TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

Evangelist Ellah Young had been engaged in a battle behind closed doors for more than 12 years. Aged 10, the innocent boy was introduced into sexual acts by some older cousins, opening the door for the spirit of lust to ensnare and entrap him. From that age forward, lustful thoughts whirled within his heart and as he grew older, so also the lust grew stronger. With both of his parents being pastors, he kept this lifestyle hidden, feigning a good Christian life on the outside and even going into evangelism at a young age. Apart from engaging in fornication, the spirit also pushed him to watch pornography on the internet. He explained that once the lustful urge came, he was powerless and had to attempt to satisfy such urge through various ungodly means.

As the problem continued to increase in his life, his mother noticed his familiarity with females and started fighting it in his life by answering his mobile phone and warning the girls calling him to stay away. However, at night and behind closed doors, the urge reigned, rendering him sluggish in prayer and Bible reading and under a constant weight of guilt and condemnation. Education-wise, the spirit of lust resulted in complete loss of concentration, leading his parents to enroll him in more than 12 schools, all in an attempt to provide him quality education. Evangelist Ellah Young came to The SCOAN, realising that there was actually an evil spirit behind his lustful addictions, not just a bad characteristic as he had always assumed. Based on this revelation, he opened the door of his heart for deliverance and came to The SCOAN. Last week, Wise Man Daniel prayed for him in the power of the Holy Spirit and the evil spirit was both exposed and expelled! A week later, Evangelist Young testified that his heart is finally free from ungodly thoughts and lustful desires. He explained that although temptation still comes, he has the strength to resist the urge and can now concentrate on the Word of God. He advised people with similar struggles in their spiritual journey that they need to realise the source of their problems lies in demonic forces and deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit is the way out.



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