WARNING-Doomsday for World Governments is Coming!

TB Joshua Church Nigeria | tbjfansuk.wordpress.com


When the Nigerian uprising which resulted from the removal of fuel subsidy erupted in Nigeria, it was widely believed to be an awakening of people who have long been dormant to a fault while living under the harsh reality of the economy and culture oppression. By way of public opinion, it seemed like a revolution long overdue. Yet it appeared in the long run that the fuel subsidy protests were largely overrated as everything eventually came to a halt with the compromise reached by the Nigerian government with the populace. Although the Nigerian government may have wriggled their way out of that uprising and won that battle, it is clear now that they haven’t in the least way won the war. TB Joshua of the Synagogue of all Nations proved this when he addressed the nation Nigeria and the world via his satellite channel Emmanuel TV on the live Sunday service of the 14 of July 2013. He emphasized that this was a prophetic vision God had shown him repeatedly over a period of several weeks that left much for him to bother. At exactly 3:45 pm WAT on Sunday after the congregation and viewers worldwide had waited on him for hours on end, TB Joshua appeared on stage looking rather stern and delivered the shocker; these were his words:

I’m seeing a revolution, I’m seeing people taking to the streets, at the beginning of that protest it might be stopped, but eventually it will become so big that it cannot be stopped. This I see happen, Nigeria pray.


5 thoughts on “WARNING-Doomsday for World Governments is Coming!

  1. fadfad89

    Let the will of our Lord and Savior be done. I pray that all the leaders will do what the Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus Christ is requesting them to do that is to employ the youth, to carry them along so that there will be no uprising. It is better to prevent it now before it is too late. Lord Jesus Christ loves all the people that is why he is giving a warning to us so that we do what he is saying. Praise Master Jesus Christ for his loving kindness. Praise Master Jesus Christ for his mercy and favor.


  2. ismael f

    Emmanuel may i be protected and guide through the holly spirit with my family wen the time come in Jesus name may you live long tb.joshua yes you will live long


  3. jean-luc

    Yes ! Indeed i believe that God does nothing on this earth, without revealing it to His servants the prophets !
    Let those who have got ears listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches !
    Revelation 3:22
    But i will also need the all text read today during the live service by the Prophet himself.



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