Our problem with TB Joshua – His exposing us

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“ONE BAD APPLE SPOILS A WHOLE BUNCH,” IS AN OLD ADAGE THAT IS APT TO DESCRIBE THE CURRENT DEBATE GOING ON ESPECIALLY IN GHANA CONCERNING THE UNFORTUNATE INCIDENT AT THE SYNAGOGUE CHURCH BRANCH. This yellow journalism stance of the disgruntled elements in the Ghanaian media can be likened to the current critique going on in the UK where a British-born lunatic bearing a second name that sounds like a Nigerian had beheaded his brother who is a British soldier; but the press are looking at his name instead of his true identity. They suddenly have lost sight of the teeming Nigerians in the likes of Gabriel Agbonlahor playing for Aston Villa and Three Lions, Andrew Osagie – UK’s reigning 800m champion, Lawrence Okoye – British Discus Record Holder (68.24m), Abiodun Oyepitan – British Olympic Silver and Gold Medalist – Christine Ohuruogu – Beijing Olympic British Gold Medalist, Eniola Aluko – British Olympic Female Football star, Temi Fagbenle British Olympic Basketball queen, just to mention few Nigerians, who have made the world proud and Nigerian government is not asking for royalties to be paid to her in respect of these accomplishers.

The point here is that the Synagogue Church in Ghana did not come to be planted overnight. Many cases of healing of sicknesses and diseases that had hitherto been abandoned as hopeless, deliverance from various evils that tormented the people for ages, economic, academic and domestic breakthroughs and prophetic utterances affecting the nation and some individuals that had been vindicated by the turn of events – and above all, the many Ghanaians, Burkinabe’s, Togolese and Ivoirians who would travel long distances to visit the Lagos headquarters of the synagogue, church of all nations – these genuine developments obviously would inform any reasonable organization or even an entrepreneur with good intentions to serve the people to consider bringing the system within the proximity of the people concerned. The synagogue church in Ghana was not planted for financial gains as many commercial (excuse my usage) churches that one can see on nearly all crannies of the city. If the synagogue’s presence has served to bolster the abandonment of some deceitful traditional healing methods as well as hypocritical pastoral idiosyncrasies, then kudos should be accorded those that encouraged its establishment in Ghana. One unfortunate incident had occurred, and we seem to forget to count the blessings that have accrued from the synagogue, church of all nations over the years. Methinks, our focus should rather be on how the press should work hands in gloves with the few churches that have signaled their willingness to continue the distribution of the new anointing water. Certainly, there is much that can be done by the press by way of providing awareness with regard to designated locations and probably a follow-up on highlighting evidences of instant or long-term healing effects resulting from the new anointing water. An igbo parlance says, “if you thank the hero for what he had done, he will be encouraged to do greater things”. A word is enough for the wise.

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4 thoughts on “Our problem with TB Joshua – His exposing us

  1. I want to be exposed. I realised, when you can face your dirty past and further.. The world can’t move you with anything they say. But when you hide it, you becom bitter easily necause your afraid they’ll expose you..


  2. amen….,and as people lets invite Him in our lifes through our good deeds,for by so doing its easy for Him to get close to us,not forgeting to feed ourselfs with the word


  3. Me i dont see any problem with being exposed for if i am wicked it has to be said out,and for me to recover is for me to DISCOVER MY PROBLEM


  4. Lord Jesus Christ is the only solution, to our problems. He is the problem solvers to all the satanic things because he has power to destroy all the problems which are created by him. people of Almighty GOD let us give our creator a chance to solve all the misunderstanding which is happening to people and in the church. Because he is the Alpha and Omega, he is the owner of his Living Word. Peace be still on earth


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