Fake TB Joshua On The Run

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For many months now certain crooks have been parading themselves on the internet defrauding people claiming to be TB Joshua. I had to send the email below to one of such crook requesting for TB Joshua Anointing water because has been advertising it on the internet.

Email l sent

Dear Sir,

Please l need 10 TB Joshua Anointing Water how much are they am from Manchester in the UK


Jones Khail

Crook’s Reply

We Have Two  Type Of The Anointing Water And Different Quantity

The First One Is $260

$260 each
$260 each

The Second One Is $300


Emmanuel TV – A Christian Television
Watch Emmanuel TV live from The Synagogue
Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) with Prophet TB
When you lay hand on a sick is not the hand that heals but the
anointing from God. Since it is not possible for him to lay hand on
everybody let him send us anointed water


11 thoughts on “Fake TB Joshua On The Run

  1. It is a surprising thing when people are trying to fake or paint SCOAN black. We say it in the life of all real Christian in the past and present. If such thing are not present in the life of any real man of GOD, them the is a question mark in the life of that the man of GOD. The problem is that we should help the man of GOD by obeying first the Preaching and secondly the procedure on how to visit SCOAN and having the anioting water. Let the believers move a step from being a baby christian to a more mature christian and by so doing we will not just look for anioting water but also the method at which it come to us. BE BLESS


  2. Tb Joshua Ministries is busy distributing messages on peoples wall about acquiring the stickers and anointed water and has succeeded in so many ways, Please do something about ending this crime and exposing the criminals


  3. Please also track down Tb Joshua ministries, they are busy posting on peoples walls and defrauding many. I have discovered them but many innocent and unsuspecting victims are falling in to their traps. Please check this page on face book and they are busy re-guesting for friendship as either Pastors TB Joshua, TB Joshua SCOAN etc. If you can track them down then you can help in reducing the crime and defiling the name of the man of God. He is not worth being defiled, he is worthy of honour


  4. People of GOD let us remember that the Anointing Water is not for sale. I also all the people who are doing that to fear and love GOD because the salvation is not for sale and I pray that you should not take advantage of the desperate people. Just imagine if you were the one who is in the same situation like our brothers and sisters who want a touch from Lords Jesus Christ of healing, deliverence and other blessings and you buy the Anointing Water how would you feel. Let us do unto others as we expect them do to you.. Emmanuel.GOD with us


  5. The man of God, Snr Prophet TB Joshua has rightly said that “Everything that is closer to Jesus receives attacks”. Yes we expect this kind of demonic acts from the possessed guys who are tools in the hands of satan to distract the growth of God’s work. But these people should not forget that the book of Luke 17:1 is applicable to them if they don’t repent and stop. The whole world is aware (genuine believers) that Prophet TB Joshua is God Sent and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. The only tool satan can use to distract the world all over from coming to the saving grace of Jesus Christ is to distort the good work of Prophet TB Joshua, castigate him/his ministry, condemn his acts and the like, but the end will justify the means as sure as Jesus Christ is The LORD and the Master who called and sent Prophet TB Joshua with this mission. Rev 2:29 is also for the fraudsters to caution them and probably lead them to repentance. We are praying for the whole world.


    1. I urge the people who are deceiving the desperate people with with fake anointing water fake stickers to stop what there are doing, because you are putting the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in vain. You must love GOD and love others. Put yourself in that situation when you are conned and deceived how would you fell. The head of SCOAN is Lord Jesus Chris, he anoints the Anointing Water and the Anointing Stickers using his humble prophet to deliver, to heal and to bless his people. Do not take Lord Jesus Christ for granted and his disciples, because he will protect them and watch them all the time he will not let the names of his disciples be tarnished. When the Lord Jesus Christ seems to be quite. I tell you the truth he is not quite, he is seeing all what you are doing to the desperate people He will not be happy about it. People fear Lord Jesus Christ and love him, for he loved us all.


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