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Senior Prophet and founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B Joshua, has refuted reports that he facilitated the release of Major Hamza Al-Mustapha from prison, saying he should not be dragged into the issue of politics.

The report also claims that President Goodluck Jonathan was told by the highly sought after Prophet, that if he wants to win re-election in 2015, he should ensure the release of the former Chief Security

officer to the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha, who was initially condemned to death by a Lagos High Court as well as bring back former Delta State governor, James Onanefe Ibori, who is serving time as guest of the Queen of England – behind bars – for corruption and

‘Don’t Drag My Name Into Politics’, TB Joshua Screams
‘Don’t Drag My Name Into Politics’, TB Joshua Screams

money laundering.

In a statement seen on the official Facebook page for his ministries, TB Joshua said, “My attention has been drawn to an online article headlined ‘Pastor T.B. Joshua Revealed As Man Behind Al-Mustapha’s Release’ written by Sahara Reporters.

“This article is from the enemy. They should not drag me into the issue of politics. If I was ever to go to Aso Rock, I would go publicly. I have already told you how I met Al-Mustapha. Don’t put words in my mouth. I explained that I got to know him many years ago when a petition was addressed to General Bamaiyi who was the then Chairman of the NDLEA. I spent nine days with them for investigation and they found the whole thing to be a fabrication.

“From there, I was taken to see the president where I met Mustapha. I was able to reveal to them who I am by telling them what was to come as a prophet. I told him that he would spend several years in prison and would be finally released which no one else had ever told him. That is why you saw him coming here as his first port of call. Where there is no vision, people perish.”

The ‘Man of God’ decried the attempt to attach political undertones to Al-Mustapha’s visit to him immediately after his release from Kirikiri prisons just as he denied ever suggesting that Mr. Jonathan’s political fortunes at the 2015 presidential elections is tied to the freedom of former Governor Ibori.

“Count me out of the politics of hatred”, TB Joshua concluded.

Thousands Receive’s Their Freedom From SCOAN

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Mr Mboweni Cyril was having the problem of severe evil attacks that affected his academic career. This became worse while he was studying for a master degree in Public Administration.  He would hear evil discouraging voices during exams telling him to leave the exam hall.CYRIL

He would helplessly obey the voice and as a result, he could not pass or come out with results.  When it occurred to him that his case was not natural, he tried to seek help ‘til he was privileged to receive the Anointing Water from The SCOAN.

He prayed and ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name. His mind became clear and his focus was renewed. He stopped hearing those voices and was able to finish his master degree program; he came out with flying colours.


Mr and Mrs Emmanuel Okoye suffered mental and psychological agony for eight years with the problem of barrenness. Mr Emmanuel was diagnosed with low sperm count and his wife had blocked fallopian tubes.

The couple spent much money in search of solution to their problem. They ran into someone who after listening to their pathetic story directed them to The SCOAN.  They visited The SCOAN and were privileged to receive the Anointing Water which they ministered to themselves and met as husband and wife.OKOYE

A month later, Mrs Okoye fell sick and went for a checkup where the doctor told her she was pregnant. Her husband could not believe it until he saw changes in her body confirming the pregnancy after eight years of barrenness. She delivered her baby without any complications. The baby was named ‘Rejoice’, which is a reflection of what the Lord has done for them.

Mrs Tiofla Mtsweni came with her husband to testify to the power of God through the medium of Anointing water. She was diagnosed with multiple gall stones.

She was relaxing over a cup of cold drink with her husband in their living room one evening when all of a sudden she felt a sting in her lower abdomen.TIOFLA

The pain was so severe, more than the pain of childbirth. It caused her to sweat profusely until she slumped and began rolling on the floor in agony.

The confused husband managed to ask one of their neighbours to look after their children whom they had previously put to sleep. He then drove her to the hospital where she would spend weeks under observation. She was unable to take care of her newborn baby and her mother would occasionally bring it to the hospital for breast feeding.

The doctors recommended an operation but could not determine where the stones were lodged in her system despite several scans they had conducted. One of their neighbours who had received miraculous healings through the Anointing Water she received from The SCOAN, agreed with the couple and the Anointing Water was ministered to Tiofla.

The pain stopped immediately but the doctors were adamant on operating her concerning the gall stones and they required her to run a number of tests which, to their amazement, her stomach was free from any gall stones.

The overjoyed husband referring to The Anointing Water as an ‘atomic bomb’ advised all to carry it wherever they went.


Nooreen Mazalla from Tanzania was depressed because she had a relationship that rendered her lonesome most of the time. Her fiancée was treating her with contempt. She thought it had been a mistake to had gone into that relationship and all she could think of was to take her own life. She took medication prescribed by her doctor to ease her depression but only got worse.

When she eventually had her baby, she would often hear voices suggesting injecting poisonous substance to terminate her baby’s life and to kill herself as well. She would starve her baby for days without feeding it.

To compound her condition, a Non-governmental Organization she had established was not receiving patronage from all the people she had sent proposals to. The objective of the NGO is to empower youth to acquire skills that would enable them get some work and to stay off the streets. In spite of those lofty ideals, people showed no interest whatsoever.

When it appeared all hope was lost, she was led to watch Emmanuel TV and could see that her situation could be helped. She came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water.

When she returned to Tanzania she ministered the Anointing Water on herself and everything around her. Soon after, she experienced a turn-around. The suicidal thoughts left her and she was able to focus properly.

She began to receive contracts from places where she had been previously refused. Her advice is that if God could do this for her He can do the same for anyone!


Evangelist Mrs Glory Peter, Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria came from a background where a spiritual serpent was worshipped by the community.

Her grandfather was the chief priest and her father was his secretary. All women from that area faced disappointment in marriage.

She had a broken marriage and could not cope with the prospect of living as a divorcee. She had been diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes, bleeding and periods of ceased menstruation which made her to not conceive.GLORY

Her purpose of visiting The SCOAN was to break that cycle of bondage.  She came with the belief that when she arrived at The SCOAN God would visit her and set her free. Indeed, God used Wise Man John Chi to deliver her.

Soon after that, back home, God gave her a wonderful life partner. A few months later, she began feeling unwell and heeded her husband’s advice to go for a medical checkup and she was found to be pregnant. Now, she had her baby whom she named, ‘Goodnews’. She can carry out her evangelistic work freely and without shame or reproach.


Vidah Linyama from Malawi is a maize farmer but for the last 13 years they had been experiencing poor harvests and trouble from thieves. She visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. Upon returning to Malawi, she emptied the Anointing Water into a bucket of water and soaked her maize seedlings into it with prayer for improved yield. She also placed the Anointing Sticker on the four cardinal points leading to her farmland.

When the harvest started, their farm recorded unusual size of maize cubs they had never seen before. The harvest turned out to be the greatest she had had in all her farming life.  The few pumpkins she sparingly planted yielded more than a 3-ton harvest which was not expected.VIDAH

The healthiness of the yield attracted the thieves the more but when they came and had cut the maize, they gathered them into heaps but could not lift their loot out of the farm.

She advised viewers to give God a trial because all things are possible with Him.



Miss Theresa Agbo, Benue, Nigeria had abnormal swollen belly which gave her out as pregnant. The doctors said it was a case of multiple fibroid and she also had a massive collection of fluid in her peritoneal cavity.

Initially, she refused to go in for the operation because of the financial constraints and the fear that she might not be able to conceive after the operation.THERESA

She resorted to taking herbal remedies but her condition only got worse. When she could no longer bear the excruciating pain, she accepted to go for the operation.

While she was in hospital, a cousin of hers visited and suggested to minister to her the Anointing Water he had received from The SCOAN.  They prayed together and the Anointing Water was ministered to her.

The next day, a rupture appeared on the tip of her navel from where some bloody fluid gushed out continuously for 14 hours until it drained close to 10 litres.

Today, she is completely healed. Her stomach is back to its natural condition – flat and working normally. There is nothing God cannot do.


Mr Fredrick Babila received a phone call from his friend, Joseph Apanwun saying that he had a pain on his leg. When Babila went to see his friend, he discovered that what was worrying him was far more than a mere bout of pain.

He received treatment which had bad side effects and he started bleeding internally severely. Doctors confirmed that the laboratory analysis was misleading and was responsible for the wrong prescription.JOSEPH

He bled through his mouth and from his anus and developed various blood clots in different parts of his body. His blood level dropped drastically. He was so weak that he was not able to walk, stand or do anything by himself. He was bound to a wheelchair in the hospital for several days.

It was obvious that he would not survive from the ceaseless discharge of concentrated blood. He received many pints of blood transfusion which drained off as they were being given.

He was finally evacuated to a reference hospital on a six hour journey even though they feared he would not survive the journey. They had to use a military escort and ambulance to overcome difficulties they anticipated could frustrate the journey and endanger his life the more. The referral hospital examined him thoroughly and thought it was useless administering any medication as the case had reached its critical stage.

Mr Babila managed to obtain the Anointing Water and ministered it on his friend in faith. After the Anointing Water was ministered, to the shock of the hospital staff and all around, Joseph was able to sit up and began to walk. He got stronger by the day and later a test was conducted confirming that all traces of blood clots had utterly disappeared.

They showed medical reports stating clearly that before he had thrombosis but after the Anointing Water miracle, the test result was completely normal.



Lawrence from Limpopo Province in South Africa grew up in the occult. All he knew was what he was taught through the occult. He was initiated by one of the elders in the family at the age of 11. His initiation consisted of being sodomized on the ground of a sacred mountain and this process was repeated several times he was meant to graduate from one level of initiation to another.

He was introduced to the practice of spilling his own blood or that of others which was an essential element they considered would bestow greater on him.LAWRENCE

This lifestyle forced him to grow into an adult overnight and dramatically altered his perception of human life as a thing of no value. Consequently, violence, stealing and unstable relationships characterized his life.

As he advanced deeper into the kingdom of darkness, he began doing virtually the work of satan on earth. Demons educated him on how to kill, steal and destroy to acquire more power. He and his cohorts were also out to deceive Christians and tempt ministers of God with money and material acquirements. They would train young boys and girls and plant them as serious workers in Christian churches with a view to bringing them to ruin.

Part of his grand commission was to try and bring down the ministry of T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN by spreading lies and rumours about the man of God. In the satanic kingdom, they sent demons to The SCOAN but were frustrated as the demons never went back.

His mission in coming to The SCOAN was to destroy the Man of God and during the period of mass prayer, he came out to challenge T.B. Joshua and demonstrated occultic signs, declaring that they would be no breakthrough.

Those attempts did not work because the darkness in him could not stand the light and fire of God. He later received his deliverance through prayer from Wise Man Daniel. He testified that he has renounced his former master, satan and is now a servant of Jesus Christ, a child of God.

Register NOW! To Visit SCOAN With Us!

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We have been given the grace to organise groups from the United Kingdom and the EU to visit the SCOAN to witness first-hand proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

If you would like to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, in a group from the United Kingdom or any part of the EU simply fill the online form on this page.

 Applicants from the EU must be ready to come to the UK to be seen and interviewed.



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Mr Karl Götze from South Africa went horse-riding with his son as part of the latter’s birthday treat. Horse-riding had been Mr Götze’s pastime since his school days.

They did a number of runs round the farm land and later decided to run home in a no-winner-no-loser race. It started very well with the young man galloping comfortably ahead of his father. As Mr Götze attempted to speed up his 13-span-beast to prove his superiority in the art, his horse became jittery.  It appeared to be frightened and distracted by something human eyes could not see. He managed to keep her on course but before doing a few notches, it swerved off track and Götze lost balance.

He tumbled headlong from that height and landed on his neck, injuring his elbow, ankle, neck and breaking some ribs.

When his son noticed that dad was no longer within sight, he made a detour and came to where Mr Götze lay in excruciating pain and totally immobilized. His condition was such that it was impossible to raise him up from any angle. The young man had to call for help. Soon, the family car was brought and the seemingly lifeless man was evacuated to a hospital where he was thoroughly examined and given first aid.KARL

In the opinion of the doctors and from the x-ray evidence, Mr Götze was told that it would take a long time for his injuries to heal, considering his age. They emphatically said it would normally take between eight to nine weeks for such injuries to heal in a person not older than 20 years of age; and Götze was three times that age.

Being an ardent believer in the power of God working through the medium of the Anointing Water and having received several miraculous healings and breakthroughs via the Anointing Water, he recalled that before setting off for that fateful horse-ride, by some instinct, he had purposefully ministered the Anointing Water to himself and prayed for God’s protection.

When the doctors came up with their discouraging prognosis, he decided to take refuge once again in the Anointing Water knowing that God will confound skeptics in his present situation.

Less than two weeks after ministering the Anointing Water to his injured parts, he returned to the hospital for a checkup. Some x-rays were taken which showed that the cracked rib bones and disjointed shoulder bones had all healed and set back into place. The astonished medics ordered for more x-rays to be taken from different angles and the results were the same – no more injuries!

He is now able to return to horse-riding, lift heavy objects and exercise his body freely, to the glory of God.


THIS DAY Encounter with Prophet TB Joshua

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Prophet TB Joshua  is one of the most consequential if not the most consequential prophets of our generation. His prophetic pronouncements have come to pass with clinical precision, from the improbable election of the late Ghanaian president, Professor Atta Mills, to the air crash in Buffalo, New York in 2010, to the Boston, Massachusetts marathon day bomber and other great predictions, Prophet T. B Joshua- the General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (The SCOAN)has continued to confound the world with his uncanny spiritual and prophetic gifts.
All over the world, especially in the United States, the name T. B. Joshua elicits great curiosity, admiration and spiritual awe. Most readers of my newspaper, The Diasporan Star, especially those from the southern tip of Africa – Zimbabwe, South Africans – the Caribbean community and other mainstream American populations have asked me on many occasions to try and do an in interview with the great Man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua and to feature him in our very popular column, “Keepers of the Lord’s Vineyard”. One of such deep followers of the prophet, Christine Ngorosandu, a Zimbabwean-American nurse had pleaded with me last year to do a big story on the church and the prophet as a way to show the world, especially Americans the awesome power of God that is unfolding in the church and I remember telling her I would do so, when I next I visit Nigeria. Ms. Ngorosandu had paid a pilgrimage to Synagogue church last year and came back a spiritually changed and deeper Christian.
And so, last Tuesday, I decided to go to the church and attempt to see the Prophet who is affectionately called by millions of his followers “Man of God”. I was stunned first by the majesty of the church, the intricate designs of the main church, the pace of activities I saw, the throngs of people from all nationalities that were united in a single pursuit of spiritual growth and development; the professionalism the staff had shown- from the security, to the ushers and to the media team, who as a reflection of the name of the church cuts across all nationalities, the media team, for instance, are all Britons and as they greet you, and ,making you feel completely at ease and at home, they let you know they have internalized certain Nigerian lingos, such as telling you “no wahala.
I was taken in by the ease and facility with which the rich and the powerful all mingle  in a symphony of spiritual curiosity and the sense of order and organization that defines the church. “We will try our best to ensure that you get to see the ‘Man of God” one of the media aides had told me and as I enjoyed the sumptuous meal of rice and stew chicken in the church’s well-appointed cafeteria. I was amazed by what the Lord could do in the lives of the people, by picking a chosen vessel upon which all nations would come together and praise Him without a recourse or resort to class, gender, colour or pedigree.
It is a known fact that T.B. Joshua’s ministry is defined by prophetic pronouncements and the need to let us mere mortals understand the supernatural elements of God, but I was shocked-pleasantly so, to understand that the church has done a lot of charitable works- giving hope to the hopeless, lifting people up from the depth of despondency to self-fulfillment, providing succor to the weak and the infirm, the widows whom the society often abandons to the vagaries of hard existence upon the death of their husbands and breadwinners. I was pleased to note that that the church and its TV arm-Emmanuel TV have done extensive work in bringing to the fore the hardships the earthquake ravaged people of Haiti had faced, and the resources the church had put to bear in ameliorating some of those harsh realities of the Haitian people.
I have observed the actions of a lot of churches- from those in the United States and here, in Nigeria, and the emphasis on most of those churches has always been to collect without giving back to those who helped nurture the growth of those churches. You will hear congregants of those churches tell you they cannot afford the school fees for their children in some of the schools those churches run and administer. The tuition is simply out of reach of the ordinary and not so ordinary members of those churches. What I saw at Synagogue, was different. I saw a church community that celebrates philanthropy, that builds and encourages people to be the best that God had wanted them to be- a church that   is all-inclusive and I began to wonder why some naysayers have trafficked in some outlandish, vile and base innuendos about the church and its leader.
T.B. Joshua in spite of the awe-inspiring presence he commands is exceedingly simple. When I eventually got to meet him on Wednesday, July 17, in his office, I was shocked by the simplicity he projected, the demeanour of a true and caring man of God that he wore and the simplicity of his office, his mode of dressing and approach. I was left confounded. Walking up to his office, I had been battling some butterflies in my stomach as I wondered how and where to start interviewing a man of God who sees everything and is able to read people’s minds. He totally relaxed me and even though he told me, he was giving me ten minutes to ask my questions, he was generous enough to have given me a few more minutes and eventually asked me to come back for a full-length interview which was conducted yesterday, Friday, July 19.
The Prophet was very keen to speak on topical issues and had answered all my questions with his characteristic frankness and openness. We touched on both politics, social, spiritual, world affairs and his prediction on what he saw coming in 2015 and how what he saw coming could be averted. The full interview with the awesome man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua will be published in the next edition of The Diasporan Star and excerpts will be published here in Nigeria as well. Please look out for this once-in a million encounter with the Man of God who has brought all nations to Nigeria, and in the process redefine the way we are seen and regarded by the larger world.


Nosa’s Predictions VS SCOAN

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SCOAN is a big and great ministry that can be termed as the most famous and popular all over the world. Visitors come from all over the world and within Nigeria to worship, healing, deliverance blessing etc. There you see all kinds of visitors. Some may come with bad intentions-to kill, steal and destroy. Nosa came to reap where he didn’t plant. His mission. was very suspicious. He said he came to give his prediction to an ex-disciple who is a white man.

Is his prediction more authentic than the ones man of God tb Joshua has been given over the years? Nosa should have gone through the normal procedure necessary to deliver his message, that would have saved him the beating, though he exaggerate the maltreatment melted to him. The disciples did the right thing to refer the case to security. And security did their duties. This will teach other uninvited guest to mind their business, especially those with bad intentions.

If nosa had come to SCOAN as a gentle man and demanded to see man of God and insisted he had a message to one of his disciples to deliver to the person concerned, the security personnel would have allowed him to see him. Man of God would have told him his problems, pray for him or ask him to be on prayer line to deliver him of his affliction. Nosa could be afflicted. He might be hearing a voice from evil spirit which he might think is from God. The ex-disciple might have a great destiny and God would have used him mighty, but he could not hear enough and could not see enough so he was deceived. The enemy saw this great destiny and wanted to destroy it, by using his agent nosa to appear with his message of destruction to destroy the destiny of the ex-disciple.

My suspicion is not far from the fact that nosa could have been instigated by these. ” tb Joshua watch” to come to SCOAN to say he was sent by his god to tell the ex-disciple to leave SCOAN. It could be a set up, a collaboration., because how come the ex-disciple is now with the notorious group known as “TB Joshua watch”? Whose primary assignment is to try and bring the ministry dawn by their fictitious and unimaginable lies. NOTE, “TB Joshua watch” are frustrated group who were once disciples of SCOAN that were expelled because they were found wanting. These group can do and undo. They can go to any length to achieve their purpose. They are dangerous liars. God bless the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua, the wise men and all the disciples. May God grant you the grace to dig in and hold on, amen

By Florence

“Caught” At SCOAN: Nosa Osaghae Response

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Am so happy that there are our blogs that responds to this frustrated groups of people, that have vowed to rebel against TB Joshua for their

Nosa Osaghae, Victim or Culprit?
Nosa Osaghae, Victim or Culprit?

failure at the SCOAN. All they do is manufacture lies against the ministry of TB Joshua, this time a fraudulent man “NOSA OSAGHAE” whom l know very well came to the SCOAN to defraud visitor. He was caught and dealt with. Read the article below from another.

That the man in question (Nosa Osaghae) alleges to have being harshly treated by the SCOAN’s security isn’t much of a hassle to grasp, but for the graphic detail with which he expresses the alleged cruelty that it almost seems rather fictional or at the very least exaggerated; credibly a masterpiece of creative prose with the intended effect of wooing the sympathy of folks who might never be opportune to verify the real truths of the story. By his account, he had undertaken a journey from Abuja to the SCOAN HQ in Lagos to deliver a supposed prediction to a foreign disciple yet under training; with instructions to leave the SCOAN and look for another ministry, only to have himself incarcerated and tortured by SCOAN security personnel. Let’s see what we can dig up from Nosa’s story with his very own testimony. Apart from Nosa’s infuriatingly faulty approach in boycotting all the proper procedures necessary to visit the SCOAN to waylay a foreign disciple in training with such an insensitive message, he by his supposed “prophecy” to the foreign disciple appears to be one of those hungry black cleric  charlatans who wanted undue recognition and attention to be given him by a foreigner as a seer, the end to which he’d expect the successful inclusion of a “white” person as a member of his own church.

God has never been revealed to author confusion. In Acts 9:17,  In the manner he appeared in a vision to Ananias instructing him about Saul, so He did likewise appear to Saul informing him to await the coming of the one through whom he would receive his sight. Did the disciple Nosa approached to leave SCOAN have any revelations concerning him and his upsetting message prior to his coming? The disciple (Now ex-disciple) is silent on this as well, and our guess is a resounding No, perhaps this informed the disciple’s decision to report him and his counterfeited prophecy to other disciples who then (quite rightly) handed him over to security for interrogation. Security personnel in SCOAN we know are trained to respond to diverse security challenges oftentimes requiring the use of force, taking cognizance of the myriad of safety challenges they regularly

Visitors to SCOAN often fall easy prey to cleric charlatans who defraud them in the guise of being "sent" by God

Visitors to SCOAN often fall easy prey to cleric imposter’s who defraud them in the guise of being “sent” by God

face as the SCOAN plays host to pilgrims from around the world. They’ve witnessed countless similar scenarios where bogus prophetic claims are communicated to unsuspecting pilgrims with fraudulent objectives and would have likely found Nosa Osaghae’s on interrogation to be no different. If you’ve ever been defrauded by one of these cleric charlatans, or heard their victims story, you’ll understand how this is a massive deal for SCOAN security personnel.

Save for the part of the awful episode being with the consent of TB Joshua, since this was certainly an inferred speculation from his story, were we even to take the road less traveled by SCOAN supporters and hypothesize the worst scenario that the details supplied in Nosa’s story are infallibly correct, that he was in fact wronged not in the least manner short of his description. Everyone can easily attest to TB Joshua’s unquestionable loving character, but cannot undauntedly attest to the godly consistency of all his disciples, much less security personnel. However we try to obscure this fact, it is undeniable and perhaps for this you might desperately wish that TB Joshua were nailed to a stake. But then, ever wondered why one of the closest disciples exquisitely coached by the Christ to love enemies and turn the other cheek when smacked, would in his masters defense turn bizarrely ferocious to the extent of chopping off the ear of one who merely posed slight threat to his master; and a man under authority at that? (John 18:10Today we could compare this to stabbing a police officer just because he asked a man to identify himself in the crowd. We could even further consider that peter almost certainly wasn’t just trying to cut off the man’s ear; he was trying to take off the man’s head. Anyone who has had experience in the use of a sword or a saber knows exactly what peter did or tried to do, Malchus survived only because he dodged sufficiently so that the sword just grazed his sideways-ducked head, cleanly taking off the ear, as peter swung the weapon with everything he had. So much, you might say, for the fruits of the three yearlong coaching on LOVE Jesus constantly supplied his disciples that peter shows off such a brute  behavior, very unbecoming of one who had received thorough lessons in Love and life. Although Peters actions are undeniably verified in scripture much to our shame, it would be absolutely inappropriate to attribute his brute behavior as one of the “fruits” of Jesus earthly ministry. Same applies to TB Joshua, his disciples and workers for a servant cannot be greater than his master. Unless of course you want to raise the stakes for the servant what the master couldn’t himself achieve while with his disciples.

Conclusively, if by any chance in all eternity there be any credence to Nosa’s story, it was rather unfortunate for dear Nosa that TB Joshua wasn’t present to rescue him from the enraged security personnel, just as Jesus rescued Malchus and ordered peter to sheath his sword. Or do you seriously think the TB Joshua you know, if present or made aware of his case would stand still there gloating over him being chastised if it were true? though we completely doubt it, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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Breaking News: The Betrayal of Prophet TB Joshua

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |


WOW! We have avoided this for long but we will talk.

God has created people in different ways with different interests and opinions just as he has created pastors/ prophets with different callings, different ways of running their ministries and we cannot say God has made a mistake regarding this issue and we cannot blame God on the other hand for our bad choices (ex- disciples as they now refer to SCOAN). Please read our post Strong Attack Launched Against TB Joshua
to follow the article.

I will not focus on whether Prophet T.B Joshua has done what he is being accused of or not or if it good or bad but will rather focus on my points of interests. Most of the disciples complain of:

1.denial of privacy – What do you want to do in Private? When you’re still single and not living with your husband? is there anything good done in private?

2.late night meetings – In a church as busy as SCOAN do you think there will be time for the Prophet to have un-interrupted meeting with the disciples? and for him to schedule such appointments with them it’s because of his love for them and that he considers his disciples important and deserve enough time with him. Only if those ex- disciples knew how lucky they were.

3.sleep deprivation – I think it’s a good idea that one should spend more time awake than sleeping, I would rather be awake than to be sleeping and being attacked all night by spiritual husbands, be fed all night with demonic food, socializing with the dead etc. I would rather be living in a place like SCOAN where we will only focus on building our tomorrow in Christ and building an empire that will sustain our generations to come both spiritually and physically because anyway we were told that this world is not our home we are just passing through and our true rest will be in heaven packaged with our rewards for our work well done here on earth by the Lord. There’s no enough time left, our mission in Christ is to win as many souls to him as possible before it’s too late. one should not be worried about “sleeping” but rather fighting to do their best in what they are called for.
4.reporting – okay is this the reporting of good or the bad that you have done? well if somebody says “I don’t like being reported” mainly they refer to being reported for the bad they have done! SCOAN is a church and those living there should be careful of what they do because they are much more closer to Jesus (they can hide from the Prophet but cannot hide from Jesus) and I am sure the reason the Prophet came out with this strategy was to reduce mistakes and bad actions. So if a disciple sees it as wrong it means they were willing to live with their bad habits for life in the presence of Christ himself? Besides if you don’t like being reported for the bad things you do why not try and do your best to make it a point that whenever there is a report concerning you it should be always good reports only… Why not pray and tell the Lord that he should help you in your daily activities that you don’t make mistakes? Remember Going to SCOAN is not to please Prophet T.B Joshua but Jesus himself…

5.They also live in compounds – Well sometimes its not nice to share a room with more than 5 people but if you are called by God to do something he wants you to do then living in a compound should not be a hindrance between you and your God and that should not be a reason for one to claim this as the basis of leaving the SCOAN.

6.I may never see my loved ones – Trust me if you are at the SCOAN called by the Lord God himself you will not have time to think about your family or friends but rather you will be occupied with the load of work the Lord has called you for. Remember there are those who go to SCOAN to become disciples with their own expectations and there are those who God has prepared from home with a life time table of what they should accomplish together with the prophet at a certain period in life. When you know what God has called you for, time frame will not be a priority.

Again God designs ministries differently to suit different callings and people if the Prophet says “avoid contact with your family” this statement will be received by individuals differently some will take it like “Emma” some will take it like me who won’t even have to wait for the Prophet to utter that statement but would rather make him promise me that he will never allow any of my people, friends or family near the SCOAN for as long as live there and not even to entertain their phone calls or emails because of what I have gone through in their care… so you see God is the one who gives directions in life. Read about Jesus and his family including brothers and sisters you will understand. Besides I believe that your husband or wife should be above all relatives and should be worth you leaving your mother and father brothers and sisters and even friends to be with him or her, the one God has created you for as a husband or wife because I believe most of the ex disciples didn’t have to leave their husbands or wives at home!

7.I have no qualifications – The Prophet is giving out scholarships for heaven’s sake to people all over the world, to people he does not even know and you as an ex disciple want to tell me that you have asked him (TBJ) to sponsor you and he refused? for 10 years you have asked and he plainly refused? I don’t think so, I think you also never thought of studying just as he didn’t…

8. no proof of what I’ve done with my life – That is not an excuse one cannot blame the Prophet for not doing anything with their life for 10 years, okay When you left SCOAN did you sit down with the Prophet and tell him all the things your now telling the world? did you tell him and he did not listen? did you tell him that you have wasted 10 years of your life and he must compensate you for all those years? I can sense a no I was afraid for my life! Then let me tell you that you were not meant to be there in the first place, if the Prophet is as bad as all the ex – disciples say and are all afraid of him (remember there is a difference between being afraid of someone and respecting someone) then they should have went to a weaker Prophets like them and leave T.B Joshua with those God has designed to follow him because I am sure that those who were divinely created to follow T.B Joshua are as bold as he is, they understand the importance of speaking out in a respectful way without being afraid that he will harm them (they know that their lives are in God’s hands and no man can do anything to harm them because greater is he in them) (what kind of disciples were you? maybe the reason things didn’t go well is you missed the whole point that everything at SCOAN is all about Jesus.) they are fearless, not afraid of challenges, they know who T.B Joshua is spiritually and if he does something wrong to them or offend them they have a personal relationship with his master Jesus and they can simply go down on their knees and report him (TBJ) to his Master, the King of all Kings who has authority both in heaven and on earth to do as he pleases and he will surely deal with the situation. instead of you running away and not facing your challenges with the Prophet.

Everything that the ex- disciples complain about are little things read about the relationship of Jesus and his disciples how he used to speak to them, try Elijah and the others and you will see that TBJ is a sweet man of God… To prove that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever try and ask from him something that is not in line with his will for your life and see if he will give you, try and fast and pray for years and you will understand what I am talking about. Ask TBJ for a house, a car, scholarship, a cheque for $1 million and see if he will refuse to give you, he won’t he will give you instantly…. and tell me who is being strict and harsh between the two…

As for me if I am to be given the opportunity to be a disciple at SCOAN I would stay there for the rest of my life and I would not stay there to be rewarded by the prophet for the number of years I have spend there but I would expect all my rewards to be from God and if there is anything I don’t understand or don’t like about the ministry or the prophet I will raise up my concerns with the Prophet whether good or bad instead of following what the masses are saying or suspecting of him so that life may continue. I would prefer to rather stay there for life God will surely bless from there, if he can do it for those who only go there for Sunday services alone how much more I who will be serving him from there day and night? surely my reward will be greater…

The Truth is that, such stories are not new. Take Judas in the bible, did he not work with Jesus for 3 years, saw signs and wonders ate with him from the same table and plate? He was at a point one of the disciples that was given power to cast out demons and heal the sick when Jesus sent His disciple out to preach repentance, yet Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

Firstly, she mentioned that they lived a communal life-In the days of Jesus and apostles they all sold everything and brought together for a communal living (e.g. story of Ananias and Sapphires)hence there was great signs and wonders happening and people feared greatly. No one had more than anyone they were all in one accord.

Furthermore, if there was no privacy as she stated, how come she could be sexually abused and nobody see’s it? Someone who is living in sin cannot posses such anointing to do consistent signs and wonders for over 30 years, and the anointing is still increasing day by day. Using the case of Bisola Johnson, hence shows that they are birds of the same feather. The story of Bisola Johson and was in clear contradiction on why she came to SCOAN. If we had not seen the SCOAN side of her story one would have been inclining towards the lies in her story. As the saying goes liars have no memory. Glory to God the prophet has insight through divine backing and hence records every activity that goes on within the SCOAN.

Secondly, the bible clearly states that to be a disciple of Jesus you must count the cost (you must leave your families, loved ones and be totally committed to the things of God). . Paul said all I have, gained etc.. I have counted loss, that he may gain the Excellency of Christ. That is why people want to indulge in their secret sins and life and expect the anointing to flow, you then begin to wonder why there is no such power in our churches these days as in the time of the prophets and apostles. The issue is majority that fall out wants to do what they like and expect to be a disciple, they forget that to have the anointing is not man but God who gives the anointing based on a well developed character. God knowing what Emma will do has not giving her such anointing because He knows her too well, her foundation is faulty.

In the SCOAN the prophet has made no room for any to fall into sin. The bible says you shall write the word of God everywhere, windows, doors, walls, in our generation through media so that you will be constantly reminded of the WORD of God and be careful to do them. Therefore, I do not see anything wrong in playing Emmanuel.TV at SCOAN all the time. Individuals at home watch Emmanuel.TV 24/7 and receive their miracles, how much more the SCOAN. Agents of Satan are all looking for avenues to attack, but they will never succeed. The prophet works with divine inspiration from the Holy Spirit who guides him and tells him how to do things.

,I have many more things to say but will end with these words: Jesus clearly stated that if they called HIM (who is the Master) names, persecuted Him, then His servants should expect same. If the world (note the world is ruled by Satan and his agents) loves you, then you are not of Christ. But glory to God who has sent His servant in the person of Prophet TB Joshua, to expose the works of darkness and his tricks in the world today.

By Wallace and Blessed

Strong Attack Launched Against TB Joshua

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

We at TB Joshua Fans UK believe that the first to present his case will always seem right until  another comes and questions him. It is patience in asking the right questions that will force either probity or deception to reveal itself where present. But whether true or false, what we stoutly represent is a refusal to accept a one sided story like other partisan sites and whatever stance you may have taken on this controversial prophet, either as a supporter or critic, it still remains unequivocally clear that most of the stories circulating the internet that are mitigating against this prophet at most came from those who were once his ardent front-line followers, aside from raising a red-flag by giving quite some weight to their testimonies, and being a bothersome thorn in the flesh of pro-Scoan folks, it also further demystifies the personality of TB Joshua In the context of him still having an increasing local and international follower-ship even with just about enough defaming material to quickly set people on their heels away from him. A quick search on Google will reveal various testimonies by these ex-disciples of TB Joshua’s ministry, putting forward quite vehemently, debasing claims of sexual abuse and ill- treatment allegedly suffered at his hands, and this was well complemented with further questions in animosity of the legitimacy of the very miracles that seemed to have prompted them to follow TB Joshua in the first place. We at TB Joshua Fans UK  would never have contested the “truthfulness” of these allegations if the word “betrayal” never existed, that is, the possibility of all these claims of abuse being falsified and untrue just as some others hold that it is true, is what qualifies it as a debatable issue, for at least those who have never lived within the Scoan premises.

It is however quite surprising that we hardly ever hear stories like this about other ministers or pastors, and the reason most likely, as our findings report is his peculiar style of training followers as disciples, different from the modern conventional methods. Quite a number of ministries have a former school for disciples who desire to be trained for ministerial work, with a process for enrollment, tuition for training, a well defined course outline in discipleship training and finally a certificate issued proving that they met the required standards during their training, but TB Joshua’s methods seem very far from this in a peculiar sort of way, apart from having his imposing edifice at the SCOAN, Lagos Nigeria receiving and playing host to thousands of pilgrims from across the world, it also houses men and women from different countries, of different ages and works of Life who have left their countries, homes, Jobs and others to follow this man as disciples, with him bearing the full responsibility for their upkeep. The prophet Himself is said to live in the same compound with his disciples and in an interview with Evelyn Joshua, TB Joshua’s wife – they are there for an indefinite period of time, in her words she said “its a lifelong training” now we know that the implications of this would be at first unprecedented, but now the results are definitely crystallizing out clearly – with all the defaming allegations circumventing the internet as well as the advent of the “wise men” who seem to be the evidence of those who have being fully trained.

Having lived with the prophet for years, a lot of these disciples would definitely know more about the inner workings of the ministry, so without asking questions and getting a different account from other ex-disciples, the populace would have no choice but to believe them, without getting to hear the other side of the story  – So the purpose of this post is to bring into debate the allegations made against TB Joshua by certain ex-disciples, of which several similar ones exist, carefully considering their possibility of occurrence whilst subjecting them to sound reasoning and if possible come to a logical conclusion.

The first we shall consider with an excerpt from an anti-scoan website  is “The story of Emma“,  A Scoan ex-disciple who had supposedly dedicated ten years of her Life to Scoan,  her claim of  abuse and ill treatment is stated below.

I’m very grateful to have found this site. I personally have been affected by TB Joshua and the SCOAN in a most negative way. I’m eternally grateful to Jesus for giving me a second chance when I was so deeply deceived. Since leaving SCOAN I have discovered a completely different side to God – an intimate relationship with Him with no human mediator, and total forgiveness without your past mistakes being used to break you down.
I plan on sharing my 10 year experience of being a disciple in increments as I have the strength to do so. I prefer to do it anonymously for my own safety and that of my family. I left about a year ago and am still coming to grips with the reality that SCOAN was a cult. It was a big shock when I realised that what I’d given my life to and built my future upon is nothing but a cult. I was horrified to find that the isolated communal lifestyle, denial of privacy, late night meetings, sleep deprivation, reporting, character breaking disciple meetings and so on, occur in most cults and have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit’s leading of TB Joshua as I once believed. I read about cults like Mormonism, Jehovah’s witness, Scientology, The twelve tribes, Indian guru cults, etc and saw striking similarities. They also record your confession and use it to silence you should you later leave like what happened to Bisola Johnson in Beware of Blasphemers. They also encourage that you sell your possessions and give it to their leaders, live in community and give all decision making authority to the leader. They also have meetings of character assassination, ie, monitoring, reporting and correction as SCOAN calls it. They also live in “compounds”, communal living where access to information is controlled, the leader’s videos / teachings are continually played to you and a false reality “euphoria” is created with no opportunity to question.
The hardest thing for me to come to terms with is the fact that I may never see my loved ones (brothers and sisters as they’re called in SCOAN) again. I sometimes feel guilty as I “move on with my life”, that I’m leaving so many sincere, but sincerely deceived people behind and it seems as if there is not much I can do to open their eyes. Since I had completely cut off from my family and friends – it now seems very strange to reconnect with them after 10 long years. So many things have changed but in some ways, I am exactly where I started before I joined SCOAN – I have no qualifications, no job reference, no proof of what I’ve done with my life. I’m only beginning to see the effects of many years of sexual and emotional abuse I received from TB Joshua. But I am determined more than ever to trust in God alone, deal with my past in His strength and become what He made me to be.

For the anti-scoan folks who subscribe to her story, what are your strong reasons for believing what you never witnessed about  a Prophet of renown?

And for the pro -Scoan folks why would you refuse to believe her story?, what in your opinion could she possibly gain by lying?

Love to hear your thoughts in the comments…!

WARNING-Doomsday for World Governments is Coming!

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |


When the Nigerian uprising which resulted from the removal of fuel subsidy erupted in Nigeria, it was widely believed to be an awakening of people who have long been dormant to a fault while living under the harsh reality of the economy and culture oppression. By way of public opinion, it seemed like a revolution long overdue. Yet it appeared in the long run that the fuel subsidy protests were largely overrated as everything eventually came to a halt with the compromise reached by the Nigerian government with the populace. Although the Nigerian government may have wriggled their way out of that uprising and won that battle, it is clear now that they haven’t in the least way won the war. TB Joshua of the Synagogue of all Nations proved this when he addressed the nation Nigeria and the world via his satellite channel Emmanuel TV on the live Sunday service of the 14 of July 2013. He emphasized that this was a prophetic vision God had shown him repeatedly over a period of several weeks that left much for him to bother. At exactly 3:45 pm WAT on Sunday after the congregation and viewers worldwide had waited on him for hours on end, TB Joshua appeared on stage looking rather stern and delivered the shocker; these were his words:

I’m seeing a revolution, I’m seeing people taking to the streets, at the beginning of that protest it might be stopped, but eventually it will become so big that it cannot be stopped. This I see happen, Nigeria pray.


TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

I am seeing a revolution. I am seeing people take to the street. At the beginning of that protest, it might be stopped. Eventually, it will become so big that it cannot be stopped.

The Way Out: Job creation for the youth and the creation of a new social value system. This is because 90% of youth believe that it is by becoming political thugs that they could be successful, especially because those in the political offices do not want to retire in politics and become statesmen. The youth, no matter the education they have, feel they have no place in politics and there is no job to keep them busy. There must be new orientation.

In politics, the youth should be considered for important positions such as assistants to the elders. While the elders are ministers, the youth could be junior ministers. This little example of being junior ministers can change the situation of things. Tell your presidents – in every department of government or politics, the youth should be junior assistants to the heads of such departments.

A good example – The chairman of the political party in your country could be an elder while a youth should be a junior chairman under him as the second in command.

In all appointments in the departments of politics or administration, youth should be considered as second in command. By doing this, we are training them to take over tomorrow. This is because they are leaders tomorrow.
This is a message to the whole world. This is because revolution is a weapon of change that is coming.

This is the vision I saw. Revolution is coming when people will take to the street because life has no value anymore to the people out there.

Any nation that will start it now, will avert the coming revolution. Carry your youth along in your politics and administration especially in ruling your country. I have said it; none of these will go without being fulfilled.

Read about me and my track record; this is the voice of God.

I realised that my messages right from the beginning of my ministry were never believed until they came to pass. I want you to believe this before it happens because it would be disastrous. When we carry the youth along, whenever there is a revolt or situation, they will be available to readily speak to their colleagues and peace will be maintained. The youth want to see themselves represented in every area of life. God bless your nation, God bless the whole world, peace be unto your nations. Those who cry peace to us, prophesy nothing but smooth things. Those who cry peace to you, victory be to you, all is well, unlimited favour, prophesy nothing but smooth things. As surely as God lives, I (T.B. Joshua) will tell you only what God says. If I am hated, persecuted and intimidated because of my accurate prophetic utterances – Blessed be to God who gives the prophecy!

As truth was older than terror so it will survive it, it got the start and it will get the race. The day will declare who is in the right and who is in the wrong, says the Lord.

When God gives being to the Word, that Word becomes alive. You can speak Word without being but God Himself gives life to the Word. What God says is final. God has all men’s hearts in His hands and turns them as He pleases to serve His purpose contrary to their own first intentions.

I am talking to your country. Let’s pray that God should give our leaders and people in positions a hearing heart.

If this is done, you will still see signs, you will still see protests but those protests will not turn into a revolution. Our youth are more educated than our elders because they are exposed to modern day technology.
The coming ominous signs are disastrous. I am talking to the whole world.



TB Joshua Church Nigeria |


Mr Samuel Diah, a Tanzanian, came to The SCOAN with the problem of stagnation and business failure. He had occupied important positions at his work place and served in strategic capacities but he had nothing in terms of material wealth to show for his years of dedicated service. He had almost written himself off as a total failure. However, with the last ray of hope left in him, he decided to give God a chance to demonstrate His power over his life. He visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water and ministered it daily in Jesus’ name.

A month later, he received a call from the Ministry of National Tourism and Natural Resources notifying him that he had been elected as a director of the Tanzanian Tourist Board. He also gave another testimony of how God had saved him and his son from a ghastly road accident. That fateful day, before leaving his house, he ministered the Anointing Water as usual and drove his son to school. Along the way, the car swerved and somersaulted. People ran to see if there were any survivors in the car and miraculously, nothing happened to them. To God be the glory. He showed his appointment letters and photographs of the scene of the accident.

ASK GOD, NOT MAN – Wise Man Daniel

Prophet T.B. Joshua often says that a prophet shall prophesy that which he will live to see accomplished. That popular saying of the man of God was once again proven by the testimony of a young couple into whose lives he had prophesied concerning the sex of their baby while it was yet an embryo in the lady’s womb.  That singular evidence, which is not an isolated case of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophesies as being a communicator between the visible and invisible worlds, only demonstrates the unquestionable evidence that he sees, says, hears and acts as God instructs.

When Prophet T.B. Joshua also warned against an impending global economic catastrophe and advised going back to the drawing board, he was voicing out what he had seen and heard from God. To lend credence to his concerns, he launched the now world-acclaimed SCOAN Job Creation Initiative for young graduates and youth which aims at bridging the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor, as well as to reduce the escalating crime rate due to joblessness on our streets.

In his message during the Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that the so-called legacy of education we give to our children will be meaningless because the prevalent unemployment in the world economy has made education useless and therefore, the young ones fail to see any value in education.

The twenty-two graduates, who had earlier benefited from The SCOAN Job Creation Initiative for young graduates and youth, were present at the service to present their letters of appointment and to thank the man of God for his benevolence.

Responding to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s clarion call Mrs Sina Chuma-Mkandawire, Director/Representative of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), United Nations and Laison Office for ECOWAS came to The SCOAN. Applauding the initiative, she also announced their readiness to partner with Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV to carry the employment campaign to greater heights.

ASK GOD, NOT MAN – Wise Man Daniel

Image In Wise Man Daniel’s message titled ‘Ask God, Not Man’, he reminded us of what Psalm 12:2 says that everyone lies to his neighbor. If everyone lies to his neighbour, who then can we believe? We can believe God as the only reliable source of all we need to live for Him here and now. If you can believe, worry and anxiety will varnish. Some human plans or your mind may come between you and God’s Word but rest upon what God says, “If you believe, all things are possible!”

In the process of finding out the truth, we need to get familiar with God through His Word and by His Spirit because we can count on God’s Word being good and it cannot fail without God failing.

From the hundreds of people who were eager to share their testimonies of healing, deliverance and breakthrough, we were able to accommodate just a few in view of the many activities lined up for the Sunday Service.



TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

Patricia Mokane from Botswana tested in 2008 and was confirmed positive to HIV/AIDS 1. She experienced back pain, severe headaches, general body weakness and dizziness during the years following.

When she watched Emmanuel TV and witnessed the many testimonies of healing, she was persuaded to ask one of her friends who had visited

The SCOAN, to give her the Anointing Water she had received during her visit.

Patricia Mokane from Botswana tested in 2008 and was confirmed positive to HIV/AIDS 1.
Patricia Mokane from Botswana tested in 2008 and was confirmed positive to HIV/AIDS 1.

She ministered the Anointing Water, praying, “Jesus Christ, Son of David, have mercy on me. You helped Hagar in the desert. As You helped Hagar and You healed Naaman through a pool of water, don’t let me die. Please God, heal me today”.

When The SCOAN evangelists visited Botswana to register people who wished to visit The SCOAN. She told The SCOAN evangelist that she needed prayer for the problem of HIV/AIDS but The SCOAN evangelist advised her to go for another blood test to confirm her current HIV status because the medical report she had brought to the screening center was outdated. She complied and returned to the hospital to do another test and to her greatest shock and amazement, she tested negative to HIV/AIDS. Not really believing what had transpired, she went again and again to five different hospitals including the same government hospital that confirmed her to be positive to HIV/AIDS 1 and the various reports corroborated her HIV/AIDS negative status.

She showed her BEFORE and AFTER medical reports from a government hospital in Botswana, proving that she was once confirmed HIV/AIDS Positive 1 but is now negative to HIV/AIDS.


TB Joshua Church Nigeria |



Emmanuel! God is with us (Matthew 1:23). Jesus never stops giving us reasons to praise Him! T.B. Joshua has sent the Anointing Water to the UK and it will be ministered by God’s grace at the next Prayer Line service at SCOAN UK. It is not the water that heals, blesses or delivers but God Himself, since the anointing is done in Jesus’ name. Get ready for your testimony to be restored,!

Click here to go to the form in order to apply.

If you wish to visit the SCOAN in Lagos CLICK HERE to apply