Rev Martins Ugo, a Nigerian residing in Ghana shared his testimony of how God had delivered him from his past that had haunted him. He said that the problem that brought him to The SCOAN was setback and instability in ministry. He explained how his grandfather was one of the greatest witchdoctors of his time before he died, renowned for his extraordinary occultic powers.REV. MARTINS UGO {DELIVERD FROMFROM A PAST OF WITCHCRAFT}When his mother was pregnant with him, a witchdoctor met his mother and explained to her that his late grandfather had met him and instructed him to tell her that the baby in her womb would be his late grandfather coming back and therefore, the child should to be initiated and trained to become a great witchdoctor. As he grew up, he was taught everything about the idols his grandfather worshipped and how to perform the diabolical acts of a witchdoctor such as preparing charms for people. He also joined many secret societies and wanted to become an even greater witchdoctor than his late grandfather. He served under more than seven witchdoctors – each depositing more evil powers in his life.

However, he was in an occult temple one day when he had a vision and saw a Man instructing him to repent and change his life. When he asked the Man who He was, He answered, “I am the Saviour of your soul, the King of kings and the Lord of lords”. After that encounter, his life changed and he eventually stopped practicing as a witchdoctor. He gave his life to Jesus Christ and was given an instruction to fast. He went to Bible school, became a pastor and started establishing church branches. Although he had surrendered his life to Christ and was a pastor, he continued to receive serious evil attacks in his dreams from the evil forces from his past life of being a witchdoctor. He realized that despite the fact that he had accepted Jesus Christ and stopped being a witchdoctor, he needed to be delivered from his past and started to go to different pastors in search of deliverance, without success.

He was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend and started watching it. He then had another dream and saw Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for him. Later, he had a vision and saw himself digging up all the idols he once worshipped. After digging up the idols, he sprayed Anointing Water on them and as he sprayed the idols with the Anointing Water in his dream, they all caught fire and was consumed. When he came to The SCOAN, one of the wise men prayed for him and he was delivered in Jesus’ name. He said that during his deliverance, he saw an angel pulling off black clothes from him and putting white clothes on him. He advised parents to bring up their children in the way of the Lord and also implored all ministers of God experiencing evil attacks to seek deliverance.



  1. Fadzi

    I thank Lord Jesus Christ for delivering the Pastor I know he is going to teach and preach the word of GOD with more strength and may the good Lord Jesus Christ guide you in every step you are going to take in order to win more souls and people to be saved and born again. I pray that all the Ministers of GOD keep preaching the word of GOD, so that many souls will be born again because Lord Jesus Christ is the only way the truth and the life. Let us all worship him in Spirit and truth.


  2. Fadzi

    Let us worship Almighty GOD in truth and in spirit because GOD is spirit and let us love him and do what he says according to his will. Because GOD wants the life of people to be changed, to change nations and to change the world according to his standards. Love GOD the creator if you love him and have faith in him he will give you what your heart desires and you will have peace in your life no more night mares. Psalms 85:10 Love and faithfulness will meet righteousness and peace will embrace.


  3. pastor Rudo David

    my ministry is not growing I have two year now church members are not increase every program I had try to arrange are is not fulfillied people how promise me to donate me for church construction they not able to donate some they canceil what is the problem? pray me and prophecy me what is a wrong thank you prophecy


  4. pastor Rudo David

    I,m a pastor in Tanzania kigoma region thank you so much for all testimony you sent me I,m not the same but I see development I wish to see you or to attend in some your service but is still challenge to me can you move from your place to another place?” if yes I think to invite you God bless you



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