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Pastor Obi, while sharing his testimony stated that he was a minister of God before and in obedience to the advice from his mentor, would pray against The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua.

He said he had thought that the power in The SCOAN was not from God and their members call it ‘The Synagogue of satan’, believing that T.B. Joshua and his workers had horns and tails like the devil is depicted. He and colleagues would hold prayer vigils specifically targeting and rebuking T.B. Joshua and his ministry. He noticed however, that the more he prayed against T.B. Joshua, the more he experienced setback in his life, home

and ministry. After some time, his friend who had been without a child for 17 years came to The SCOAN, was healed, delivered and now has a baby. That opened his eyes and he decided to come to The SCOAN to see things for himself. He was surprised to hear the man of God, Prophet T.B.

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua

Joshua continually preaching about love, not condemnation of any ministry or minister. He asked God for forgiveness, stating that his condemnation of this ministry was the greatest mistake of his life. He confessed that he has now installed the Emmanuel TV decoder in his house. He further spoke of a prophecy he had received from Prophet T.B. Joshua during a previous Live Service where he was told to forgive his wife. He had been very angry and annoyed with his wife because she told him that if he travelled to Lagos to visit The SCOAN, he would die, according to a message she had received. He ignored what she said and came to Lagos and returned home safe and sound. His wife, who accompanied him on the occasion of giving this testimony, also spoke, thanking God for the grace in the life of the man of God and her husband’s faith.

Prophet T.B. Joshua commented that many mouths that had been used to curse the ministry in the past are now blessing God for the ministry. He concluded by saying, “If lying goes on for 100 years, one day, truth will meet it.”   “The mouth we are using to bless this ministry now, once, we have used it to curse this ministry. Now, people are provoked because they realize that they had made a mistake.”

After the testimonies, T.B. Joshua moved round ministering words of prophecy to individuals. The wise men then came to minister deliverance and pray for every person present. The service concluded with a powerful time of mass prayer as every bit of darkness in the lives of the people was exposed by the light of God.




    Happy Birthday Prophet of all Nations. “50” is a significant figure, therefore, you are about to start a new journey on earth, in a new realm. Watch out what the Finger of God is about to unfold through you, in this generation. Fabricated stories and gang-staring can never have a base in this season. May God strengthen you always, Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen


  2. Bonisiwe Mvuyane

    Our God is a revealing God, Happy Birthday man of the most high God. Years can increase but you stay the same, don’t grow old. Be blessed


  3. blessed

    People should learn to ask for God’s opinion concerning anything they don’t understand. The lord will be faithful to reveal the truth to them concerning any matter in life. As for “horns and tails” that’s a bit too much!



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