Strong Attack Launched Against TB Joshua

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We at TB Joshua Fans UK believe that the first to present his case will always seem right until  another comes and questions him. It is patience in asking the right questions that will force either probity or deception to reveal itself where present. But whether true or false, what we stoutly represent is a refusal to accept a one sided story like other partisan sites and whatever stance you may have taken on this controversial prophet, either as a supporter or critic, it still remains unequivocally clear that most of the stories circulating the internet that are mitigating against this prophet at most came from those who were once his ardent front-line followers, aside from raising a red-flag by giving quite some weight to their testimonies, and being a bothersome thorn in the flesh of pro-Scoan folks, it also further demystifies the personality of TB Joshua In the context of him still having an increasing local and international follower-ship even with just about enough defaming material to quickly set people on their heels away from him. A quick search on Google will reveal various testimonies by these ex-disciples of TB Joshua’s ministry, putting forward quite vehemently, debasing claims of sexual abuse and ill- treatment allegedly suffered at his hands, and this was well complemented with further questions in animosity of the legitimacy of the very miracles that seemed to have prompted them to follow TB Joshua in the first place. We at TB Joshua Fans UK  would never have contested the “truthfulness” of these allegations if the word “betrayal” never existed, that is, the possibility of all these claims of abuse being falsified and untrue just as some others hold that it is true, is what qualifies it as a debatable issue, for at least those who have never lived within the Scoan premises.

It is however quite surprising that we hardly ever hear stories like this about other ministers or pastors, and the reason most likely, as our findings report is his peculiar style of training followers as disciples, different from the modern conventional methods. Quite a number of ministries have a former school for disciples who desire to be trained for ministerial work, with a process for enrollment, tuition for training, a well defined course outline in discipleship training and finally a certificate issued proving that they met the required standards during their training, but TB Joshua’s methods seem very far from this in a peculiar sort of way, apart from having his imposing edifice at the SCOAN, Lagos Nigeria receiving and playing host to thousands of pilgrims from across the world, it also houses men and women from different countries, of different ages and works of Life who have left their countries, homes, Jobs and others to follow this man as disciples, with him bearing the full responsibility for their upkeep. The prophet Himself is said to live in the same compound with his disciples and in an interview with Evelyn Joshua, TB Joshua’s wife – they are there for an indefinite period of time, in her words she said “its a lifelong training” now we know that the implications of this would be at first unprecedented, but now the results are definitely crystallizing out clearly – with all the defaming allegations circumventing the internet as well as the advent of the “wise men” who seem to be the evidence of those who have being fully trained.

Having lived with the prophet for years, a lot of these disciples would definitely know more about the inner workings of the ministry, so without asking questions and getting a different account from other ex-disciples, the populace would have no choice but to believe them, without getting to hear the other side of the story  – So the purpose of this post is to bring into debate the allegations made against TB Joshua by certain ex-disciples, of which several similar ones exist, carefully considering their possibility of occurrence whilst subjecting them to sound reasoning and if possible come to a logical conclusion.

The first we shall consider with an excerpt from an anti-scoan website  is “The story of Emma“,  A Scoan ex-disciple who had supposedly dedicated ten years of her Life to Scoan,  her claim of  abuse and ill treatment is stated below.

I’m very grateful to have found this site. I personally have been affected by TB Joshua and the SCOAN in a most negative way. I’m eternally grateful to Jesus for giving me a second chance when I was so deeply deceived. Since leaving SCOAN I have discovered a completely different side to God – an intimate relationship with Him with no human mediator, and total forgiveness without your past mistakes being used to break you down.
I plan on sharing my 10 year experience of being a disciple in increments as I have the strength to do so. I prefer to do it anonymously for my own safety and that of my family. I left about a year ago and am still coming to grips with the reality that SCOAN was a cult. It was a big shock when I realised that what I’d given my life to and built my future upon is nothing but a cult. I was horrified to find that the isolated communal lifestyle, denial of privacy, late night meetings, sleep deprivation, reporting, character breaking disciple meetings and so on, occur in most cults and have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit’s leading of TB Joshua as I once believed. I read about cults like Mormonism, Jehovah’s witness, Scientology, The twelve tribes, Indian guru cults, etc and saw striking similarities. They also record your confession and use it to silence you should you later leave like what happened to Bisola Johnson in Beware of Blasphemers. They also encourage that you sell your possessions and give it to their leaders, live in community and give all decision making authority to the leader. They also have meetings of character assassination, ie, monitoring, reporting and correction as SCOAN calls it. They also live in “compounds”, communal living where access to information is controlled, the leader’s videos / teachings are continually played to you and a false reality “euphoria” is created with no opportunity to question.
The hardest thing for me to come to terms with is the fact that I may never see my loved ones (brothers and sisters as they’re called in SCOAN) again. I sometimes feel guilty as I “move on with my life”, that I’m leaving so many sincere, but sincerely deceived people behind and it seems as if there is not much I can do to open their eyes. Since I had completely cut off from my family and friends – it now seems very strange to reconnect with them after 10 long years. So many things have changed but in some ways, I am exactly where I started before I joined SCOAN – I have no qualifications, no job reference, no proof of what I’ve done with my life. I’m only beginning to see the effects of many years of sexual and emotional abuse I received from TB Joshua. But I am determined more than ever to trust in God alone, deal with my past in His strength and become what He made me to be.

For the anti-scoan folks who subscribe to her story, what are your strong reasons for believing what you never witnessed about  a Prophet of renown?

And for the pro -Scoan folks why would you refuse to believe her story?, what in your opinion could she possibly gain by lying?

Love to hear your thoughts in the comments…!

14 thoughts on “Strong Attack Launched Against TB Joshua

  1. Ok, I gladly give my answer WHY I REFUSE to believe this rubbish story.

    Very simple.
    As you know there is false rumors going around in the world, even in books was written ABOUT —> JESUS CHRIST ridiculous rumors. I just mention two for example:
    – Jesus Christ HAD A WIFE.
    – Jesus Christ WAS NOT CRUCIFIED, but an other men.

    And I REFUSED to believe this ridiculous LIES about Jesus Christ even when I was NOT yet saved!!!
    I thought that these are RIDICULOUS LIES, cause even thou I did not read the Bible that time, I heard about what Jesus Christ has done on earth, He always told the truth, in Him was NO sin, He was good to people, etc. So ALL that information I knew about Jesus Christ: made me IMPOSSIBLE —> TO BELIEVE those things above, since His CHARACTER —> MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE to believe in those contrary statements

    So now for me the very SAME is the case with Prophet T.B. Joshua!
    And now I know that the Holy Spirit confirms the truth and denies the lies, if somebody is open for His leading.

    So as it is IMPOSSIBLE(!) for me to BELIEVE those ridiculous claims about Jesus Christ, in the very same way it is IMPOSSIBLE(!) for me to believe those ridiculous claims about Prophet T.B. Joshua.

    And what is my opinion what this ‘Emma’ want to gain by lying?
    – self-justification?
    I think, IF(!) this ‘Emma’ is really a real person, whom was really 10 years in the SCOAN, and really she wrote this story, than she have a very ugly and poor character problems and sure that she strongly need deliverance…. Very sad that somebody who spent so much time in the VERY STRONG(!!!) PRESENT of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, of the HOLY SPIRIT – could not transformed into the image and character of CHRIST, but…..
    But we know such examples from the Bible as well. And it is so so so sad…to see such examples….

    This is what I can say.

    And I bless Almighty God, Our Father in Heaven, and the Lord Jesus Christ for raising such a Man of God like Prophet T.B. Joshua, and I pray that God bless and KEEP him MIGHTILY, in Jesus Christ Mighty Name.


  2. WOW! I have been avoiding this for long but I will talk.

    God has created people in different ways with different interests and opinions just as he has created pastors/ prophets with different callings, different ways of running their ministries and we cannot say God has made a mistake regarding this issue and we cannot blame God on the other hand for our bad choices (ex- disciples as they now refer to SCOAN).

    I will not focus on whether Prophet T.B Joshua has done what he is being accused of or not or if it good or bad but will rather focus on my points of interests. Most of the disciples complain of:

    1.denial of privacy – What do you want to do in Private? When your still single and not living with your husband? is there anything good done in private?

    2.late night meetings – In a church as busy as SCOAN do you think there will be time for the Prophet to have un-interrupted meeting with the disciples? and for him to schedule such appointments with them its because of his love for them and the fact that he considers his disciples important and deserve enough time with him. Only if those ex- disciples knew how lucky they were.

    3.sleep deprivation – I think its a good idea that one should spend more time awake than sleeping, I would rather be awake than to be sleeping and being attacked all night by spiritual husbands, be fed all night with demonic food, socializing with the dead etc. I would rather be living in a place like SCOAN where we will only focus on building our tomorrow in Christ and building an empire that will sustain our generations to come both spiritually and physically because anyway we were told that this world is not our home we are just passing through and our true rest will be in heaven packaged with our rewards for our work well done here on earth by the Lord. There’s no enough time left, our mission in Christ is to win as many souls to him as possible before its too late. one should not be worried about “sleeping” but rather fighting to do their best in what they are called for.
    4.reporting – okay is this the reporting of good or the bad that you have done? well if somebody says “I don’t like being reported” mainly they refer to being reported for the bad they have done! SCOAN is a church and those living there should be careful of what they do because they are much more closer to Jesus (they can hide from the Prophet but cannot hide from Jesus) and I am sure the reason the Prophet came out with this strategy was to reduce mistakes and bad actions. So if a disciple sees it as wrong it means they were willing to live with their bad habits for life in the presence of Christ himself? Besides if you don’t like being reported for the bad things you do why not try and do your best to make it a point that whenever there is a report concerning you it should be always good reports only… Why not pray and tell the Lord that he should help you in your daily activities that you don’t make mistakes? Remember Going to SCOAN is not to please Prophet T.B Joshua but Jesus himself…

    5.They also live in compounds – Well sometimes its not nice to share a room with more than 5 people but if you are called by God to do something he wants you to do then living in a compound should not be a hindrance between you and your God and that should not be a reason for one to claim this as the basis of leaving the SCOAN.

    6.I may never see my loved ones – Trust me if you are at the SCOAN called by the Lord God himself you will not have time to think about your family or friends but rather you will be occupied with the load of work the Lord has called you for. Remember there are those who go to SCOAN to become disciples with their own expectations and there are those who God has prepared from home with a life time table of what they should accomplish together with the prophet at a certain period in life. When you know what God has called you for, time frame will not be a priority.

    Again God designs ministries differently to suit different callings and people if the Prophet says “avoid contact with your family” this statement will be received by individuals differently some will take it like “Emma” some will take it like me who wont even have to wait for the Prophet to utter that statement but would rather make him promise me that he will never allow any of my people, friends or family near the SCOAN for as long as live there and not even to entertain their phone calls or emails because of what I have gone through in their care… so you see God is the one who gives directions in life. Read about Jesus and his family including brothers and sisters you will understand. Besides I believe that your husband or wife should be above all relatives and should be worth you leaving your mother and father brothers and sisters and even friends to be with him or her, the one God has created you for as a husband or wife because I believe most of the ex disciples didn’t have to leave their husbands or wives at home!

    7.I have no qualifications – The Prophet is giving out scholarships for heaven’s sake to people all over the world, to people he does not even know and you as an ex disciple want to tell me that you have asked him (TBJ) to sponsor you and he refused? for 10 years you have been asking and he plainly refused? I don’t think so, I think you also never thought of studying just as he didn’t… proof of what I’ve done with my life – That is not an excuse one cannot blame the Prophet for not doing anything with their life for 10 years, okay When you left SCOAN did you sit down with the Prophet and tell him all the things your now telling the world? did you tell him and he did not listen? did you tell him that you have wasted 10 years of your life and he must compensate you for all those years? I can sense a no I was afraid for my life! Then let me tell you that you were not meant to be there in the first place, if the Prophet is as bad as all the ex – disciples say and are all afraid of him (remember there is a difference between being afraid of some one and respecting someone) then they should have went to a weaker Prophets like them and leave T.B Joshua with those God has designed to follow him because I am sure that those who were divinely created to follow T.B Joshua are as bold as he is, they understand the importance of speaking out in a respectful way without being afraid that he will harm them (they know that their lives are in God’s hands and no man can do anything to harm them because greater is he in them) (what kind of disciples were you? maybe the reason things didn’t go well is you missed the whole point that everything at SCOAN is all about Jesus.) they are fearless, not afraid of challenges, they know who T.B Joshua is spiritually and if he does something wrong to them or offend them they have a personal relationship with his master Jesus and they can simply go down on their knees and report him (TBJ) to his Master, the King of all Kings who has authority both in heaven and on earth to do as he pleases and he will surely deal with the situation. instead of you running away and not facing your challenges with the Prophet.

    Everything that the ex- disciples complain about are little things read about the relationship of Jesus and his disciples how he used to speak to them, try Elijah and the others and you will see that TBJ is a sweet man of God… To prove that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever try and ask from him something that is not in line with his will for your life and see if he will give you, try and fast and pray for years and you will understand what I am talking about. Ask TBJ for a house, a car, scholarship, a cheque for $1 million and see if he will refuse to give you, he wont he will give you instantly…. and tell me who is being strict and harsh between the two…

    As for me if I am to be given the opportunity to be a disciple at SCOAN I would stay there for the rest of my life and I would not stay there to be rewarded by the prophet for the number of years I have spend there but I would expect all my rewards to be from God and if there is anything I don’t understand or don’t like about the ministry or the prophet I will raise up my concerns with the Prophet whether good or bad instead of following what the masses are saying or suspecting of him so that life may continue. I would prefer to rather stay there for life God will surely bless from there, if he can do it for those who only go there for Sunday services alone how much more I who will be serving him from there day and night? surely my reward will be greater…


  3. The Truth is that, such stories are not new. Take Judas in the bible, did he not work with Jesus for 3 years, saw signs and wonders ate with him from the same table and plate? He was at a point one of the disciples that was given power to cast out demons and heal the sick when jesus sent His disciple out to preach repentance, yet Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

    Firstly, she mentioned that they lived a communual life-In the days of Jesus and apostoles they all sold everything and brougth together for a communal living (e.g. story of Annanias and Saphira)hence there was great signs and wonders hapenning and people feared greatly. No one had more than anyone they were all in one accord.

    Furthermore, if there was no privacyas she stated, how come she could be sexually abused and nobody see’s it? Someone who is living in sin cannot posses such anointing to do consistent signs and wonders for over 30 years, and the anointing is still increasing day by day. Using the case of Bisola Johnson, hence shows that they are birds of the same feather. The story of Bisola Johson and was in clear contracdiction on why she came to SCOAN. If we had not seen the SCOAN side of her story one would have been inclining towards the lies in her story. As the saying goes liars have no memory. Glory to God the the prophet has insight through divine backing and hence records every activity that goes on within the SCOAN.

    Secondly, the bible clearly states that to be a disciple of Jesus you must count the cost (you must leave your families, loved ones and be totally committed to the things of God). . Paul said all I have, gained etc.. I have counted loss, that he may gain the excellecy of Christ. That is why people want to induldge in their secret sins and life and expect the anointing to flow, you then begin to wonder why there is no such power in our churches these days as in the time of the prophets and apostoles. The issue is majority that fall out wants to do what they like and expect to be a disciple, they forget that to have the anointing is not man but God who gives the anointing based on a a well developed character. God knowing what Emma will do has not giving her such anointing because He knows her too well, her foundation is faulty.

    In the SCOAN the prophet has made no room for any to fall into sin. The bible says you shall write the word of God every where, windows, doors, walls, in our generation through media so that you will be constantly reminded of the WORD of God and be careful to do them. Therefore, I do not see anything wrong in playing emmanuelTv at SCOAN all the time. Individuals at home watch emmanuelTV 24/7 and recieve their miracles, how much more the SCOAN. Agents of satan are all looking for avenues to attack, but they will never succeed. The prophet works with divine inspiration from the Holy Spirit who guides him and tells him how to do things.

    ,I have many more things to say but will end with these words: Jesus clearly stated that if they called HIM (who is the Master) names, persecuted Him, then His servants should expect same. If the world (note the world is ruled by satan and his agents) loves you, then you are not of Christ. But glory to God who has sent His servant in the person of prophet Joshua, to expose the works of darkness and his tricks in the world today.


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