Fabricated stories and account of the ‘gang’ TB Joshua Watch

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TB Joshua Watch……….an outstanding example of paradigm paralysis, tainted by deceit and intolerable insinuations. It is very sad to see and read

TB Joshua
TB Joshua

the ‘fabricated’ stories and account of the ‘gang’ propagating the evil attacks on SCOAN as a ministry and the person of Prophet T B Joshua.  Suffice to say that, it is now quite evident that the people behind this ’evil project’ are the disgruntled elements, who for whatever reason they became followers and workers in this ministry for the ‘many’ years had not accomplished their mission, or their own agenda.

Who first enticed or forced them into this ministry anyway?  Because of their selfish and dubiously motivated reasons, and because they could not ‘achieve’ what they desired, consequently decided to be the strong attackers of this ministry.  It is quite sad to witness this, for whatever it is worth, come on…..seems the whole issue is tantamount to the skin colour.  Am sure that if TB Joshua  were to be of the other skin colour, oh……it would be a different kettle of fish indeed!

It is quite apparent that the postings and so called ‘comments’ on their ‘venture’ are all concocted, because as they claim they still have ‘loved ones’ in the ministry. These so called former disciples and workers in the vineyard had given and narrated their ‘own side’ of why they left.  Really we don’t get it, what point are they making? As we said earlier, we do not and will never incite anyone to come forward to tell stories about how and why they left SCOAN, the postings and comments we publish are well scrutinised before hand , because we will never be part of words trading and counter accusations, or preside over others to judge and watch them.  All we are doing is to establish and foster good, spirit-filled relationship with Children of God for the salvation of their souls, just like by-line of Emmanuel TV…….Changing Lives, Changing Nations, Changing the World.  As we know as children of Most High….The evidence of Christ is Life Changed. We know indeed that BETTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

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6 thoughts on “Fabricated stories and account of the ‘gang’ TB Joshua Watch

  1. If T.B. JOSHAU is a fake prophet, that mean jesus christ is a FAKE too !
    And we love to worship this fake because he through tb joshua redeem us from your satanic doctrines.
    Emmanuel, god is with us


  2. Almighty GOD you have been in heaven from generation to generation, You created other worlds including the earth and you brought it into being. This shows that you created us for your purpose. To worship you and you anointed the Ministers of GOD so that you use them to perform miracles, so that lives will be changed, so that nations will be changed and so that the world will be charged or transformed for your glory. What GOD has Anointed he always strengthening them so that he continue use them to perform miracles in every situation..Emmanuel


  3. Greetings, fellow Christians,
    In my previous comments, i was just short of calling a spade, a spade. Honestly, i think if the prophet T.B Joshua, was not a black person, then all the negativity towards would have been minimal if not non-existent. This judgment i make due to the tone of most of the critics, they sound anti-status of prophet T.B Joshua’s. God, the spirit chooses and dwells where it has reasons to do so, and the body of the Man of God was seen by God as the ideal place. A place that would be welcoming to people of all colour and creed, famous and infamous, rich and poor, big and small, me and you etc., a body that would accept the gift and be a good messenger, a body which feels compassion for the under-privileged, a body that stays modest and humble, a body that cares for the orphaned, a body that teaches the lost about God, a body which does as directed, changing people, changing nations and changing the world.
    The holy-spirit saw it fit to dwell in prophet T.B Joshua because it is where it is compatible, remember during before Jesus crucification, he was the only supreme being then, and still he had his detractors, those who worshiped idols, and today’s detractors of The man of God, are idol-worshipers, satanists, fake men of God who are green of envy. They may all say what they want, do all that they wish but one thing for certain, just like a mountain, he is immovable by mere mammals, in prophet T.B Joshua, we learn and believe!, remain blessed.


  4. better is not good enough indeed, the best is always yet to come! Tbjoshua watch is being shaken by prophet t.b joshua alone and they simply forget that our almighty father has multiplied the prophet into 5 wise men! Tbj watch should watch out, the lord is at work with his mighty hand…


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