The recent tragic incident that led to the death of four persons and others injured in SCOAN Ghana branch cause by unexpected crowd that troop to the church for free new anointing water allegedly sent by TB Joshua to be shared among the SCOAN Ghana church members. Many critics of SCOAN have used this opportunity to say all kinds of things about the prophet knowing to them that Stampede is a normal occurrence during huge world invent like festivals, campaigns, protects etc. Stampede occurred were massive crowd gathered especially when there is struggle and rush. Many of these critics have tried to involve or accuse the prophet concerning the incident, but the fact remains that this incidents have nothing to do with the prophet. Tb Joshua was not in Ghana and this is the first time in the history of SCOAN have we heard that persons dead from large crowd and SCOAN is know for huge crowd. Stampede is a common occurrence in the world when there are large crowd. We have seen record of hundreds of persons that dead form stampede in Mecca and other large gathering around the world.

Also, many of this critics have questioned the prophetic gift of the prophet, as to if he saw the incident beforehand and if he did, why did the prophet not prevents is occurrence. The prophet saw it coming that is why he cancelled the meeting. The meeting was cancelled before this incident took place. It is not TB Joshua fault. Do you expect TB Joshua to be with them and teach them how to conduct their selves, even the crowds in SCOAN headquarter was the worst; it took security agent to claim the crowd that was desperate for the free new anointing water. Who know what may have happened if the service was not discontinued in SCOAN Ghana,the death casualties may have even be more than this. SCOAN did not make any public announcement that they want to distribute anointing water in Ghana, even the Ghana pastor stated that their usual numbers of members where 15,000 and they were very surprise to see up to 45,000 and above which is not usual on a normal Sunday service in SCOAN Ghana. The prophet is someone that has the people at heart he wants to see a world that is Godly and right. The mission of the prophet is not to kill but to give life and salvation to the children of God. But, the evil ones who are haters of good thing are looking for all means to stop this great mission of the prophet by giving him bad names so that those that supposed to be saved by the grace in the life of the prophet will be deceived. We know they will never succeed by the grace of God.

Is TB Joshua Anointing Water the Savior?

This is another issue that have being raised by some critics, SCOAN have made it clear countless of time that anointing water is just a medium, Jesus is the healer. We should be careful with the way we speak and react against the things of God. Jesus is our focus, TB Joshua have never said that he is equal to God he has always see himself as a servant and God is the master. TB Joshua remains the most humble servant of God among mega pastors and yet he is the greatest among the mall. Those who are ignorantly taking the prophet as a god are on their own the prophet has nothing to do with it. Salvation is the major focus of SCOAN not miracle, all the healing and deliverance in SCOAN are all for the salvation of our soul.

This incident was unfortunate and we sincerely sympathize with the family of those victims and quick recovering to those that sustain some degree of injuries. And may God bless the good people of Ghana and also we pray for more of God grace upon the land. Amen




    May our good Lord continue to touch and bless the good works of the scoan and Tb Joshua, may God bless the man of God TB jOSHUA AND THE FIVE GREAT WISEMAN


  2. fadfad89

    Part 2
    I sincererly sympathize with the families of the victims, may the soul rest in peace. I pray to Lord Jesus Christ to those who were injured and I pray that Lord Jesus Christ heal them so that they have a speed recovery. To those who lost their loved ones and injured do not loose hope. Lord Jesus Christ is your hope.
    I pray for those churches and points where the Anointing Water is being distributed and ask Lord Jesus Christ to handle the situation according to his way. When Lord Jesus Christ is involved into your matter everything goes well and smooth.
    Man Of GOD Prophet T B Joshua you were created to save the lives of people as you have been doing it before. May the good Lord Jesus Christ keep giving you wisdom and strengthening you for the work you are doing. You were anointed, assigned and comissioned to change the people, to change the nations, and to change the world. In his Holy name Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

    (I had typed part 1 but it was not loaded, Please check for it in your servers and load it for me if you find it children of Almighty GOD)


  3. fadfad89

    error message wp-comments-post.php. Please check it in your servers and post it on my behalf children of GOD. Thank you for your understanding children of GOD. Be blessed all of you


  4. sharack toyi

    I would like to sa thank u very much for updateng us with the movemnt of the lord I think from the issue of ghana we lent somthing that the crowd could thern the vission down espacially the polotics regarding the matter my concern the people first must understa God who is the healer rather than rushing for the anoiting watter


    1. martha Adama

      The anointing is another medium for God to reach us since God can use anything for you to be healed the major thing there is that people are always not patient to do the right thing the heart for God will always in pursuit for God. The enemy too is at work but l know he will never succeed on our head.


    2. martha Adama

      The most important thing is that people want to be healed and want is accutally bringing people to church is to receive healed and for their problem to be solved anything that can make them have rest of mind is want is pursuing them to come to God, and not the word of God.



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