a unique way, there is no one and there shall never be anyone quite like you.

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“Chris Okotie” You Have 7 Days To Withdraw Your Hell Statement Against TB Joshua

Majority of today’s Pentecostal Church Pastors in Nigeria are Pastors of fortune seekers, morally bankrupt people, adulterers, mischievous, deceitful people as a result of which the Churches are personal estates and properties of the founder, general overseer and his immediate family. For example, Pastor Chris Okotie has been deserted by his wife who has alleged wide spread adultery with members of the congregation by Pastor Okotie. The wife is now filing for divorce. Similarly, Pastor Oritsajefor has divorced his first wife and now married to the wife of a member of the congregation. Such is the unholy practice of these Pastors. This situation has made it impossible for most of the new generation Nigerian Pentecostal Churches to receive true anointing. A few among them, such as; Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Living Faith (a.k.a Winners Chapel), Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, Deeper Life Ministries, Love world Assemblies (a.k.a Christ embassy) and few others can be said to meet the standard expected in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor T. B. Joshua has been found to be very upright and righteous and has received the true anointing of the Holy Spirit. The arrival of the true Holy Spirit anointed Pastor into the Nigerian Christian Ministries has been kicking Satan left and right, and the kingdom of Satan has been badly damaged.

The people fighting and accusing Pastor T. B. Joshua are in this category. They are the false and fortune seeker Pastors. Such as Chris Okotie and some of his fellow Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria members. They are not actually fighting Pastor T. B. Joshua, they are fighting the happenings of holy spiritual hearings at the Synagogue. They are fighting the miracles of God happening at the Synagogue. The hearings and miracles taken place at the Synagogue can only be by the anointing of the Holy Spirit of God. This has challenged the kingdom of Satan in Nigeria and has threatened their survival and existence. The fellow Pastors threatened are the one fighting to protect their interest and survival. Unfortunately, it is too late for them. 

By Bonney & Andrews Solicitors

Chris Okotie – Hatred, Criticism and Condemnation Pastor

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  Pastor T. B. Joshua Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Pastor Chris Okotie
Personality & Life style Simple & humble Moderate & humble Lousy, reckless & flamboyant
Doctrine Pentecostal Pentecostal Pentecostal
Teaching & Preaching Gospel, Salvation of soul, divine spiritual healing of the afflicted by the annointing power of the Holy Spirit. Gospel, Salvation of soul, divine spiritual healing of the afflicted by the annointing power of the Holy Spirit. Hatred, Criticism and Condemnation
Morality Upright Upright Moraly bankrupt & Adulterer
Background Poor family & Teacher Average family & Clergy home Funky Musician
Organisational Practice Charity Charity Materialism
Uprightness Disciplined Disciplined Arrogant & worldly
Family Blissful marriage & good family Blissful marriage & good family Broken home, desertion by wife because of Adulterous life
Divine & Spiritual annointing Deepest annointing by the Holy Spirit Deeper annointing by the Holy Spirit Questionable and unknown
Individual Future Plans More annointing More annointing to become politician & State Governor


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Emmanuel! Here is another wonderful testimony from Cephas Ogana, an Emmanuel TV viewer who received a miraculous breakthrough in his life and career after using the Anointing Water. As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “The evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed.” We thank God Almighty for this wonderful breakthrough! Remember, it is not the water that blesses, but God Himself – since the anointing is done in Jesus’ name.

“Emmanuel! I would like to testify to the miraculous career/ financial breakthrough in my life through the Anointing Water and the prayers led by Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

“In October 2010, I lost my job as a Marine Navigator. Things were so bad that my wife lost hope and concluded that we were going to be thrown out of our apartment. We could barely feed. On my own part, I did everything humanly possible to get a job. I sent uncountable e-mails and made phone calls to all the shipping companies I could find on the internet. I even went in person to crewing agencies in the city where I live. Every direction I turned to ended in disappointment. I went as far as contacting a friend in Nigeria who got a letter for me from a serving Senator for a job at the Nigerian Maritime Administration And Safety Agency (NIMASA) – but all to no avail. It was a desperate and dire situation.

“Then last year in June 2011, I travelled to Nigeria for a job interview. I did not get the job, but thank God – I got a lot more than that! During my time in Nigeria, I visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing water, as well as prayer from Prophet T.B Joshua during Sundays Mass Prayer.

“Since my return from Nigeria with the Anointing Water, our lives have been radically transformed! I now have a job with one of the biggest shipping companies in the world! My wife got a double promotion at her work and we have now even outgrown our apartment!

“The Anointing water is a bomb! All this would not have been possible if not for the fervent prayers of Prophet T.B Joshua that broke all the chains of satan in my life. May God continue to increase The SCOAN and grant us the grace to understand His Prophet. Thank You, Jesus!”

Cephas Ogana


Does SCOAN Pointless Anointing Water Work?


Mr Nkosi from South Africa came to The SCOAN in 2011. He was joblessness and struggling with life. His life was very terrible; he could not afford to pay rent. When he came to The SCOAN, he received a prophecy from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and had the opportunity to receive the Anointing Water. Few months later he saw an advert in the news paper for a manager position. He applied and was invited for an interview. Before his interview he ministered Anointing Water and the interview went on as a discussion. After he went home he a dream where the man of God, showed him a place that he wanted him to manage. After the dream he received a call from the general manager asking him when he could start the job, being unemployed for so long he replied, “Tomorrow”. Mr Nkosi now has a big 3 bedroom house, with many benefits from his work place. To God be the glory! God has given him a breakthrough that made him to forget the pain and the affliction of his past.


Mr Sibusiso Kunene was living in the United States without immigration documents. For long he was living in fear because he had no documents to prove his residency. He was browsing on the internet and found out about the Anointing Water meeting in the USA where he was prayed for. After that he went back to the lawyer to apply for his green card. He was invited for interviews and to his surprise the interview that usually takes hours only took 5 minutes. They even filed his papers right in front of him, which is something that they don’t usually do. Two weeks later he received his green card and all the necessary documents to become a permanent residence in the United States. Hallelujah! When he shares his testimony with others they are astonished at how fast he received his documents.


Mrs Patience explained how she had dropped her children at school on her way to the village to visit her father. Shortly after dropping them off, she received a phone call from the school saying that she should rush back to see her son as he had swallowed a coin and could hardly breathe. They rushed him to the hospital and the doctor said that the coin was stuck in thethroat of her son and therefore he could not breathe. The doctors wanted to use a medical machine to force the coin out of his throat. When they took another x-ray, the coin had descended from his throat to his chest. The doctor said that they should give it a few days and see whether her son would defecate out the coin.

After a few days, the coin did not come out as they hoped it would and she took her son back to the doctor to take another x-ray. To her horror, the coin had moved into her abdomen and was stuck. The doctors said that they had to operate the boy because the coin was stuck and would not move anymore. She refused the operation believing that God would work a miracle in her son’s life. They watched Emmanuel TV and when Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers, she instructed her son to place his tummy on the screen of the television and pray along with the man of God.

Immediately after the prayer, her son complained that there was an unusual movement in his stomach and within no time, he needed to go to the toilet and had the sensation to defecate. To their surprise, her son defecated out the coin that he had swallowed and required an operation to remove. They showed his x-rays of how the coin was stuck in his system as well as the same coin that was defecated. Glory be to God!


Mr Izuchukwu testified how one of his trucks filled with goods to the value of 47 million naira had been stolen. He also lost contact with the driver and was panic stricken as the goods were being transported to a client. He remembered that he had the Anointing Water and prayed and ministered it, in Jesus’ name. That night when he went to sleep, he had a dream in which he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua telling him that he should not worry and that he would testify. When he woke up, he saw that he had five missed calls on his phone and when he returned the call, it was from the authorities who told him that they had found his vehicle and the goods in a bush. When he went to inspect his truck in the bush where they had found it, he saw that the thieves had changed the colour of the container from blue to white in an attempt to ensure that the stolen container was not recognized but regardless of this his truck and the container was found. Glory be to Jesus Christ!


Mr Gnekpie Julien had a problem of smoking for 30 years. This affected his health which made him weak and skinny. He tried for so long to quit smoking but he just couldn’t. During the birthday of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, he prayed along with him on the Emmanuel TV. Two days later, his addiction to smoking was completely gone and he has maintained his deliverance for more than a year. He advised the world to seek the face of God because only Jesus Christ can set you free.


Mrs De Goeiji came all the way from Holland to The SCOAN with the problem of severe loss of hearing. She could not hear anything without the use of hearing aids. She was placed at the prayer line where Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in the power of the Holy Spirit and instantly, she could hear everything loud and clear without using her hearing aids. Mrs De Goeiji testified with her brother live in today’s service of her miraculous healing last Sunday and how she can now even hear people’s footsteps. She told the congregation, “If Jesus can do this for me, He can do it for you”.


Mr Nicodemus Obuya, a Kenyan living in the United States for 19 years, was having many problems in his life. He was facing the reality of having to file for bankruptcy and was in danger of losing his home and everything he owned. Things were so bad, that he even began blaming his wife. He was browsing on the internet one day and saw some videos on YouTube where Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for people and his hope was rekindled.

One night, he had a dream and saw that The SCOAN was a big pool where many filthy people came to be cleansed in the water of the pool. He also saw himself being cleansed by the water in the pool. He decided to leave everything in the United States and travel to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.

He received the Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker and returned to the United States. He prayed and ministered the Anointing Water all over his documents and stuck the Anointing Sticker on the main entrance of his house, in the name of Jesus Christ. His life completely changed, his business took off and the threat of bankruptcy became a thing of the past.

He also testified of how his wife had a hole in her heart and had to be rushed to the hospital many times without a lasting solution. Together, they prayed and ministered the Anointing Water on her, in Jesus’ name and within a short period of time, she gained her strength and her heart problem was cured. Mr Nicodemus testified how they are now so blessed that they have started a ministry to take care of the widows and orphans in Kenya to appreciate what God has done for them. Thank You, Jesus Christ