“Caught” At SCOAN: Nosa Osaghae Response

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Am so happy that there are our blogs that responds to this frustrated groups of people, that have vowed to rebel against TB Joshua for their

Nosa Osaghae, Victim or Culprit?
Nosa Osaghae, Victim or Culprit?

failure at the SCOAN. All they do is manufacture lies against the ministry of TB Joshua, this time a fraudulent man “NOSA OSAGHAE” whom l know very well came to the SCOAN to defraud visitor. He was caught and dealt with. Read the article below from another.

That the man in question (Nosa Osaghae) alleges to have being harshly treated by the SCOAN’s security isn’t much of a hassle to grasp, but for the graphic detail with which he expresses the alleged cruelty that it almost seems rather fictional or at the very least exaggerated; credibly a masterpiece of creative prose with the intended effect of wooing the sympathy of folks who might never be opportune to verify the real truths of the story. By his account, he had undertaken a journey from Abuja to the SCOAN HQ in Lagos to deliver a supposed prediction to a foreign disciple yet under training; with instructions to leave the SCOAN and look for another ministry, only to have himself incarcerated and tortured by SCOAN security personnel. Let’s see what we can dig up from Nosa’s story with his very own testimony. Apart from Nosa’s infuriatingly faulty approach in boycotting all the proper procedures necessary to visit the SCOAN to waylay a foreign disciple in training with such an insensitive message, he by his supposed “prophecy” to the foreign disciple appears to be one of those hungry black cleric  charlatans who wanted undue recognition and attention to be given him by a foreigner as a seer, the end to which he’d expect the successful inclusion of a “white” person as a member of his own church.

God has never been revealed to author confusion. In Acts 9:17,  In the manner he appeared in a vision to Ananias instructing him about Saul, so He did likewise appear to Saul informing him to await the coming of the one through whom he would receive his sight. Did the disciple Nosa approached to leave SCOAN have any revelations concerning him and his upsetting message prior to his coming? The disciple (Now ex-disciple) is silent on this as well, and our guess is a resounding No, perhaps this informed the disciple’s decision to report him and his counterfeited prophecy to other disciples who then (quite rightly) handed him over to security for interrogation. Security personnel in SCOAN we know are trained to respond to diverse security challenges oftentimes requiring the use of force, taking cognizance of the myriad of safety challenges they regularly

Visitors to SCOAN often fall easy prey to cleric charlatans who defraud them in the guise of being "sent" by God

Visitors to SCOAN often fall easy prey to cleric imposter’s who defraud them in the guise of being “sent” by God

face as the SCOAN plays host to pilgrims from around the world. They’ve witnessed countless similar scenarios where bogus prophetic claims are communicated to unsuspecting pilgrims with fraudulent objectives and would have likely found Nosa Osaghae’s on interrogation to be no different. If you’ve ever been defrauded by one of these cleric charlatans, or heard their victims story, you’ll understand how this is a massive deal for SCOAN security personnel.

Save for the part of the awful episode being with the consent of TB Joshua, since this was certainly an inferred speculation from his story, were we even to take the road less traveled by SCOAN supporters and hypothesize the worst scenario that the details supplied in Nosa’s story are infallibly correct, that he was in fact wronged not in the least manner short of his description. Everyone can easily attest to TB Joshua’s unquestionable loving character, but cannot undauntedly attest to the godly consistency of all his disciples, much less security personnel. However we try to obscure this fact, it is undeniable and perhaps for this you might desperately wish that TB Joshua were nailed to a stake. But then, ever wondered why one of the closest disciples exquisitely coached by the Christ to love enemies and turn the other cheek when smacked, would in his masters defense turn bizarrely ferocious to the extent of chopping off the ear of one who merely posed slight threat to his master; and a man under authority at that? (John 18:10Today we could compare this to stabbing a police officer just because he asked a man to identify himself in the crowd. We could even further consider that peter almost certainly wasn’t just trying to cut off the man’s ear; he was trying to take off the man’s head. Anyone who has had experience in the use of a sword or a saber knows exactly what peter did or tried to do, Malchus survived only because he dodged sufficiently so that the sword just grazed his sideways-ducked head, cleanly taking off the ear, as peter swung the weapon with everything he had. So much, you might say, for the fruits of the three yearlong coaching on LOVE Jesus constantly supplied his disciples that peter shows off such a brute  behavior, very unbecoming of one who had received thorough lessons in Love and life. Although Peters actions are undeniably verified in scripture much to our shame, it would be absolutely inappropriate to attribute his brute behavior as one of the “fruits” of Jesus earthly ministry. Same applies to TB Joshua, his disciples and workers for a servant cannot be greater than his master. Unless of course you want to raise the stakes for the servant what the master couldn’t himself achieve while with his disciples.

Conclusively, if by any chance in all eternity there be any credence to Nosa’s story, it was rather unfortunate for dear Nosa that TB Joshua wasn’t present to rescue him from the enraged security personnel, just as Jesus rescued Malchus and ordered peter to sheath his sword. Or do you seriously think the TB Joshua you know, if present or made aware of his case would stand still there gloating over him being chastised if it were true? though we completely doubt it, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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3 thoughts on ““Caught” At SCOAN: Nosa Osaghae Response

  1. Children of GOD remember that Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins. So If you want to be a friend to him for the rest of your life you must ask for forgiveness from him and be born again. Make sure you are converted. Emmanuel-GOD with us


  2. SCOAN is a big and great ministry that can be termed as the most famous and popular all ovre the world. Visitors come from all over the world and within nigeria for worship, healing, deliverance blessing etc. There you see all kinds of visitors. Some may come with bad intentions-to kill, steal and destroy. Nosa came to reap where he didn’t plant. His mission. was very suspicious. He said he came to give his prediction to an ex-disciple who is a white man. Is his prediction more authentic than the ones man of God tb joshua has been given over the years? Nosa should have gone through the normal procedure necessary to deliver his message, that would have saved him the beating, though he exaggerate the maltreatment melted to him. The disciples did the right thing to refer the case to security. And security did their duties. This will teach other uninvited guest to mind their business, especially those with bad intentions. If nosa had come to SCOAN as a gentle man and demanded to see man of God and insisted he had a message to one of his disciples to deliver to tthe person concerned, the security personnel would have allowed him to see him. Man of God would have told him his problems, pray for him or ask him to be on prayer line to deliver him of his affliction. Nosa could be afflicted. He might be hearing a vioce from evil spirit which he might think is from God. The ex-disciple might have a great destiny and God would have used him mighty, but he could not hear enough and could not see enough so he was deceived. The enemy saw this great destiny and wanted to destroy it, by using his agent nosa to appear with his message of destruction to destroy the destiny of the ex-disciple. My suspicion is not far from the fact that nosa could have been instigated by these. ” tb joshua watch” to come to SCOAN to say he was sent by his god to tell the ex-disciple to leave SCOAN. It could be a set up, a colaboration., because how come the ex-disciple is now with the notorious group known as “tb joshua watch”? Whose primary assignment is to try and bring the ministry dawn by their ficticious and unimaginable lies. NOTE, “tb joshua watch” are frustrated group who were once disciples of SCOAN that were expelled because they were found wanting. These group can do and undo. They can go to any lenght to achieve their purpose. They are dangerious liars. God bless the ministry of profet tb joshua, the wise men and all the disciples. May God grant you the grace to dig in and hold on, amen


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