As far as spiritual warfare is concerned the first place that comes to one’s mind is the Synagogue Church of all Nation headed by the fascinating man of God, Tb Joshua. SCOAN has distinguished itself among others in the deliverance ministry due to the massive and life changing deliverance that always take place every service day that includes pastors, prophets and their wives. Those delivered every service day are so massive that many viewers around the world through the emmanuel.tv channel wonder if they themselves don’t need to be delivered due to their experience from others that have undertaken deliverance. The deliverance in SCOAN has been one of the most educative experience in the world, the awareness of the existence of Satan and his agent is on the increase among the people who take everything for granted in the name of modernity, human have always seen Satan as an enemy but can’t imagine that Satan can possess and used them to fulfill his own mission on earth.

DADYIn the world of today many individual are skeptical about the existence of God and religion; they do say man created god and religion. These set of people have always looked for means to support their philosophy of the non-existence of God, and most of these skeptics that are advocating the non-existence of God most time involved in occultism and Satanism. As far as this world is concerned, there are spiritual forces in the heavenly places that are beyond human comprehension, and those who have being able to clairvoyance their existence, do so with some kind of spiritual energy and committed devotion to network with this creatures. I always ask if modernity eliminate spiritual forces which both Satan and his demons are part of. If you can reasoned with me, you will find out that most of all this inspiration about God non-existence are from the pit of hell to turn man’s believe away from God, Satan is the ruler of the world, he is already judged and condemned for eternity, but want man to suffer with him in hell but still, many persons sees all this as mere story from religion fanatics and are not concerned about the things of the spirit and satanic vices. Many even see all this deliverance in SCOAN as scam, hypnotize and stage manage, but the confession and personal experience of those delivered are not taken into consideration, we are only concerned about the process of the deliverance not the outcome even the cases of stiff opposition are lost off from our memories.

As children of God we should be very sensitive to the devices of Satan, all of this ideology about anti-faith healing, and the saying that god and religion are created by man are all part of the strategy of Satan and his demons to turn man against God. Also known that, any alleged prophecy (by pastor, prophet, or any group) about the end of the world, crisis among different religions body, advanced scientific discovery with occult background to make Christianity look incorrect, the so much argument about when this long existing world will come to an end; when will the world be judged and many others are all satanic strategies to disprove Gods existence. As Christians the Bible is our standard the coming of Christ and the end of the world is not known by anyone including the son of God, Jesus. But, any one that tell you that with one calculation, study of the earth and any prophecy from some world respected religion body about the end of the world are all deceptive strategies from Satan to make mockery about true religion and to disprove the existence of God. Also true believers are not against scientific discovering because God is the one that motivate scientist to discover, but any philosopher of science and other field of study that their ideology are in contradiction with God’s existences, should not be acceptable because God is the creator of the universe whether you believe it or not.


  1. Amen. Whether we like it or not Almighty GOD is the creator of the universe, he is a motivator of all the discoveries and there are a lot of things which Almighty GOD created, which are still yet to be discovered. I pray to Almighty GOD to motivate the human kind to discover things which he created for our own good, which are not yet discovered In Jesus Christ Name Amen


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