Savage – TB Joshua the Most Sought After! Part 2

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Since our last Post, we’ve had tremendous response from our readers all over the world and we would like to say that we are pleased that people are beginning to know the truth and the antics of TB Joshua detractors Bristol in the UK,  who have become permanent Satanic  bloggers against the ministry of TB Joshua and the SCOAN.

We promised to bring to light some shocking revelation  about these satanic agents. For those who don’t know already, we would say its paramount that we let the world know how these group reported TB Joshua and the SCOAN to the BBC and SKY on HIV and the anointed water in 2011 in an attempt to close down SCOAN in the UK, after they failed to bring down TB Joshua in their many malicious write ups against the ministry of TB Joshua. They even published an article on their blog title ” TB Joshua Sends his Pointless anointing water to the UK” Thousands who read their article trooped into the SCOAN for their healing, deliverance and breakthrough.


“Light and darkness are clearly extremes of natural occurrence, it is apparent that anti TB JOSHUA and SCOAN are filled with envy and have the devil as their master, your writing emphasized on TB JOSHUA incredible accuracy as it relates to prophesies but what of the quantum of deliverance’s, casting out of the contrary spirit, healing s of various caliber. In absolute totality TB JOSHUA through JESUS CHRIST that he continually professes to be his MASTER has put smiles on thousands of faces. After watching several clips on TB Joshua followed his (Live) services by gluing to my TV for hours, summed my inference in this way- I will continually thank God Almighty every moment of my life for giving me the rear privilege of knowing SCOAN/Emmanuel.TV. it is a complete school of life that exposes unequivocally the Satan’s true characteristics and style, when the antics of the devil/Satan are clearly revealed, existence in this mundane world becomes simplified and the torch light of life is literally handed to the TRUE believer to navigate this complex world that St. Paul tried to explain to the world,  but has been sufficiently practiced by TB Joshua. May be those who are still in doubt of TB Joshua, should be reminded of the story of Gamaliel and St. Peter in the growth projection of TB Joshua/SCOAN, anything contrary could have resulted in a downward trend, take your time and look at his ministry from 1997 to date. Just a word would have been enough for the wise!”

One of our readers says:

I refused to acknowledge that the SCOAN is under attack. But I regard as a fulfillment of what was spoke by the Prophets of God and Jesus Christ himself. I see this as a manifestation of the truth which to me is one of the other ways to distinguish between the false prophet and true prophet of God.

This a confirmation to you and everybody who believe that “TB Joshua is a Man of God”! There are so many prophets out there but TB Joshua is the one who is persecuted like all other man of God written in the bible. Some of them were stoned, while others were incarcerated, while others were killed. Just tell me, as you are well are were that there are so many prophets all over the world, how many are being persecuted like those in the bible ?

How many prophet are being criticized for doing good as God instructed except TB Joshua? To me this another testimony which confirm that TB Joshua is a real man from God.

Hallelujah – Thank lord !

6 thoughts on “Savage – TB Joshua the Most Sought After! Part 2

  1. TB Joshua is a rely man of God the way people lying against him if TB Joshua is not a man of God he would have leave the Scon and start taking the power from the down. I salute you Man go God you blessed to my family. God continue use you until we meet in the paradise. Man of God I beg you one thing to pray to your Jesus Christ so that
    for those who are against you should come straight to your Ministry and apologized.


  2. Lord Jesus Christ said in his Living Word that all those who know what is right, who have my teachings fixed in their hearts. Should not be afraid when people insult you because I will deliver you and protect you and give you his victory which will endure all the time for the generations to come. The Lord will use his Holy power. He will save his people and all his children and all the world will see it.
    How beautiful are those, who bring Good News, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings and who proclaim salvation. Emmanuel – GOD with us


  3. These former ex false scoan disciples are working to destroy TB Joshua just for revenge.They are feeling ashamed to have failed as good TB Joshua disciples so now they are picking it on the prophet.Shame on them!


  4. Tb joshua is being criticized because satan is not happy that his kingdom is losing, so he uses people like the former disciple of SCOAN against the ministry. The more they tried, the more the ministry grows. Promotion does not come from man, but from God. The ministry has been under attack since its inception, but the ministry grows and grows. There’s no true man of God who was mightly used by God and didn’t went through battle of scandals, envy, false publications. Fabricated lies, name calling etc. Great men of God have passed through these. God allows it to strenghten them. Jesus went tthrough the same persecution. Joseph in the bible went through the same scandal. He could not convince any one that he did not sleep with the wife of potiphar, his master. Let it be known to the haters of profet tb joshua that no lie is for ever, near the finishing line of every race, the truth will always over take a lie to win the race. The man of God keeps his cool because he knows that his God, the God of justice is taking over. these disgruntled elements who were once disciples of the ministry of tb joshua refered to the anoining water as nonsense in their write ups. The water inside the bottle is produced by the man of God, tbj. The anointing is of the spirit of God. For you to say it is nonsense, you have sinned against the Holy Spirit which you know there’s no forgiveness. The same nonsense anointing water cures, heals, delivers, blesses, which people all over the world testify to. Repent and give your lives to God, cos satan is the one in control of your lives




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