Owusu Bempah wants to be noticed at all cost over TB Joshua

Owusu Bempah vs TB Joshua

Owusu Bempah vs TB Joshua

What does Owusu Bempah hope to achieve by discrediting T.B. Joshua. If he says T.B. Joshua’s anointing is not from God his own ministry has been questioned by Rev. Agyin Asare and Arch Bishop Duncan Williams.

I only hope he will try and rebuild his ministry after so many scandals that has rocked it and rendered it weak and powerless. Does he want to rebuild his ministry at the back of T.B. Joshua?  Owusu Bempah indeed has a tarnished reputation in Ghana and abroad. In London the police had to intervene when one David Myles organised a crusade for him but only a handful of people turned up, he got so much annoyed that he had not been paid his share of the money and he threatened to fight the organiser of the crusade, David Myles. The police had to be called in to bring sanity to the situation.
Owusu Bempah has been embroiled in so many problems bothering on integrity and honesty. He bought a stolen car from a fraudster which became the news of the hour and also an affair with his maid servant which also became a national issue. It is this same Owusu Bempah who had a massive stroke and was flown in to London for medical help and admission. He didn’t take a cue from this but rather turned against Agyin Asare and the rest saying they were not from God.

What is Owusu Bempah’ s achievement apart from siphoning monies from unsuspecting Ghanaians for his lavish lifestyle. Can he tell us why his lawfully wedded wife divorced him? Owusu Bempah while give us a break from his demonic posturing. Yes, we know God can use any medium to bring healing and deliverance to his people but what his giving of salt and honey done to people who attend his crusades? At least, we can testify to T B JOSHUA’S anointing water and stickers. I advice Owusu Bempah to mend his chequered ways and concentrate on his ministry and stop attacking pastors. Today is Agyin Asare, tomorrow is T. B. Joshua. If it is a personality conflict he should see his doctors again in England. Ghanaians are getting fed up with his sickening effusions

Let me say this, there is no one in Ghana with the anointing T.B Joshua has been endowed with. Owusu Bempah is becoming irrelevant in Christendom. He wants to be noticed and recognised at all cost. I will rather urge him to further his education and start learning English.

J.S. Abbey


4 thoughts on “Owusu Bempah wants to be noticed at all cost over TB Joshua

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  2. fadfad89

    The living word of GOD says the most important commandment says Love the creator Almighty GOD with all your heart, with all your strength, with all your mind and with all your soul and love your neighbor as yourself. Almighty GOD is commanding us to love our him and our neighbor. No matter what people say about Prophet T B Joshua, Almighty GOD will keep increasing his anointing and he will keep defending him. No weapon fashioned against the Prophet will prosper, because the creator himself will always protect him or defend him fore ever.


  3. moisebanda

    Those of us who are led by the Holy Spirit,we do not defend ourselves because we have a defender,Who is our defender?Jesus Christ!I rest my case here!Prophet TB Joshua is sent from Above and God will continue to enrich him because He is not here to judge humanity but to point us to the way of the cross!



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