Every week at The SCOAN provides another opportunity to thank God for His enduring mercy in the lives of His people. The Saturday and Sunday Services at The SCOAN on 20th and 21st of April were no exception. Filled with life-changing testimonies, powerful deliverance sessions, miraculous healing, pinpoint prophecies and inspiring messages, there are no natural words to describe it except to say, “Thank You, Jesus!”

In his message on Sunday titled, ‘God’s Spirit’, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “The challenges before us cannot be withstood without God’s Spirit. If you are truly born again with power, it was the Holy Spirit that convicted you of sin and drew you into a relationship with Jesus.”


After directing the congregation to the Book of Luke 24:49, he explained,“Jesus knew His followers could not fulfill the commission He had given them to take the Gospel to all nations until they were immersed, clothed with power that the Holy Spirit would bring.” He then added, “God’s purpose of sending the Holy Spirit was to empower Jesus’ followers. If you are not tarrying until the Holy Spirit comes and fills you with power, you are carrying out a dangerous mission.”

He concluded by saying, “When you act on the Word of God, you are acting in unison with God.  You and God are lifting the load together, walking together, facing persecution and trials together. His strength and ability becomes yours.”


On Sunday, Wise Man Racine preached an enlightening message about the need to run a straight race in life through God’s good grace. He explained, “The roadmap to your future success is not a bed of roses. Trouble and pain can stop the man without faith. But for a man of faith, the more sensibly he feels the pain, the better improved he becomes in his relationship with God.”


Talking about the temptations that can distract one from running the straight trace, he said, “Fleshly desires and spiritual desires are two different opposing masters. A focus on materialism can divert our devotion from God Almighty to the god of wealth.” He reminded the congregation on the importance of staying determined in life, irrespective of the situation they may be facing. “If God gives you a vision and it is challenged by men, do not reduce your vision, stay in the will of God. Every day you must stay true to your purpose in life despite snow and rain.”Wise Man Racine concluded his message by saying, “A resolve to do whatever proper thing it takes separates the weak from the strong… Nothing can keep you on the course like a deep love for Christ.”

By God’s grace, both the Saturday and Sunday services were filled with powerful testimonies from people who had received a life-changing touch from Jesus Christ.



  1. forebearance


    Psalm 31:5
    Into your hands I commit my spirit redeem me O’Lord the God of faith.

    The Holy Bible advises us to commit our spirit in his hands so that he will redeem us. Our God is a faithful God so we should trust him.
    We should be always be aware of the Lord presence, he is near us and he will strengthen us and he encourage us to continue to do his will, because it is good for us.
    The Lord guides us the way we should go. If we fall he will we will not stay down, because the Lord will lift us up with his hand.
    The hand of the Most High God will guide us and his right hand will hold us fast.
    Our faithful Heavenly Father is a good and loving Father, he gives us eternal life. I encourage the people of God to hold on to him and hold on to his Living Word.

    Become an Emmanuel TV Partner and put a quality smile on other peoples faces. that is to change life, change the nations and change the world in Jesus Christ name


  2. Jones Tabi


    Man of God , my father had a dream very worried as he woke up. He dreamt of me seeing me with a child and suffering which he cant explain if its from beig abuse from a man or which suffering.

    But as i wrote before , i have seen Man of God than before in my dreams , told me not to live a certain man with a baby girl.I do believe in you Father and if the dream my dad had about me shall come to pass, help me in Prayer to go through the hard times , because i know it will strenghten my desire for God.

    Because i should know what its like to be poor, accused, etc i have visited the SCOAN in 2011 December and i have meet you Father , i have a healing hand and Jesus performed in me miriacles , and if its my time for God to test me for more blessing in my life , i will carry the cross with Jesus.
    Help me in Prayer Prophet T.B Joshua my father, my mentor.

    This dream makes me cry, everytime i pray along with Father on Emmanuel tv, i confues to suffere my own potion for greater things , more miriacles , grace and anointing .

    Please help me in Prayer to go through it Man of God.
    Am ready to be used by Jesus , be led by the Holy Spirit.
    Please help me in Prayer to go through it Man of God.
    In Jesus Name


  3. Fadzi

    It is a must to depend and trust the GOD’S Spirit in whatever we do and when ever satan comes to attack us. Psalms 84:12 O lord Almighty blessed in the man who trust in you.



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