When We Met TB Joshua,The Most Accused – (Mark’s and Joe Story Part 3)

In this post we shall be looking at the prophetic ministry of TB Joshua and why people castigate his so much on the internet sites, some going as far as forming a blog just to write fabricated stories about TB Joshua and his ministry. We recommend you read Part one and Part two to follow the story according to Mark and Joe.

Mark and Joe Story Continues:-

In Genesis 5-7, Noah, through building the ark, prophesied that the entire civilization would die by a flood. He alone with his family would be the only survivors.

Yet some people write:

  • “We’re angry what he claims was a prophecy was useless for anything except giving him bragging rights.”

In 1 Kings 20:27-28, “The man of God came up and told the king of Israel, “This is what the Lord says: ‘Because the Arameans think the Lord is a god of the hills and not a god of the valleys, I will deliver this vast army into your hands, and you will know that I am the Lord’. For seven days they camped opposite each other, and on the seventh day the battle was joined. The Israelites inflicted a hundred thousand casualties on the Aramean foot soldiers in one day.” One hundred thousand Arameans died that day, enemies of the Lord.

Yet the same people would write:

  • “We’re angry that someone representing Christianity is using a tragedy for self-promotion.”

Throughout Scriptures, God Almighty reveals to His children the tactics and strategies of the enemy so that they can be well-guarded and well-secured. God can use any medium to express Himself today. In Biblical times, He used the medium of His servants, the prophets and apostles. Today, He still uses the medium of His servants, the prophets and apostles. Prophet T.B. Joshua is one such servant of God, speaking forth what God has put in his heart and on his lips for the sake of God’s people and those who are to become a member of the household of faith. Click here to view TB Joshua World Prophecies

Yet some would say:

  • Etc, etc, etc.

We know the source of these prophetic messages – Prophet T.B. Joshua speaks directly, live from The SCOAN on Emmanuel TV for the world to see and conclude in their own heart.

Do we know the source of this blasphemy? Where are these voices, these words coming from on the internet? Who are they? Where do they come from?

Do you really believe everything you hear on the internet?

Recall this confession:

“The internet is our tool to destroy this world…

8 thoughts on “When We Met TB Joshua,The Most Accused – (Mark’s and Joe Story Part 3)

  1. Man of God Senior Prophet T.B Joshua you are a servant of God with a huge and great difference no wonder all other so called men of God(religious men)are against you because of the blessings of God bestowed on you and our great ministry Synagogue Church Of All Nations( Scoan). lt’s a great shame that many Nigerians are not recognising this great gift of yours and because of this people are now calling you all sorts of names because they have failed to see the light of God remember our Lord Jesus Christ when resurrected from the dead they’re also those who did not believe it because of their hatred but cheer up Jesus Christ has overcome the world and you are an overcomer for the one who has called you is faithful and he will fullfil his promise. Someone is already defeating hell for you,for us!
    SCOAN IS THE PLACE WHERE GOD’S SPIRIT DWELLS and many in Nigeria are affected with it but our God is faithful and he will always be with us till the ends of the world,EMMANUEL-GOD WITH US,I SALUTE YOU PROPHET T.B JOSHUA AND I SALUTE YOUR FAITH


  2. I have no time to listen what people have to say about the man of God. I watch God manifesting himself trough TB JOSHUA. And people being healed, delivered and set free. To god be the glory. Continue the good work my brother.


  3. Lord Jesus Christ made a promise that his protection to you is permanent. No weapon fashioned against you will prosper. No matter what people say, because Lord Jesus Christ is a man who does no lie he is always with you.


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