TB Joshua Prophetic Ministry Under Attack – RESPONSE

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For years a group of disgruntled former disciples who failed to hijack the SCOAN branch in an overseas country have been launching blistering attacks on anything associated with Synagogue and its founder, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

The preamble to their latest attack reads out something like this, ‘… we have not set out to argue that the healing at SCOAN is fraudulent. Genuinely remarkable things have taken place there’. If they agree that ‘remarkable’ miracles have taken place there then what is their problem?

This same group of people continue to quote words of encouragements and sermons preached by the prophet.


This brings me back to the resignation letter of one of the overseas pastors who in their letter of resignation quoted the prophet and went on further to say they were leaving because of the ‘supposedly’ control from Lagos.

Since then, their agents have fought tooth and nail to drag the man of God to disrepute. As the saying goes, ‘do not bite the hand that feeds you’, they have done everything possible to drag the man of God into the mud. It is unbelievable to think that these people lived under the roof of the prophet, dined and preached the word of God with him.


Like Judas, they’ve attempted to stab him in the back because he prevented the hijack of his church. They have thrown caution to the wind and mobilised their own kith and kin to fight the prophet. My advice to them is ‘do not touch my anointed and do my prophets harm’.

The latest attack is regarding the prophecy the prophet gave concerning the hurricane in the Philippines. This is well documented and the whole world heard it live. It was not done behind closed doors so why the twist to make it as if the video was manipulated.

20 thoughts on “TB Joshua Prophetic Ministry Under Attack – RESPONSE

  1. Like the saying goes, who God BLESS, no man can curse. Jesus said, If they persecuted Him, that even greater persecution we will face talk more the office and gifting of our Prophet of the hour – Senior Prophet TB Joshua. If God is with him, though they may gather, blackmail, say stuff etc; greater are the number who are for him. Our generation are really blessed of him. Emmmmmmmmmanuuuuuuuuuuuuel.


  2. Some of TB Joshua haters in tbjoshuawatch site had even gone too far and lost all their mind.They are now comparing Scoan as Jones town cult. How foolish its this.They talk nonsense and abuse people who stand to defend Scoan.
    They are not even Christians the way they want to make people believe.
    What comes out their mouth is threats and abuse against those who do not share the same thoughts with them.
    Really their fight against The prophet of God is costing them all they have learn in Christianity.They should be careful unless they wish to end up where Judas Iscariot went after betraying his Master Jesus.
    But they still have time to repent if they decide to


    1. @jesse
      Just read this from one of their commenters aka Jesse ex Scoan disciple
      ” …I am very close to you break off that fickle TB Joshua…..Does that register in your thick steel plated brain ? If you can’t stand the heat, stop standing in the kitchen. You are in a cult, In your turmoil it is impossible for you to see it yourself.Therefore you deprived nasty piece of work you, with your title of “childofgod”, you are a worse person than most people I meet on a daily basis who are non Christians or even thieves, murderers and other crooks….As far as it is concerning me, they should lock up people like you and throw away the key. I have lost all respect and feelings concerning you. For me you don’t have to exist on this planet. Go away !” …I was intended to tear you shreds with your stubborn broken record mind. Do you understand ?”
      What christianity is this?They are loosing all senses just to fight Scoan.


      1. Yes, these tbj watch have no home training. They are not polished. They use abusive languages. Some of them especially jessy and terrific talk as one derailed in their brains. I am not surprised. They are drop outs. It is difficult to refram such individuals, only by the help of God. You can see they are not christians. They are full of revenge, hatred anger and other evil devises. I feel pity for them, cos satan is really using them for destruction


  3. These disgruntled former disciples of SCOAN can be referred to as persons who have run out of rope in their atrocities against the ministry, instead of running to God, and asking for forgiveness, they join association with satan, their master who pushes them to comit more atrocities, such as twisting every message and prophecy given by the profet. Now satan is using them to destroy themselves. Satan has made them not to attend any service on sundays, but sit under their computers and watch emmanuel tv. They can’t denail watching it. They are there watching and looking for loopholes, and if they don’t see any, use their evil minds to twist everything said. These disgruntled elements are Dave and Anggie, tracy, Ian mcnaught (the notorious of all the gang) Eddie Amartey, aka terriffic (black minority pushed aside) he was frustrated and went to open his own blog in ghana, Giles, tina, jessy( another notorious one) kate ( these drop out have formed the tb joshua watch, from where the fightt the ministry, unknowing to them, they are fighting God. God is with the. Profet, so no one can be against him. These gang have nothing good to offer the society. They have no jobs, but sit all day long watching happenings in SCOAN for the purpose of twisting what ever is said by man of God, profet tb joshua to discredit him. The profet doesn’t just come out to say things for the sake of saying them. He say what God wants him to say, and he says it to the hearing of every one in the congregation and those watching the channel. I can bear witness. I watched it. I don’t miss watching emmanuel, I heard it when he gave the prophecy. There was nothing altered. You tbj watch, your evil mind will always alter it. Why won’t you see it that way when satan your father controls your mind, body and soul. Change your ways and thoughts , and stop the rebellion against the man of God. The bible says rebellion is as witchcraft and storbbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. You cannot deny the fact that the miracles, healing in SCOAN are real because you were all part of it. It was when you guys left SCOAN or were expelled for your trying to hijack the the ministry, that it has now turned fake and everything done there is no longer genuine. You bite the finger that fed you and did everything for you. God is watching you and is giving you long time to repent. I know where ever you are, you don’t have peace within you. Why don’t you throw your pride to the wind and shame satan. Repent! The man of God has forgiven you. He knows you are not the ones doing it, but the evil spirit that has possessed you


  4. Emmanuel=GOD IS WITH .
    What does this mean ?
    Who can do what, how and when to us, when god is with us ?
    I watch everyday and I read everyday people who are confessing with their own mouths including myself, that tb joshau is a man of god!
    He also himself confess this truth, who can shake my loed’s truth from the just ?

    Let our hearts not be troubled by the satan doctrines against the spirit of god in tb joshau for we know what is the reward for that.
    Brethren, let’s continue our work as prescribed and instructed by god through his prophets, and ignore those who the bible says -:
    They work according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and dispise authority. They are presumptuous, self-willed.
    Take for example, the bible further says,
    Whereas Angels, who are greater in power and might, do not bring reviling accusation against the prophet, tb joshua before the lord.
    But these, like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed, they speak evil of things they do not understand, utterly perish in they own corruption.
    EMMANUEL god is with us !




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