When We Met TB Joshua,The Most Accused – (Mark’s and Joe Story Part 2)

We recently posted an article titled “when we met Prophet T.B. Joshua “by Mark and Joe former ex-disciples of Prophet T.B. Joshua.  The two obviously have a lot to say but had to write it in parts for better understanding.  They made a point in part one regarding those who claim that Prophet T.B. Joshua does not call the name of Jesus Christ and that his doctoring is not of God.  The video posted in part one clearly confirms that Prophet T. B. Joshua called the name of Jesus many times within the 25 mins Sermon.

In this post Mark and Joe have provided yet another extra ordinary miracles God has done through Prophet T. B. Joshua.  You need to watch and comment on these videos – letting us know what you think, whether what you see is the work of God or work of Satan. In our previous post we promised to address the address the healing ministry of TB Joshua, below are handfuls of CANCER / ULCER CASES one of the most deadly disease:-


Click Here To Watch More Cancer Cases
All these cases above are what we witnessed and in fact are a beneficiary of one. Many people are dying all over the world from these sickness and diseases Satan has afflicted them with. In the early 90’s we came in a group of 112 from South African to visit the SCOAN, that was how we met Prophet T. B. Joshua for the first time – a humble man to the core indeed. After we visited the SCOAN couple of times we decided to join the SCOAN as a disciple. Brethren we shall be publishing what we witness….. To be continued in part 3

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12 thoughts on “When We Met TB Joshua,The Most Accused – (Mark’s and Joe Story Part 2)

  1. good day   it is a pleasure to always get your emails concerning what these ex disciples are saying of recent. i think the mistake we make as human beings is when you are told something about someone, more especially man of God, we tend to take the word of that person and not do our own research as individuals. we depend on what you are told and start spreading the same message you were told thus become the vessel of one person, the devil. for he wants a lot of people to spread around rumours of great man of God and this will always be on the lips of the people he uses. i got to know about Senior Prophet TB Joshua through one South african magazine and there was good and bad reports from people who had come in contact with the Prophet and it still goes to show that, some of us want an overnight glory/ healing with our Lord and then we go back to the life we were leaving as if we were not cautioned not to sin again, like i always hear from the tesimonies of people who had years back been prayed for, for healing of any kind and were specifically told to sin no more as sin was the prime reason for their affliction. i think we need to do our own research as individuals about the great man of God than to live in the shadows what you are told. Just imagine going about saying one man of God is like this and you have not researched or even watched their live shows, as the truth lies in their live broadcasts. and also to dig deep from their past live shows and i think you will then be able to judge if a person is a true prophet or not. i encourage people all over to watch emmanuel televison for that is where the truth lies and also for understaning, for some of us we are lost when it comes to some of the language used at the scoan. for an example years back i was prophesied by one prophet that i have a spiritual husband, and because i did not understand back then what that meant, i felt he was crazy. until i watched emmanuel tv and had an understanding what that meant. it puzzles me that some discples are writting what they are wrtting at the moment and in their context they are saying they wanted to go back and were not given a chance to. how can they go back to a place they know is not good for their lives? i think they are only fooling themselves because as the saying goes, a person gets caught by their tounge and that is simply it.  



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