TB Joshua Says “Am Not The Messiah” RESPONSE!

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Evidently, T.B. Joshua has come a long way, full of troubles and hurdles, but all the way long, there has been an unseen hand of God intervening in his affairs. In every situation, he has remained focused on what God has to say, considering the way his detractor have labelled him with, Sexual abuse, as Fake Prophet, Occultist, and now saying he calls himself the messiah.

Right from day one, the focus in The SCOAN has never been on the healing but on the Healer, whose name is Jesus Christ. As T.B. Joshua always says: “I am not here to introduce you to healing, but to the Healer .” The only genuine reason for receiving is salvation (Matthew 6:33). He says: ”I am not the healer. I know the Healer. His name is Jesus Christ. It is not my work but my faith in His finished works. It is God’s strength that is made manifest in my weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:7-10).

Readers am sure you are aware that Prophet TB Joshua himself has said many times that no matter what God would use him to do, there is no way “I, TB Joshua would call myself the Christ or Messiah” But as fault finders they have picked on a lady, who was overwhelmed with what God had done for her and called TB Joshua “The Messiah” while giving her testimony. Regular viewers of Emmanuel.TV would agree with me that among hundreds of people whom God has healed, blessed or delivered turn to use adjectives to describe TB Joshua like he lady the detractors have picked on.

God Himself performs the divine anointing on all who have the wonderful privilege of becoming His children (2 Corinthians 1:21-23 and Luke 24:48-49).‘Church Of All Nations’: what to some was mere wishful thinking is becoming a visible reality today. The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations is now spreading throughout the globe.

Be careful  of what you read these evil minded people writing against the SCOAN and TB Joshua.

27 thoughts on “TB Joshua Says “Am Not The Messiah” RESPONSE!

  1. Emmanuel to the Lord be all the glory may the Lord continue using you prophet TB JOUSHUA for you are the strength of the weak we love you.EMMANUEL


    1. @Mr Terrific
      The fugitive Amartey,stop spreading false statement against TB Joshua,he never want and think to proclaim himself “messiah”.That is you saying so as a Big liar you have always been!May God have mercy on your lost soul.


    2. The anointing of our prophet TB Joshua is more and more powerful each day.
      I think the tbjoshuawatch sect are so mad with all these powerful Scoan Anointing Water Revival that is happening in UK,that is why they keep on looking for anything foolish to black mail the name of TB Joshua.

      Tbjoshuawatch sect are just feeling ashamed because there is nothing else they can do against TB Joshua than talking nosense when they keep witnessing everytime, how God has kept favouring our prophet.Shame on you tbjoshuawatch sect!


  2. This tbjoshuawatch sect are publishing this for attention.They have kept many times using this weapon of “messiah” to accuse our prophet falsely .
    These detractors should believe what TB Joshua calls himself not what people have said about him.
    When people are overwhelmed about what God is doing through his servant and humble servant of God TB Joshua,it is possible for them to be overjoyed by believing great things ,real or unreal about TB Joshua when in our time,we rare see great servants of God who can do great work of God and who are favoured by God as TB Joshua does through God’s power.
    This detractors tbjoshuawatch sect will catch anything foolish to attract people just to get attention but they are working in vain.
    Whatever foolish things they may accuse falsely the prophet of God none will work for it is not the people who empowers the great prophet TB Joshua but it is Jesus Christ himself .Amen


  3. These tb joshua watch must look for something to say against the man of God. Now it has become a case because a person who was overwhelmed by the touch of God in her life has referred to man of God as the messiah. That does not mean the man of God acknowledged it or those that interview them. I have watched the emmanuel tv and seen where the interviwers often correct the statements made by some when giving testimonies. I have watched emmanuel tv for so long now that there’s nothing that is televised that I have not watched. The man of God has never mentioned he is messiah. God is watching you and He wants you to repent before it is too late. Profet tb joshua is the most humble man of God I know. His distractors cannot do what he does and if they could do what he is doing to this extent, they would have grown wings. The happenings in emmanuel tv is watched all over the world, so there’s no way you can lie that viewers all over the world don’t know. We know all your tactics, and you’ll never win. You are losers any time any day.


    1. The culprits behind tbj watch ( Dave and angie) what are going to teach your children if God gives you one? To speak against men of God as a hobby? Tracy tina kate, you women who are supposed to be humble and responsible, but you joined bad groups that are dragging you away from the will of God for your lives. Repent and change your ways before it is late. Iran, jessy giles and eddie amartey aka terrific, stop spreading rumors about the profet of God!!! Why do you create a river from a pond? You watch emmanuel tv because you want to criticize. Stop that attitude and let peace reighn in your lives. Right now I bet you don’t have peace. Satan only gives us pain. Leave your evil ways and embrace Jesus Christ


    2. People should simply understand that spirit gives birth spirit(s) “John 4:24″human gives birth to humans and God can only give birth to god(s) Psalms 82:6 Messiah can only produce messiah. Therefore in this case even if prophet TB. Joshua was to say I am messiah because I am born of Christ or Messiah he will be 100% correct for no one can do what Prophet TB. Joshua does if is not born of the Holy Ghost. Children of God Jesus Christ is coming very soon, we should not West our time defending ourselves to demon posesed people


  4. The evidence is clear as God is showing HIMSELF Mightily in Scoan through our Major Prophet of the hour …TB Joshua. Let us look at it this way, the message of Salvation is very simply, yet people argue,criticize etc.One thing is sure, they cannot stop God for He is not a respecter of peoples ignorance. They did it to JESUS; yet in their very eyes, He accomplished all that the Father purposed for Him and said that EVEN GREATER THING we will do because HE LIVES. We Love you Prophet, the Wise Men and All who serve tirelessly under this Great Anointing. Emmmanueeeeel..


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