Fabricated stories and account of the ‘gang’ TB Joshua Enemies

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TB Joshua Watchers………an outstanding example of hypothesis paralysis, tainted by deceit and obnoxious insinuations. It is very sad to see and read the ‘fabricated’ stories and account of the ‘gang’ propagating the evil attacks on SCOAN as a ministry and the person of Prophet T B Joshua.  Suffice to say that, it is now quite evident that the people behind this ’evil project’ are the disgruntled elements, who for whatever reason they became followers and workers in this ministry for the ‘many’ years had not accomplished their mission, or their own agenda.

Who first enticed or forced them into this ministry anyway?  Because of their selfish and dubiously motivated reasons, and because they could not ‘achieve’ what they desired, consequently decided to be the strong attackers of this ministry.  It is quite sad to witness this, for whatever it is worth, come on…..seems the whole issue is tantamount hatred.

It is quite apparent that the postings and so called ‘comments’ on their ‘venture’ are all concocted, because as they claim they still have ‘loved ones’ in the ministry. These so called former disciples and workers in the vineyard had given and narrated their ‘own side’ of why they left.  Really we don’t get it, what point are they making? As we said earlier, we do not and will never incite anyone to come forward to tell stories about how and why they left SCOAN, the postings and comments we publish are well scrutinised before hand , because we will never be part of words trading and counter accusations, or preside over others to judge and watch them.  All we are doing is to establish and foster good, spirit-filled relationship with Children of God for the salvation of their souls, just like by-line of Emmanuel TV…….Changing Lives, Changing Nations, Changing the World.  As we know as children of Most High….The evidence of Christ is Life Changed. We know indeed that BETTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

4 thoughts on “Fabricated stories and account of the ‘gang’ TB Joshua Enemies

  1. Satan and his cohorts can never stop the work of God. Their desperation and wickedness will always be exposed by the light of God that shines in dark areas and Satan is always a loser


  2. These so called tbj watch gang have no concrete reason to give to support their gang up against the SCOAN ministry. They gave reasons why they left, on the other hand, the ministry gave the reason they throw them out ….because of their dubious activities. We read both, so what is the way out? The way out is to let the sleeping dog lay. You tb watch should put the past behind you and build your lives in more useful ways than sitting under your computers all day long, looking out for where you’ll criticize the ministry of SCOAN. You tbj watch are the enemies of progress. You have tried several times to swallow the man of God, but each time, he becomes a bone hooked in your throats, which you cannot swallow or cough out, ie cannot leave alone. Profet tb joshua is a man that God is using greatly in this generation. Show me great men that have not passed through persecution, hatred and jealousy from other men of God who are envous of the gift of God in his life, fabricated lies and false publications etc. These tb watch gang have allowed the devil to use them for destruction. They have to look for way out.


  3. Children of GOD let us love one another. Almighty GOD commanded all the human beings he created to love one another. Almighty GOD wants his Living Word to be preached on every corner of the world. So it is a good and pleasing to Almighty GOD to encourage one another so that his Living Word is heard every where. Almighty GOD said everything will pass away but my word will not pass away. And what he says in the Holy Bible will not change. Emmanuel-GOD with us


  4. people should start creating a serious relationship with Jesus and he will help them to stop following their own selfish desires such as joining the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua to gain a piece of his ministry, fame or popularity or for being his junior prophet, evangelist or whatever you may want to call it. Those ex- desciples should not fight the prophet for their failure because remember we are told everyday that Jesus is the CEO of SCOAN AND THE PROPHET IS JUST A SERVANT OF MASTER JESUS rather they should find out what went wrong with their relationship with the CEO Jesus Christ the son of the most high God. Those who are still serving at scoan such as the wise men, evangelists and others are they not staying with the same T.b joshua who the others from tbj watch claim he is a monster? Tbj watch just accept that you accommodate those who dont fit into the puzzle of tbj by devine nature and by the will of God. And to prove that you were not meant to be part of the ministry, instead of being humble and pray for the prophet (because i believe the reason you went to scoan in the first place was because God called you to go there) to change according you so that you can return back to scoan to fulfil your god given mission in this world rather you do worse than what you claim he has done to you. I pray that God should open your eyes before its too late, Amen


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