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Regarding the teaching of Prophet TB Joshua and his wise men, I don’t know where people have the notion that TB Joshua doesn’t mention suffering or talk about the cross. In fact, 80% of his messages are all about hard times, crisis, difficulty and how to handle them as a Christian. He says, that you are a Christian does not mean you will not encounter trouble or suffering. God’s love does not promise to keep us away from all these but to see us through. Hard times are meant to draw you closer to the author of the life you seek. So please, take time to really listen to his sermons even for two weeks and you will see what I am talking about.

Many have become self made judges, castigating him and calling him all sorts of names for many years. A well known theologian Willem J. Ouweneel has this to say:

“I think we should be very careful, on the one hand not to be misled by satan. That is absolutely true. But on the other

Willem J. Ouweneel
Willem J. Ouweneel

hand, when we see God working, to attribute that to satan is just as bad. There are many who have not been there, who did not have the spiritual experience of the place and who only in a rational, critical, theological way pick on certain things that they have seen on videos or read in the sermons, things they don’t see in their own proper context. That is very unfair to say the least and in some cases I really wonder whether the critics are not under demonic influences themselves, when I look at the harshness and unfairness with which they criticize.

I am satisfied as to the integrity of T.B. Joshua’s ministry. I have no doubt about that. I asked him some difficult questions just to find out for myself about his personal honesty, and I have been satisfied as to that. Also I believe him to be thoroughly sound on all the basic doctrines of Christianity. It is only when people consciously or unconsciously misread certain statements that misunderstandings and mean insinuations are born. But you can do that with anyone’s ministry, take sermons apart and condemn the preacher. That has been done with T.B. Joshua. But on the whole he is absolutely sound when it comes to all the major points of Christian doctrine”.

I really don’t understand people, Prophet T.B Joshua is not only praying for healing but teaching people to come to Christ and that is his great message. If Jesus said those who believe in me, they will do greater things, why are we doubting when Christ fulfils it. I think if we want to doubt Prophet TB Joshua we should doubt Jesus first because he was the one who prophesied all these Or someone should prove by the word of God that What The Prophet is doing is not of God and not otherwise.

Many even lay so much emphasis on the fact that TB Joshua does not speak good English, that’s true TB Joshua himself has stated these on the official SCOAN website

Prophet TB Joshua
Prophet TB Joshua

“Reflecting on his early life, he said: “I found myself in a family background that irritated me. My natural circumstance of birth was poverty. I come from a very humble background. Poverty loomed large in the family. The little education I had was through self-effort. I know many people with a similar circumstance of birth who did otherwise. They allowed their circumstance to influence their will. Their dreams crashed on the rocks of disappointment, failure and setback …In those early years of my life, we knew we would be blamed for what we gave our attention to.”

On his English Willem J. Ouweneel has these to say:

“I have gone over many of his written sermons and I have heard some of his sermons. English is not his native language, just as it is not mine, and some of the formulations certainly could give rise to misunderstandings. I realize that, but when you learn to understand the whole of his ministry more, you also begin to understand those formulations that at first were strange and you understand much better what he actually was saying. Lots of things that are attributed to him are based on this type of superficial reading. So on the whole I am absolutely convinced his written and spoken ministry is sound if you allow for certain weak formulations that indeed may give rise to misunderstanding if they are taken out of context or if your survey is only of a superficial nature.”


Watch this space for the deepest secrets about TB Joshua.