Former Minister of Education Hon. Elizabeth Amoah Tetteh Healed By TB Joshua

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Honourable Mrs Elizabeth Amoah-Tetteh, the former Deputy Minister of Education, came to The SCOAN in a deplorable state. Her hearing had deteriorated for the past three years to the point where she couldn’t hear anything at all without wearing medically provided hearing aids. Additionally, she experienced terrible insomnia, unable to sleep at night, leaving hear appearance rugged and unbecoming of her ministerial status. It was in this condition that she was brought to The SCOAN and was privileged to receive prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN Thursday Prayer Line.

“When Prophet T.B. Joshua touched me, I was still wearing the hearing aids because I knew I couldn’t hear him speak if I didn’t have them in,” Amoah-Tetteh explained. “When he prayed for me, he asked me to remove them. Immediately I removed them and found that I could hear! I was able to hear noise and people around me talking!” That night, she slept like a rock, rejoicing in her new found hearing and freedom. In a mere space of three days, the transformation in Hon. Elizabeth’s life is evident for everyone to see! Advising viewers worldwide, she added, “Don’t take this place as a joke. The Lord is here and He is working.” A million thanks are not enough for opening her deaf ears!


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Evangelist Ellah Young had been engaged in a battle behind closed doors for more than 12 years. Aged 10, the innocent boy was introduced into sexual acts by some older cousins, opening the door for the spirit of lust to ensnare and entrap him. From that age forward, lustful thoughts whirled within his heart and as he grew older, so also the lust grew stronger. With both of his parents being pastors, he kept this lifestyle hidden, feigning a good Christian life on the outside and even going into evangelism at a young age. Apart from engaging in fornication, the spirit also pushed him to watch pornography on the internet. He explained that once the lustful urge came, he was powerless and had to attempt to satisfy such urge through various ungodly means.

As the problem continued to increase in his life, his mother noticed his familiarity with females and started fighting it in his life by answering his mobile phone and warning the girls calling him to stay away. However, at night and behind closed doors, the urge reigned, rendering him sluggish in prayer and Bible reading and under a constant weight of guilt and condemnation. Education-wise, the spirit of lust resulted in complete loss of concentration, leading his parents to enroll him in more than 12 schools, all in an attempt to provide him quality education. Evangelist Ellah Young came to The SCOAN, realising that there was actually an evil spirit behind his lustful addictions, not just a bad characteristic as he had always assumed. Based on this revelation, he opened the door of his heart for deliverance and came to The SCOAN. Last week, Wise Man Daniel prayed for him in the power of the Holy Spirit and the evil spirit was both exposed and expelled! A week later, Evangelist Young testified that his heart is finally free from ungodly thoughts and lustful desires. He explained that although temptation still comes, he has the strength to resist the urge and can now concentrate on the Word of God. He advised people with similar struggles in their spiritual journey that they need to realise the source of their problems lies in demonic forces and deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit is the way out.



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A terrible case of fraud was exposed by investigators within the Ghanaian police. After capturing a man who had a devilish plan to dupe people of almost $4,000,000 using Prophet T.B. Joshua’s name, he gave his shocking confession for the world to hear.

Mr kAnthony, who is from both Togo and Ghana, explained in handcuffs how he had begged a director of a large company in Ghana to provide him money to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria after he had been diagnosed with HIV/AIDs. Pitying his condition, the man gave him the required funds which he used to visit The SCOAN. He went, received prayer in Jesus’ name and returned to Ghana. Incredibly, he returned to the doctors for a test which confirmed him negative to HIV/AIDs. However, rather than appreciating God for restoring his health, this gentleman saw it as an opportunity to enrich himself through dishonest means. He returned to the same gentleman who had assisted him to visit The SCOAN, claiming that he was sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua and needed financial support for supposed building projects.


The man graciously complied, naively believing that Prophet T.B. Joshua was aware of the transactions. Altogether, he collected $55,000 from that particular gentleman, alongside some money in other currencies also. However, this was just the beginning. Seeing the opportunity to use T.B. Joshua’s name to deceitfully enrich himself, he hatched a malicious plan with a man named ‘Igwe’ in Nigeria to dupe people of up to $4,000,000. The plan involved forging documents claiming to be written by Prophet T.B. Joshua, even faking his own signature, requesting financial support for huge building projects. The deception even went to the extent that ‘Igwe’ would pretend to be Prophet T.B. Joshua on the phone, misleading people to believe that he was aware of all the money they were giving. Thank God that this fraudster was caught. As we continue to stress on Emmanuel TV, please beware of fraudsters!



Mrs Okonkwo was having the problem of multiple fibroids for 13 years causing barrenness. Her husband, Mr Peter Okonkwo was experiencing a low sperm count. She felt incomplete and felt sad as she was not able to rejoice with many of her friends who were celebrating their new born children. After watching Emmanuel TV, they came to The SCOAN and were privileged to receive the Anointing Water. They prayed with the Anointing Water, asking Jesus Christ to wash their shame away. After a short time, she miraculously conceived and her baby, named Praise, was born on June 12th, which coincided with the birthday of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Mr Okonkwo testified that they had gone to numerous places in search of a solution for 13 long years, spending huge amounts of money in attempt to find a remedy. He was surprised and shocked that just one month after the Anointing Water was ministered, his wife conceived. His advice was that it is imperative to install Emmanuel TV in the house.



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Chief Mrs Mary Towobola came all the way from South Africa. She was involved in an accident on her way to her office. This has caused her


serious pain as a result of three discs on her spinal cord that had shifted. She had to move everywhere on her wheelchair. Last year, her daughter visited her in her house and introduced her to Emmanuel TV and installed the cable for her. While watching, she witnessed many different testimonies. One day, while in her shop watching Emmanuel TV, a young man brought the Anointing Water and ministered it on her. After that, she sprayed the Anointing Water on a bottle of water and she drank the whole bottle at once. As she did so, she started shaking. Then, she continued praying and watching Emmanuel TV. As the Man of God started praying for viewers, she joined the prayer. After her first bottle, she felt stronger and she removed her lumbar corset immediately. She then called the person who came to her house to spray the Anointing Water on a four – littre container of water. After the whole thing, on the next morning her husband was so surprised to see her mopping the floor showing that when God healed her, He healed her effectually.
As if it was not enough, she continued with her second testimony about how God healed her from asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure through the same medium of the Anointing Water. Indeed, there is never a sickness Jesus cannot heal. He heals all manners of sickness an diseases.


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One day, Evangelist Kingsley Ahijoma was driving after he had dropped his wife at home. On his way to his office, he realized that one car                  was following him. Every time he stopped, the car would stop. At a point, they blocked his car and asked him to wind down his window. A voice told him to just drive down the road but they had put wood with nails which to the carnal mind, it was not possible for him to move. The same voice reminded him of his Anointing Water. He took at and started praying with it. Forcedly, they opened the boot and saw some money but not up to the amount they expected. Then, they decided to snatch the car away from him but miraculously, the car refused to start. Suddenly, one of them felt as if he had been slapped on his face and jumped out of the car shouting that somebody was inside, whereas no one was inside. One of the armed robbers who had a red charm with him came out of the vehicle with an injury. As they failed snatching the car away from him, they decided to kill him. Knowing that, he prayed and asked God to forgive his sins that in case he died, God would receive him. The first time they tried to shoot him, the bullet refused to come out. Then, the robbers shot into the air and it worked. They faced the same gun back to Evangelist Ahijoma but the bullet refused to come out again. After all, he said that little did he know that God just allowed this situation to happen, purposely to give him a testimony. In fact as a child of God, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.

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