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Lesego Mabote from Botswana, told her moving story of how in her place of work, she had been painfully waiting for promotion for more than 10

Lesego Mabote from Botswana, told her moving story of how in her place of work

Lesego Mabote from Botswana, told her moving story of how in her place of work

years. In spite of her strong attachment to her job and the zeal to do her best, she was disappointingly demoted whereas her colleagues were being promoted.

This unusual trend of administrative injustice caused her depression and she gave up hope of ever being able to move upward in her career.

She resigned herself to working only for money for food and utilities and not expecting a better and brighter career future.

In search of solution to her problem she went to prayer houses but nothing positive came out of her being prayed for.

Coming from a background of idol worshipping family, she was obliged to go back home to find out what the matter was. She was told by spiritualists that if she did not keep up the practices of her forbears she would not expect any success or breakthrough in her career. This revelation blackened her horizon and she believed there was not a single chance of her coming out of her predicament.

As she however watched Emmanuel TV and saw the wonderful testimonies given by people who had similar situation as hers, she decided to come to The SCOAN and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water.

When she got home, she began to minister the Anointing Water every day in the name of Jesus, believing that her help could only come from the Almighty. She also prayed that God should rewrite her history of being bound to family tradition. The Son of God declared her free and she is free indeed.

Not long after, out of the blue, she received a call from her manager that she was due to be promoted to Supervisor of the office.

She is now proud to be occupying the position of a Supervisor in her office. Her depression and despair have been turned into joy.



  1. fadfad89

    Who shall separate you from the love of Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for what he has done into your life. Lord Jesus Christ healed you for the salvation of your soul. Never depart from his ways, because his ways are life. Be blessed sister


  2. blessed!

    Praise God almighty! This is a wonderful testimony, i’m looking forward to receiving my own anointing water very soon and i know that it will draw me closer and closer to Jesus, and it will lead me to where he (Jesus) will be interested in what i have to do and say in Jesus’ name.


  3. naposoimaludwiek@yahoo.com

    Saints am praying for God to elevate my life and that of my family. My business intentions are always miscarraged and I pray God who helped Lesego Mabote of Botswana not to pass me by. Its unfortunate that I don’t have an annointing water to apply am banking on God to rescure our situation. Think of us in your prayers. Napo from Rustenburg South Africa
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


  4. Bonisiwe Mvuyane

    Coingratulations Lesigo, we praise God for answering your prayers. Oh how I wish to visit SCOAN but it seems difficult. I pray that God to remember me and hear my cry. I also have a wish to be delivered to all the bondages of life. I am praying for the fruit of the womb. Doctors have given me negative results but I know that my God my creator has the final and positive say.I cannot wait to give my testimony. Peace be with you people of God. Emmanuel



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