Breaking News – Owusu Bempah Angry Over Girl Friend’s Deliverance By TB Joshua

TB Joshua Church Nigeria |

You need to watch and see the reason why Owusu Bempah is so  angry with TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all nations


4 thoughts on “Breaking News – Owusu Bempah Angry Over Girl Friend’s Deliverance By TB Joshua

  1. Benny Johnson

    This is not about him. Its about her. Her desire to be delivered was greater than the demon (s) trying to stop her. Thank God she’s set free. Praise the Lord! He may need the fire of the holy spirit to touch him as well. This anger may be the reaction of demons in him.


  2. fadfad89

    Thank you sister for seeking the face of GOD, because you have seen the light of GOD in the arena of liberty and the Wise Man sent by GOD, who delivered you.. I pray that you will follow the foot steps of the Lord Jesus Christ fore ever, because he wants all people to be saved including your friend.. The Anointed man from above Man of GOD Major Prophet T B Joshua and the Anointed Wise Men keep delivering people for the salvation of their soul. The fields are ripe, but the harvesters are few, so those who are wise are coming to be delivered whilsts there is still a chance. Those who wants to see the light are coming to the arena of liberty and there are ministering the medium of the Anointing Water.


  3. Blessed

    He should rejoice over his “girl friend’s deliverance!” at least now it should be clear to him that he has a big problem and needs deliverance by the wise men, especially by being angry at a man send by God himself, Prophet T.B Joshua.

    This is even better now because he knows where to locate a piece of his troubles. “In the Atlantic Ocean!”


  4. martha Adama

    Things like that can make one to be angry, no matter the level of his anger he cannot do TB Joshua anything Darkness must always run from the light l want to tell TB Joshua more grease to your elbow .



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