Breath Taking Testimonies At The SCOAN

By God’s grace, both the Saturday and Sunday services were filled with powerful testimonies from people who had received a life-changing touch from Jesus Christ. Here are just some of the testimonies:


Miss Delphine Ubanako had an addiction she couldn’t control. The Cameroonian was addicted to consuming alcohol at an alarming rate. What started as a casual glass of wine after meals soon graduated to drinking hard liquors to the point of ending in a stupor. Miss Ubanako would easily consume several bottles of alcohol on a daily basis including whiskey, wine and other spirits. The lust for liquor resulted in tragic scenarios unfolding in her health, career and marital life. Delphine’s fiancé unceremoniously dumped her when she ended up urinating on the bed with him after drifting to sleep in a drunken state. She would usually arrive at work drunk and thus unable to discharge her duties, leading to her retrenchment on several occasions.


Miss Ubanako, who resides in Equatorial Guinea, had tried to stop on several occasions. She would often make up her mind to fast, praying that the spirit of alcoholism would be broken in her life. However, when the time to break her fast came, she would end up doing so with a bottle of whiskey, a force beyond her will pushing her to do so. Delphine explained that her problem originally began when her late father, who was also a notorious drunkard, fed her with alcohol from the age of nine and watched as she clumsily danced under its intoxicating influence. Realizing that stopping the debilitating addiction was beyond her power, she resolved to secretly come to The SCOAN without informing any of her family members of her plan lest they discourage her. Upon arriving, she was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. A single spray of the Anointing Water signaled the last alcoholic beverage she ever took! According to Delphine, she said that from that day forward, she became alcohol’s greatest enemy, the very sight and smell of it irritating her to the core. She has been free from taking alcohol for over two years now. Glory be to God!


When Mrs Kate Uzor got up to go to work, little did she know that a cunning plan was being hatched to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. The hostage taking was swiftly done. Before she knew it, armed men had surrounded her car, forced her out from the wheels and bundled her into the boot. As the car raced away, she realized her phone was still with her and immediately called her brother, telling him what had happened. Narrating her story, Mrs Uzor explained that after almost suffocating in the car boot for several hours, she was brought out and told a ransom of N20m was being demanded to secure her release. Bound hand and foot and masked, she said she was stowed away in a small room in the middle of a forest area, her captors checking on her every 10 minutes. She was warned that any untoward behaviour would result in a gunshot to the head. Without food and water and forced to urinate on her clothes, Mrs Uzor was in a dire condition.


That night, unbeknown to her, her brother had taken the Anointing Water he received at The SCOAN and ministered it on the picture of his sister on his iPad. It was at that point that the miracle unfolded! Mrs Uzor said she felt a strange sensation throughout her body and a still, soft voice telling her to look at the door of her ‘prison’. At that moment, the door, which she had seen heavily locked, opened by itself! As she looked at her escape route, the voice came again, urging her to run! Rushing out, she began sprinting down the forest track until she eventually found a small church where she was assisted. As her brother ministered the Anointing Water hundreds of miles away, God opened her prison doors and blinded the eyes of her captors to her miraculous escape!  Having never visited The SCOAN, she accompanied her brother to The SCOAN to give this powerful testimony.


Mr Pitang Manukibe was born with a terrible stigma. 43 years of his life had been plagued by a shameful affliction that tormented him on a nightly basis. Mr Manukibe was a bedwetter. Describing the severity of the situation, he said he would wake up ‘in a river’ of his own urine. His parents had sought treatment from several medical institutions and witchdoctors but the problem only got worse. The scourge affected him emotionally, shyness and shame overshadowing his resolve to make new relationships. The Togolese man, who is a resident of the USA, explained that even after getting married, the problem persisted. However, his wife encouraged him to believe that the problem had spiritual roots and would one day be over.


Mr Manukibe’s miracle came after a friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV. Whilst watching, he decided to join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer as the prayer for viewers was being ministered. That night, a Divine encounter unfolded. Mr Manukibe explained that he saw himself in The SCOAN arena in his dream with Prophet T.B. Joshua and the wise men. There, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked whether the wise men had prayed for him, to which they replied in the affirmative. That morning, he woke up to behold a wondrous sight. His bed was dry! Since 2010, Pitang has enjoyed a life free from bedwetting! In addition, after receiving the Anointing Water, he received a powerful breakthrough in his career, including getting his permanent residence approval that had been denied a number of times hitherto.


Marijuana and cigarettes were part of the fabric of Mrs Mercy Osazuwa’s life. She had been a chain smoker for close to 20 years, usually taking over a packet of cigarettes a day and more when stressed. The Nigerian who is a resident in Italy had been warned severally to stop the habit but the urge to continue overwhelmed any of the negative side effects and pleas from concerned friends and family. Aside from smoking, Mrs Osazuwa was also a regular visitor at Italian night clubs and parties, enjoying the wild and carefree lifestyle induced by the substances she was smoking. In an attempt to camouflage the habit, she would try to erase the smell of cigarettes in her house by spraying expensive perfume. However, it never crossed her mind that she would one day quit smoking, believing that she would smoke until the day of her death.


It was one day when Emmanuel TV was on in her house that a mighty miracle occurred for Mrs Osazuwa. Staying in the kitchen while Emmanuel TV was playing in her sitting room, she got out a cigarette, lit it and began smoking as usual. Suddenly, she heard Prophet T.B. Joshua praying, admonishing viewers that God would touch them anywhere they were, even in the kitchen! Shocked, she dropped the cigarette and went into the room where Emmanuel TV was playing. Deciding to join the prayer, she placed her hands on the screen of Emmanuel TV. Her hand began to tremble! Suddenly, she felt something leave her body. To her surprise, every desire for smoking disappeared from that point forward. Looking at the packet of cigarettes she had just smoked from, she felt disgusted and immediately throw them away. That was how Mrs Osazuwa miraculously stopped smoking! She advised all smokers to realize that quitting is not a matter of willpower but required God’s intervention. She further encouraged viewers of Emmanuel TV that God could touch them anywhere they were all over the world through the prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua, as long as they joined him in faith!


Mrs Peace Madojiemu came to The SCOAN with the problem of an overdue pregnancy, the medical doctors stating that an operation was necessary for her to be able to deliver her baby. Being a secret viewer of Emmanuel TV, despite the skepticism of the church she worshipped at towards The SCOAN, she decided to come to The SCOAN upon receiving the doctor’s report. A dream she had the previous Thursday further strengthened her resolve as she heard a voice telling her to come to The SCOAN.

Image ImageImage

Arriving this morning, the moment she entered the environment at the arena of liberty, she felt movement in her body and knew that a Divine operation was already unfolding. As Wise Man Christopher came to pray for her, he first gave the prophetic message he had received from Prophet T.B. Joshua that she would deliver a baby girl whose name should be Esther. Moments after Wise Man Christopher stretched forth his hands in prayer, she safely delivered her baby girl without any complication! We thank Jesus Christ for baby Esther’s miraculous entrance to the world!


Mrs Felicity Augustine came all the way from Taraba, Nigeria to The SCOAN after 14 long years of barrenness. Aside from this, Felicity was also heavily bleeding. Doctors confirmed that medically speaking, ovarian cysts and fibroids were behind her fruitlessness.


However, when coming to The SCOAN, she was privileged to receive the Anointing Water, which she ministered immediately while in the church. At that very moment, her bleeding of many months miraculously stopped! Several months later, Mrs Augustine was confirmed to be pregnant. Her tears of barrenness had been wiped away by the precious blood of Jesus Christ! Standing in The SCOAN, heavily pregnant, Felicity advised the congregation to have faith in God, stressing that nothing is impossible to His power.


Mr Emmanuel Ojukwu made it a duty to always minister the Anointing Water to himself every morning before embarking on any journey. However, it was only when he encountred a group of armed robbers that he realized the value of the Anointing Water he had been daily ministering. The bandits commanded him to get out of his car and submit all of his possessions. He complied without question as they held him at gunpoint. When one of the robbers reached to collect money stuffed into his shirt pocket, he recoiled suddenly as if shocked by an electric wire. It was then Mr Ojukwu remembered that the Anointing Water was in that very pocket!


Seeing the reaction of the armed robber, he quickly brought out the Anointing Water and sprayed it in the air.  As commotion reigned within the criminals, Mr Ojukwu turned to run away from the scene. Suddenly, he heard a gunshot and an immediate sensation on his back. The gunmen had shot him from close range, directly into his lower back. However, to the glory of God and the shock of his assailants, the bullet didn’t penetrate into his flesh! Immediately, the armed robbers ran away! Truly, when God is with you, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper! Several hours later, police called Mr Ojukwu that all his stolen items had been returned and were available for him to pick up from the station. Glory be to God!


Mrs Victoria came to The SCOAN with a spirit of drunkenness and smoking as well as a spiritual husband that pushed her to disappoint men. From a young age, the Motswana lady began clubbing and enjoyed flirting with men, especially those who were married. After getting entangled with married men and enjoying the financial benefits, the man in question would start quarreling with his wife, sometimes leading to a point of separation. She described herself as a ‘heart-breaker’ who would leave any man once he had fallen in love with her. The men would be sad and disappointed and she would be happy seeing them in such condition due to the spiritual husband that visited her nightly to sleep with her in her dreams.


Victoria also drank alcohol excessively, sometimes over 20 bottles of hard liquor in a single day. She would come home from night clubs bruised and drunk, not knowing what happened to her or how she made it home as she was too intoxicated by the alcohol. Victoria further explained how she used to drown her sorrows through watching television and films, explaining that the spiritual husband would appear in the form of her favourite actor or celebrity to sleep with her in the dream.

After one night of heavy drinking she was flicking through channels on TV and stumbled on to Emmanuel TV. She began watching other people’s deliverances and knew that she needed to come for her own deliverance as her problem had spiraled out of control. Upon coming to the church she encountered Wise Man Christopher. The spiritual husband manifested in her and confessed to being the cause of all her woes. She was delivered and the desire to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and look for men has completely disappeared – all glory be to God!


The experience of Miss Sibongile, a 15 year old from South Africa, is shocking to say the least. It reminds us of the reality of the spiritual world and how serious we need to remain in our relationship with God. An innocent child, Sibongile was deprived of motherly love and care after her mother died in her tender years, leading to a life of isolation, loneliness and depression. These were the platforms satan utilized as an avenue to enter her life. Aged 12, Sibongile had a dream of a lady who claimed to be her spiritual mother, instructing her to follow.


She was led into a world underneath the water, a world bent on the destruction of human beings – the marine world. There, she was initiated, crowned a princess and endued with powers to enable her to seduce men and bring their sperm to the marine kingdom – the assignment she was sent to accomplish. From that day forward, Sibongile’s life dramatically changed. The powers in her eyes, breasts and legs enabled her to seduce any man she desired, irrespective of their age or status in society. After sleeping with them, she would physically collect their sperm and thereafter take it to the marine kingdom in her dreams and submit it to her ‘spiritual mother’. Such men’s lives would take a steady downward spiral – their marriages would crumble, finances dwindle and careers meet stagnation.

Sibongile explained that night clubs and parties were the easiest way of meeting and seducing such men, adding that she would take excessive alcohol, sometimes almost 50 bottles of alcohol in a single outing! She also smoked cigarettes and hard drugs such as cocaine and marijuana, all of which fuelled her wild and reckless lifestyle. She would usually sleep with up to four men in a day, lying to them that she was 25 years old just to deceive them into bed with her. Sibongile also was used to initiate many of her age-mates who envied her wild lifestyle. After introducing them to alcohol, she would report to her ‘spiritual mother’ that they were candidates for initiation. The next day, she would see her friends in the same marine kingdom, being given similar assignments of destruction. During this period, Sibongile was suspended from school three times as she would usually run away from both her school and house, sometimes for up to two weeks, staying in various men’s houses.

Her coming to The SCOAN was truly a Divine arrangement. Sibongile explained that she was told she would be flying to Nigeria for a visit to her aunt but no mention of The SCOAN was made to her. Once she arrived in Nigeria, her aunt met her at the airport and took her straight to The SCOAN, knowing that her case was beyond human control and required spiritual intervention. At The SCOAN, Sibongile received a mighty deliverance from Wise Man Christopher, the demons exposed and expelled in her life by the superior power of Jesus Christ. After her deliverance, she testified that all connections to the marine kingdom in her dreams have been severed and peace is now reigning in her heart. She further explained that all desire for alcohol, drugs and men have left her! Sibongile advised young people like herself to be serious with God as she said the youth were satan’s main targets. She further admonished men to stay true to their wives and not chase after other women as that would simply serve as a catalyst for their destruction.


Mr Mike Horsfall and sister came to The SCOAN for the first time on March 16th2013. Facing numerous health challenges and an unfruitful search for breakthrough after 20 years of work in his company, he was shocked when Prophet T.B. Joshua walked up to him and prophesied that a document was on his table and he would return the following month on April 21st 2013 for a testimony. At that time, there was no document on his table he was aware of and there was no expectation that one would come.


Upon returning to his home a couple of weeks later, Mr Horsfall was shocked to see a letter on his table from his workplace, nominating him for an overseas course in United Kingdom with all expenses paid. He had no premonition whatsoever that such a letter would come and was shocked as it was a type of breakthrough he had been pursuing for over two decades without success. He decided to return to The SCOAN for testimony, realizing that the date of the testimony coincided exactly with the date Prophet T.B. Joshua had publicly and specifically prophesied last month – Sunday 21st April 2013! Indeed, no Word from God is void of fulfillment for God backs up each Word to perform it.


The video clip of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy concerning the nation of America and the tragic event that occurred last week during the Boston marathon was replayed to the congregation. Prophet T.B. Joshua specifically instructed people to pray on Monday for USA, stating that he saw flames and something evil roaming about in the city and stressing that the issue of homeland security should be looked into. He further said that large gatherings should be avoided or well-secured. The prophecy was tragically confirmed when two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston marathon, killing three and injuring hundreds more in a shocking terrorist attack.

After playing the clip, Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded the congregation that we are living in perilous times. He explained that the more leaders opened their hearts to the Word of God, the clearer his prophetic messages would be.



2 thoughts on “Breath Taking Testimonies At The SCOAN

  1. Fadzi

    The divine healing of Lord Jesus Christ is permarnent to those people who are always giving testimonies in the arena of liberty. Let the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified


  2. chia nibameh profess

    i prayed following the emmanuel tv and i also send a request that God should stablise my job and behold it’s done.i give God all the glory.may God bless my father in the lord tb joshua. distance truely is not a bareer.



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