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TB Joshua Church Nigeria | scoan-outside Every year, The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations hosts thousands of national and international visitors. People travel from around the world to witness and receive from the mighty work that God is doing in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the five Wise Men. We have been given the grace to organise groups from the United Kingdom and the EU to visit the SCOAN to witness first-hand proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! If you would like to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, in a group from the United Kingdom or any part of the EU simply fill the form on this page We would then send you  a questionnaire, fill it out in detail and submit it. Make sure your complete details are included. We would invite you to see you physically before sending your application to SCOAN HQ for processing.  Applicants from the EU must be ready to come to the UK to be seen and interviewed.

70 thoughts on “Fill in your SCOAN Visitors Questionnaire Form Online – TB Joshua Fans Group

  1. Iness kakompe

    Happy birth day prophet TBJoshua
    my right knee is paining very much but iam not sharing with any one iam afraid they may speak rubish against the work of God done by my prophet TBJoshua. Because i was prayed for and i was healed from 8 illnesses last year by scoan team. I need to go to scoan but we dont have an organising team here in Zambia .please i would love to give one who will be going there my adress so that he/she can send me a pack of Annointing water and a sticker please i have surffererd a lot.
    My postal adress is iness kakompe –house #6-23-avenue nkana east kitwe zambia. Please send me the pack God will reward you. Iam 50 years like my prphet.
    Bye for now
    iness Zambia .i look after 98 orphans
    God bless the UK Scoan Blog


  2. fadfad89

    Come and enjoy the presence, the power and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ in the arena of liberty. Where many people are being healed, saved, blessed and delivered using the anointed man of GOD Senior Prophet T B Joshua, the five Wise Men.. There is power in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His power is real it exists. Lord Jesus Christ never said goodbye he is still empowering his Apostles to change the world. I pray that Lord Jesus Christ to bless and to give more grace to all Ministers of GOD all over the world so that lives will be transformed, so that the word of GOD is heard every corner of the earth. Emmanuel – GOD with us



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