TB Joshua’s Triumphant Entry Into Ghana

A church programme scheduled for Tuesday morning in Ghana’s national capital, Accra, by Prophet T. B.

TB Joshua
TB Joshua

Joshua of Nigeria has caused chaos and humongous gridlock on the Spintex road and its enclave.

The entire Spintex enclave has been invaded by a sea of cars, some of which have parked haphazardly on the side of the road.

Thousands of Christians and members of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations Synagogue (SCOAN) have swamped the enclave for T. B. Joshua’s morning Church service.

Public figure David Ampofo, who described the situation as “total chaos” in an interview with XYZ News also wrote on his facebook wall that: “Come and see what is happening on Spintex road. We can’t even go out to work or take the kids to school because T.B. Joshua has arrived in Ghana and is holding a service at his Church on Spintex road with a message from God for his flock”.

A picture of the traffic situation on the spintex road
A picture of the traffic situation on the spintex road

“Cars parked all over, on pavements, on the lawn, in every conceivable space. People trooping in large numbers on foot, making their way to see their “man of God”, describing it as a “shame” and asking: “What is wrong with us?”

Mr. Ampofo wondered why so many thousands of people would abandon their jobs on a Tuesday morning to go to worship with T. B. Joshua.tb-joshua_crowds

5 thoughts on “TB Joshua’s Triumphant Entry Into Ghana

  1. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for keeping lavishing you with wisdom and to strengthening you to save the millions of people all over the world. I hope in future by the grace of GOD we will have a SCOAN branch in Zimbabwe.


  2. the man of God is the precious gift to enter in any town or country we are praying him to vist other country too God bless him and his trip to Ghana


  3. it’s no surprise for to hear of the hulla-balloo caused by prophet T.B Joshua’s presence in Ghana. It’s a rare privilege for any nation to have the man of God as a visitor. We all wish he could do that at our local Scoan church in Capetown. This is a distinguished God-sent gift to today’a generation and what ever he does or where-ever he goes headlines are made. We really appreciate God for this gift we have today. May our Lord bless this man in abundancy.


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