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Mr Edmund Nii Ayiku Amartey, a regular contributor on one of the anti- SCOAN blogs – TB Joshua watch, who goes by alias Mr Terrific has shifted now to Ghana web where he publishes articles under the pseudonym “NII AYIKU” as a revenge for  his failure at the SCOAN. Failure? Yes, Mr Amartey Ayiku’s dubious character was exposed during 1996 and 1997, when TB Joshua had his first international crusade held at the Kaneshie Sports Complex in Accra. He had used his position at that occasion to extort money from unsuspecting worshippers who did not know that TB Joshua does not charge for the services he renders through the anointing God has bestowed upon him. Most of the people he had duped are still in the Ghana branch of The SCOAN and are ready to confront him should he try to deny those allegations thinking that the truth had been buried within the sands of time.

Ayiku Amartey was a Businessman who shuttled between Ghana and Lagos on a regular basis to  buy bleaching cream and hair products which

Edmund Nii Ayiku Amartey - The Fugitive

Edmund Nii Ayiku Amartey – The Fugitive

he sold in Accra Ghana. He tried as much as he could to become a disciple of TB Joshua but his sneaky attitude would not endear him to the heart of the prophet.

Recent publications on the internet by Nii Ayiku brought back memories of who this faceless writer is and why his words are so acidic towards TB Joshua and his ministry. Below is one of such strong worded statement.

“Enough is enough ! T B Joshua has more blood of Ghanaians on his hands and it is time to deal with this Nigerian criminal and his gang of rogues in Ghana, who claim to be pastors and prophets. It is time to disband the Synagogue church of Satan in Ghana”

It is unfortunate that insignificant people like Nii Ayiku Amartey  with a track record of failures in every aspect of life would try to apply every possible cheap method to make themselves look relevant. One should have expected that such a person who had once come close to the corridors of salvation and breakthrough should humble himself and persevere in knocking at the door of salvation until he finally arrives at a point where God will look at his determination and hearken to his plea for mercy and save him. But because Ayiku Amartey  falls into the category of those who come to Christ for the loaves and the fishes, he is impatient to wait for God’s time. These are the kinds of people that one would liken to the dog that death prevents from perceiving the aroma of the excreta till it is doomed.

Prophet T.B. Joshua is used to preaching that we need to use our goodness to change the bad we see in others.

  • What has Ayiku Amartey done to change the bad he sees of TB Joshua?
  • What effort has he or members of TB Joshua Watch done to deliver TB Joshua from the alleged involvement in the occult as they claim?
  • Would Jesus allow occultist to be calling his name for the past 20 years and consistenty performing works of miracle without exposing his hypocritical ambition? What was Jesus’ response when He was accused of being part Beelzebub? The same response is pertinent today to the likes of Ayiku Amartey.
  • TB Joshua critics, can’t you see clearly that the more you persecute TB Joshua the more his ministry is getting bigger and successful in terms of God’s anointing as is evident with people that come to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations from all over the world?
  • Was it not the recent antagonism aimed at undermining TB Joshua and the New Anointing Water and Stickers he had just introduced, that paid off by rather attracting tens of thousands of devotees to abandon their churches to attend The SCOAN in Ghana last week?
  • Many of the people who write comments on articles posted on the internet don’t even know TB Joshua yet they persecute him. To such ignorant persons, we can only pray that the Lord should forgive them for they know not what they are doing. It is our fervent prayer also that the Lord in his infinite mercy should open the eye of their hearts to have a glimpse of the Truth which, according to the Scriptures, will set them free from the bondage of satan.
  • If TB Joshua could NOT be killed, when he was just born and the evil one sent a rock to fly from afar off to fall right on the place he was lying at his naming ceremony, then no amount of denouncement or campaign of calumny can bring him down.

Ayiku Amartey should be the least qualified to advise that TB Joshua should go and attend to Nigerians. The ratio of Nigerians who come to The SCOAN to seek for solution to their problems is far greater than any single church in Nigeria has ever recorded. The records are there for anyone who cares to investigate and prove the facts.

Ayiku Amartey is the one that ought to be abvised to go and sort out his marital problem? One would have expected that you take time off to go back to your wife and the children you abandoned many years ago and have refused to provide for the innocent children God blessed you with. It is on government social welfare records that you have continued to refuse to give them the prescribed welfare fund as required by Law even if you decided to divorce the woman. The children are legitimately entitled to upkeep money from you. Doesn’t this negligence portray you as a wayward man that should not rear up your ugly neck in public.

Since you have come of age to the extent of challenging a man of God like TB Joshua, your first cause should have been to go and ask your mum who your real father is in order to put an end to the long-drawn battle between the three men that have been laying claim to having fathered you. Haven’t you had enough scandal in your life so far?

Do not quickly forget that you directly and indirectly have benefited from the magnanimity of TB Joshua when your migration to the USA had to be sponsored by Mr Apomsah whom TB Joshua had healed.

Suddenly, you have become a self made Pastor. As you watch this clip, Readers should also see the video below and judge who needs psychological evaluation – Ayiku Amartey or TB Joshua.

What do you do with the thousands of dollars you collect from people deceitfully? Your son needs money to pay his university tuition.

TB Joshua has a track record of reconciling broken families and surely your family needs to reconcile. I bet the owners of TB Joshua Watch site where you have been writing against TB Joshua don’t even know you have a broken home.

This is one of the lies you have shamelessly posted on a public social media that requires that every information put in a subscriber’s profile should be accurate but you have already violated the right to remain on that site by supplying the following misleading information:

Relationship Status

Single He is Married, he lied

About Me

I’m the leader and founder of Gospel Faith Revival, a teacher, counsellor, encourager, anointed to preach the gospel and to bring deliverance to the captives. – If the anointing upon him can deliver, why doesn’t he deliver TB Joshua? Or worse still why does he not reconcile with his wife and children which happens to be one of the ministries of The SCOAN?

Ministries I am Involved With

Evangelism, crusades, soul winning, networking, workshops, seminars, conferences. – Tell the world, Amartey how many lives have you changed?It is not late for you to make a turn around and beg for forgiveness and receive the prophet’s blessing.



5 thoughts on “RE – T B Joshua’s Water is Nonsense – Rejoinder

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  2. fadfad89

    Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Now these people they have found that Almighty GOD is always fighting for his people no matter how they try to scandalize other Men of GOD. Lord Jesus Christ is always strengthening them more and more, blessing them more and more; so that his Word is preached around the world and his Word is permanent, his Word is sure; therefore it is pure. So that people like this may know that the Almighty GOD is sitting on the throne and He is the ruler and the judge of every humankind. What Almighty GOD has anointed is permanent. I pray that these people read their Bible with devotion and understand it more and more and obey His commands and pray according to His way. All the true men of GOD do not judge others because they know very well that there are not judges. All the true ministers of GOD know that we should do good to others and strengthen one another. Almighty GOD said that the most important commandment is to love GOD with all you heart, all your strength, with all you mind and with all your soul and love your fellow man, whether your fellow men is an enemy or your friend you should love them all… If you are a true minister of GOD this command should be obeyed. All what Almighty GOD said in His living Word is permanent. Also Almighty GOD said you should be kind and compassionate to one another like the Lord Jesus Christ who is full off compassion towards us. Do good to others as you want them to do to you. No matter how hard you try to stop the Anointing Water to be distributed in your area, I am sure there are some people in your area who want it at all cost and you cannot stop them from getting it. I urge you to ask for forgiveness to your Heavenly Father and Man of GOD Prophet T B Joshua. I PRAY THAT THIS PERSON SHOULD READ THE LIVING WORD AND OBEY WHAT IT SAYS OR ABIDE BY IT. Amen


  3. florence

    I am just seeing the picture of the terific amartey. The man looks like a crininal. I am not surprised. He is capable of doing anything just 2 get wot he wants. This man amartey has no home training


  4. florence

    Waooo!! This is too revealing. The secret of this thief is thrown open now. I use to ask myself who this bastard is. He is everywhere attacking the man of God with lies. He calls himself mr terrific. Meanwhile he is AYIKU AMARTEY. If u could read through my replies to your lies about profet tb joshua, ayiku, I told you that nemesis will soon catch up wit you. I also recommended that the police in ghana should investigate you very well. The way you hated the man of God, I am afriad you’ll have hand in causing the stampede that occord outside the Scoan premises in ghana. You are capable of doing anything to spite the profet and his ministry. The police in ghana should call Ayiku amartey for questioning. . There’s no smoke witout fire. You know I asked you in one of my messages or rather advice whether u have no job, family. My instinct was telling me u have no job, because I can’t imagine one being under computer all day long opening websites to say all lies about the profet of God. You also remember mr amarteh I adviced you to desist from condenming men of God specifically profet tb joshua so the wrath of God won’t fall on you. Now you have run 2 the ghana website to plasphem. I told you that until you go and ask for 4giveness, you won’t have peace. You can’t sleep and I know you have high blood pressure now. You can’t fight God. When you fight the profet u are fighting God. I pity you, cos you are fighting the wrong batle. People of God, don’t take anything this imposter writes on any site seriously. His secret is exposed now. Everyday is 4 the thief, one day is 4 owner



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