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Last Sunday’s service will pass as one of the most revealing and prophetical. The power of the Holy Spirit could be felt all over the auditorium as God used the faculties of His ministers to preach, heal and deliver. The service started with the prayer line where, once again, wise men, under the influence of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ, set people free from all kinds of demonic bondage, from sickness to good health. The sick were declared healed in Jesus’ name and those afflicted with evil spirits were delivered, to the glory of God. And, again, the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit moved among the congregants as the Almighty God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to preach, teach, heal and deliver people during the service. Not only did the man of God touch the hearts of the worshipers with his awe-inspiring message for people to stay steadfast in prayer at all times but also, he gave a practical example of how Christians could benefit spiritually from a specially designed mobile stool they can use as an altar anywhere they go – a prayer bench or prayer stool. The Sunday Service would not be complete without the inspiring testimonies from people who trekked in from all over the world. Here are but a few of those testimonies. Stay blessed.


14 thoughts on “A PIECE OF HEAVEN ON EARTH

  1. l was moved on this sunday sevice, my wish is to go and meet the man of god. am healed by his power touch the sreen, and l grow spirtualy everyday us l watch and participate on the same time. be blessed.


  2. SCOAN is unique, no two sunday services can be described as similar, right from the moment you step on the main gate,there is an instant feeling of the presence of DIVINE influence,incredible!!! Its better experienced than imagined. A pastor friend who has visited several churches globally commented recently after 4[four] days sojourn at SCOAN-that he is yet to see a church anywhere in the world where the congregation gather at 8am and remain glued to their seats for 12 hours enjoying every bit of the activities.


  3. Good Morning.


    I thank GOD for the good works that GOD is doing.

    Indeed GOD is so faithful.

    I am really touched and blessed by this good testimonies, and I really love to visit SCOAN one day, hopefully during December.

    So please send me all neccessary details on my email address.

    Thank You.

    GOD Bless You.


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